SHQ News - Year 1999

SA Fan Comic Updated!

Thanks to Tim, we've learned that the SA Fan Comic has been updated. Click here to read it.

The Sonic HQ Relaunch!!!!!

Sonic HQ is officially working! There should be no missing links anywhere on the site, except in "Fan-Fics" (due to an unexpected transfer error), and "Music" (where the links DO work - you just have to see the explanation on the main music page to use them properly). If you find any, please e-mail

Part of this project involves a relaunch of the Games List, too - you'll find new designs on many of the pages there.

SEGA announces: Official Dreamcast Championships 2000!

SEGA recently announced the date and location for the official Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Tour Championships! Date: February 5th, 2000. Location: Sega GameWorks on the Las Vegas strip.

Two teams of Sega Dreamcast Mobile Assault Vehicles(MAT vehicles) are touring more than 45 cities and 200 locations. For those of you who dont know, the MAT chalenges you to play a special edition of Sonic Adventure. At the final event in Las Vegas, the best four competitors from the MAT will compete for a prize of -- get this -- $15.000!! The four finalists will be announced in mid January.

On the event (which, in case you havent guessed it yet, is open to all) SEGA has prepared a lot of surprises for us! One of which is a LIVE performanse from a band. However SEGA has yet to announce which band will be the one to do the show.

So, if you're looking for an excuse to get to Las Vegas for a weekend, look no further 'cause SEGA seem's to be planing one hell of a party!

Source: IGNDC
Want to know more about MAT? Check this.

Secret SEGA project in development!

According to IGNDC, SEGA actualy has a secret game in development! Take a look at this article:

In the latest issue of Denki magazine, it was reported that Sega is currently working on a secret project which is due to be announced next March. According to the report, it's rumored that the game will actually be an update to one on Sega's previous consoles.
Sega Japan has made no official statement on the matter to date, but considering the game would only be in planning at this stage, we wouldn't expect it to. So, anyone up for a Dreamcast version of Shinobi or Golden Axe?

It's possible that SEGA is trying to bring some of it's old legendary titles to DC. Also, do note that, sinse the game is rumored to be an update of an older format, it is possible that we may see something that many Sonic fans out there tenaciously ask for. Can you say Sonic Jam 2 kiddies? Only time will tell...

You can see the original article here.
Source : IGNDC

Ho Ho Ho!

Sonic Adventure Christmas TreeA new download is present on the Sonic adventure Homepage! This turns station square into a winter wonderland, ok so I lied, it just puts up a couple of Christmas trees around the place. The download takes up about 55 blocks in your VMU.

Also, there is a little surprise if you make Sonic go near one of these trees.

Source : IGNDC

Dreamcast UK reviews SA.

While I was checking the website of the Dreamcast UK magazine I came across a review of Sonic Adventure. While it's not something new, it's realy interesting to check out since it's quite funny.

You can read the review here.
Source:Dreamcast UK magazine webpage

Chu Chu!

NextGenVideos has reviewed Chu Chu Rocket! with 13 screenshots and exclusive footage of the game in action! Go see it here


The return of.......Knuckles?!

thats what Ken penders hinted, there may be a chance that the Knuckles Comics could come back!

"At the risk of fanning a few flames here, I just thought you guys would like to know that there's been talk recently of reviving the KNUCKLES series. Whether this is due to an uptick in sales that hasn't been disclosed to us yet, a resolution with distribution problems, a response to the petitions they've been receiving, or a combination of all of the above, I can't say. What I can say is that the subject HAS been mentioned to Justin, and that he's waiting for them to give him some idea of what they're thinking is. So if you still want your KNUCKLES series back, feel free to continue your efforts. You MAY just get your wish. (I CAN'T say you definitely will, but some hope is better than no hope, right?)"

So rub your hands together knuckls fans, your dream might just come true, again

Save our Knuckles!

Ken Penders Page

Conectivity is the future!

I may not be member of the SHQ, but I came across some rather interesting information. So I asked Vec and he helped me pull this off.
The December issue of the British "Dreamcast offical magazine" has some realy interesting info about DC and the newly apeared Neo Geo Pocket. Let's see what they had to "say"...

"DREAMCAST'S LITTLE BUDDY -- handheld fun is waiting in the sidelines with the Neo Geo Pocket

While the VM unit has the honour of acting as memory unit and handheld toy, it looks like Dreamcast might also have another pocket pal before too long.
SNK's Neo Geo Pocket is being heavily touted as the Game Boy Colour alternative this Christmas. With a colour LCD screen and quality joystick it might just prove to ba as popular as the 10 year old Nintendo machine.
For us Dreamcast owners though, this little toy could prove to be a useful complement to your console. We're expecting a link-up cable to be released before the end of the year to conect a Neo Geo Pocket to a DC. The idea is to release compatible versions of each game, so that you can, say, train fighters on one system and use them on the other.
SNK's first game to make use of the link is "King of Fighters R-2", wich will link up with "King of Fighters 1999" on Dreamcast early next year. SNK hopes to broaden this apeal to a number of title next year"

Well that's realy cool if you ask me. Offcourse, there are no plans for Sonic Pocket Adventure to support this feature yet, but you never know. Also DO note that SEGA is promising that the DC will link up with many other machines other then SNK's handheld.

Dreamcast magazine UK website:

Weekend News Shorts

The Ice Cap World Rankings are over, and the Japanese dominated this one. FINFIN from Yokohama won, with 49,100 points! The closest to that was 31,050, from Josh Feinberg in California. In Europe, the DC has hit half a million units sold, and Sonic Adventure is selling at almost a 1:1 ratio with the units. And, finally, SA was the third best selling DC title for November in the US. The top two were, you guessed it, NBA and NFL2K.

That's a Spicy Meatball!

Bradleyhas informed me that Franco American, who produces the Sonic the Hedgehog Spaghetti O's, has changed the label to reflect the new Sonic Adventure look. You can have a look here. The new Spaghetti O's can be found in your local supermarket.

Sonic toys in Wizard...

Nothing much, but as I was flipping through Wizard: The Comics Magazine #100 today, I noticed the ReSaurus Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles action figures in the toys section:

Hedge Your Bets
Speeding from video game consoles everywhere, it's Sonic the Hedgehog! Woo-hoo! ReSaurus is bringing the high-speed Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog to toys stores this November, along with his pals Knuckles and Tails. Each figure is 3 3/4-inches tall and comes with a sculpted base and ring accessories. And the line's rounded-out by and 11-inch boced Sonic figure that talks and is only available at Toys R Us.

Hey, it may be late, but it's something, right? :P

NOTE: I posted this at 3:00 PM today (just a few minutes ago), but for some reason I can't get it to say it was PM. It just keeps saying AM for some reason. :P

More Sonic Toys on the way!

Toy Island has now got the rights to make Sonic Adventure based toys! glorious day! from the shots below, the have created many different varieties of toys.

The basic assortment of Sonic Adventure action figures features perpetual sidekick Tails, the evil Dr. Eggman (Robotnik), Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and Big the Cat. These apparently are about 5 1/2" tall, and also have many little gadgets included like Sonics Skateboard (he has a skateboard?!), rings, and even Froggy.

A second figure line features 10 inch version of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. and they all Stand on a base, it doesn't say if there limbs move etc.



Also to be available are a bundle of twistable figures (like the old Gumby figures if anyone remembers them) These 3" figures are ready for fun and adventure. This assortment contains Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and E-102 Gamma.



There will also be two plush lines, a 7" plushline (The pic with Big) and a 10" line (Pic with Sonic, Tails,and Knuckles). The 7" line contains huggable versions of Sonic,Tails, Knuckles, and Big the Cat.


The weird thing is that there isn't an appearance with Amy anywhere, strange that, as this DOES include E-102 and Eggman. Oh well these look exeptionally good, no release date of there release was mentioned.


Source: Toymania

DC a flop in Australia

The Dreamcast finally hit Australian Shores on the 30th of November. But things did not look bright.

With the many delays, you would of thought Ozisoft (the distributor) would have got everything right, but they (once again) stuffed up a Launch of a system down under.

How? well, lets start off by having NO Ozisoft distributed games (all games made by SEGA, Including Sonic Adventure) the first day of launch, but to come the day after. Second, have no official Extra Hand controllers OR VMU's first day, they're STILL waiting for them! (apparently will come out 10th or 15th Dec, but in small numbers) and not have most games that were named Top ten (HotD2, soul Calibur) until the 10th!

And to top it all off, there was NO demo disk first day (they came the day after) and Online capabilities aren't usable (no Net CD) until Early 2000.

'Tis a sad day for "Aussies" everywhere. On the bright side, the T.V Advertisements have just started (5 days after launch), but one looks like the Apocalypse ad in America, just doesn't have any relations to any games. and others based on the games. weird thing was, they were shown in between the Simpsons episode were Bart goes to Australia, which he screwed up the country (a connection to Ozisoft methinks).

Source: DC Australia

SPA Reviewed!

Here's some real news! IGN.Com has reviewed Sonic Pocket Adventure.

Go see te review here

Source: Pocket IGN

EGM's Stickers

This is hardly news, but isn't everyone tired of seeing "SPA Costs" with nothing new? Anyways, EGM issue #125 (Has a pic of Donkey Kong's arm on it) has included stickers of all the heroes of Sonic Adventure and Robotnik. Get 'em while you can! Yeah, yeah, yeah, its not news, but lately, not much has been going on for Sonic and the gang.

SPA Costs

SNK have given out the pricing of the game Sonic: Pocket Adventure for the NeoGeo pocket.

For JUST the game, it will cost you US $34.95 in stores 12/3, Platinum silver bundle will cost US $99.95 in stores 12/3 or the Blue bundle which costs US $99.95 in stores 12/10

Source: SNK

Special Report: Archie Knuckles News

This is from True Red, organizer of the Knuckles Petition: Archie is reading the Knuckles petition. Here's what Michael Silberkleit, one of the co-publishers of Archie, sent to me Monday:

>From: "michael silberkleit"
>Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:09:39 +0000
>Subject: Re: Knuckles Petition
> >From: Self
>To: Katrice Georges
>Subject: Re: Knuckles Petition
>Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:42:59
>While we appreciate the petition and your concern,
>we had to suspend Knuckles because it is losing
>money on each issue. It just doesn't make sense
>for us to continue losing money. While I am sure
>that there are many many loyal fans like you,
>there just are not enough buying the comics each
>month at the news stand. In the comic book
>business, a publisher has to sell a certain amount
>of copies in order to" break even" after paying
>for the stories and art, the separations and the
>printing and shipping. Unfortunately, sales of
>Knuckles are far from breaking even and we have no
>choice but to stop publishing it. I can really
>understand your disappointment and hope you
>understand our position. Hope you enjoy Sonic
>Sincerely, Michael Silberkleit

The petition is not being ignored, but I need more names than I have now to make them consider changing their minds. The total is at 80, which isn't bad for only a month of operation and considering I have gotten several emails from people who swear I'm making up the Knuckles cancellation.

If you signed the petition and gave me your email address, I sent a copy of the email I to you. The email is also posted at my site, Save Our Knuckles.

BTW, I'm planning on organizing a procott, but I'll need some help, a lot of it, for it to work. If anyone else has any other ideas or suggestions, they're welcome. One last thing, the petition isn't over, it's just beginning. The petition is continuing until one of two things happen:

1) Knuckles is published again
2) I sense a lack of interest (I really hope this never becomes the case)

I think that the best thing to do now would be to organize a buying campaign (as well as signing the petition). If they're losing money on the comic, then it will take A LOT of signatures to get them to change their minds. I think that everyone interested should get as many friends as possible into the comic and buying issue #32. In fact, buy as many copies as possible and try to get your friends to help. You should still sign True Red's petition, but the biggest thing that could get Archie to change their minds would be a large profit on the recent Knuckles issues.

Reebok Sponsers Sonic UK Competition

Sega of Europe announced today that they have formed an exclusive sponsorship alliance with
Reebok to promote the European Sonic Speed Challenge with Reebok DMX, a European-wide online
Sonic Adventure competition running from December 1st to January 14th, 2000.

Sonic Adventure players throughout Europe will be able to download a specially-designed Emerald
Coast course from the Sonic Advenure website. In this special course, players are required to collect
five pairs of Reebok DMX shoes which Dr. Robotnik has stolen from Sonic's closet. Those with fast
times may wish to upload their finishing ratings to the Sonic Adventure for ranking. The winners will be
those with the fastest time! The prizes offered are as follows:

1st Prize:
Dreamcast Pod, Trophy (6ft high display unit featuring television monitor, console and controllers),
?1,000 of Reebok clothing, including a pair of Reebok DMX shoes

2nd, 3rd & 4th Runners Up:
Framed Gold Sonic Disc, ?200 of Reebok clothing plus a pair Reebok DMX shoes

5th - 10th Prizes:
Framed certificate and a pair of Reebok DMX shoes worth 50

11th - 50th Prizes:
Exclusive European Sonic Speed Challenge Reebok T-shirts

J-F Cecillon, Chief Executive Officer, Sega Europe, had this to say, "The European Sonic Speed
Challenge with Reebok DMX, the first on-line Sonic Adventure competition targeted specifically at
Sega's European audience, is the next step to creating Dreamcast's on-line community. Reebok's
support both in-game and for our consumers make this a truly stimulating competition. "

Source Gamefan

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

With apologies to ABC, if your name is Sega Dreamcast, you already are!

Sega has officially sold one million consoles in the US, and we're not even to Thanksgiving as of yet! Sega has announced this on their web site, and several experts in the field are rather shocked that this came early. Normally, figures like this take over 3 months to show up.

Currently, Sega is expecting loads of consoles to be sold during the holidays, and when looking at these figures, and hopeing that Sega can keep up with demand, it might very well be done, and the company might reach its goal of 2 million sold earlier that expected. Stay here during the holidays to keep tabs on the situation.

Sonic Adventure Toys Delayed.

I have spoken through the customer service at about the SA toys and he had this to say:

"Production has been pushed back until mid to late December, but we will be taking orders in about mid December."

There is no exact date to when they will be released in America, just December Sometime. He also didn't know when they are likely to appear in Europe or Australia. but those living there can order online at ReSaurus when they are released.

Source: ReSaurus

More on STHPA

Not only are there a HUGE selection of Sonic Pocket Adventure Snapshots. there is now 8 movies of the game thanks to Gamefan!! They are in real format. go see them here

Source: Gamefan

Sonic Adventure ROM?!?

Is it really possible? well...actually no. This is a hacked Gameboy ROM called Sonic Adventure. The hack is of "smurfs 3" Unfortunately, If you've played The Speedy Gonzales Hack "Sonic 6" you've played this. It isn't terribly good, But it was worth a mention. It was donated to Andre by The Chaos Emerald

Also worth noting is that Andre Dirks Sonic Roms Page is Back! Goto the link below.

Source: Andre Dirks Sonic Roms

SegaSonic News: Sonic The Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure

The next Sonic game due for release: Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure finally has a SLEW of information out on it! Marking the first return of Sonic on a handheld since the days of Game Gear, STHPA is playable on the Neo Geo Pocket Color and is due for a release in two weeks. Features include:

  • Original Sonic 2D adventure - "amalgamates" previous Sonic games
  • Puzzle Mode
  • Two two-player modes
  • Link cable support

    Next to Sonic and Tails (the two playable characters) somehow making a return in the game will be Amy Rose, Knuckles The Echidna, Doctor Robotnik, Silver Sonic (Metal Sonic prototype from S2), the Flicky birds whom you must rescue at the end of an act, and Super Sonic upon a gathering of all Chaos Emeralds! The game is simple, at least in description: Get Sonic from the start of the level to the end in order to save the Flickies from the evil Dr. Robotnik. Each level works on the gameplay of the previous 2D Sonic games: springboards, corkscrews, loops, etc.

    What's interesting to note however is that while this game is "original" to an extent, it can also be described as an amalgamation of all the Sonic games that were released. Some levels look like they were ripped from Sonic 1, others from Sonic 2, and few here and there from Sonic 3 And Knuckles...The game will even feature the cool half-pipe bonus level from Sonic 2! One of the most promising features of Sonic Pocket Adventures is the link cable support. The game will have two modes of play for two players -- one player takes Sonic, the other Tails. The first is a race to see who can get from the start of a level to the finish. The other is a race to see who can collect the most rings.

    Click on the link below and you'll be able to see the entire 30 second TV spot for the NeoGeo Pocket Color that began airing on November 16th on MTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Fox Family, E! and other cable networks. The commercial is in Realmedia format (if you don't have the player, you'll have to get it by going to, and also features gameplay footage from SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millenium and Bust-A-Move. It's less than a megabyte in size, so it's not that long a download BUT you must download it to your HD first, then view it in Real Player.

    Once you finish looking at that - you can peruse the 60+ screenshots that Gamefan and IGN have so graciously put up. ^_^

    NeoGeo Pocket Color Ad - RealVideo Format - 876k (00:31min)

    Screenshot Selections - Gamefan
    Screenshot Selections - IGN DC

    Sources: Gamefan and IGN Pocket

  • News Shorts - Sonic Pocket And Australia Delayed (Again)

    A few news bits to start the day with:

  • Sonic Pocket Adventure will be released in the United States before its released in Japan! In a surprise announcement by SNK the US version of Sonic Pocket Adventure for Neo Geo Pocket Color will be available on December 4, two weeks ahead of the Japanese release date of the game.

  • The Australian launch of the Sega Dreamcast has been further delayed until November 30, due to the high demand of the system in North America and Europe, and they are unable to supply enough machines at the Australia launch. So it looks like the Australians get the short end of the the stick from Ozisoft, yet again....

    Source: Sega X and IGN DC

  • Sonic Adventure 2 In 2000?

    There has been a lot of talk recently on one specific piece of intel. The sequel to Sonic Adventure. Sega of Japan all but confirmed the game recently, and now the gaming grapevine indicates that we may be seeing it sooner than we thought.

    It seems that Sonic Team has already begun development on Sonic Adventure 2 -- coniciding in fact with their continued work on Phantasy Star Online. And there are rumblings in Asia that the game could see its release in Japan as soon as next year! We'll keep youposted on anymore new info that we find out.

    Source: Sega X

    The Chaotix See Action Again?

    For those that didnt know, yesterday was the release of Knuckles #32 - the final issue of the book.

    All the Knuckles stories will be moving as permanent backups in the issues of Sonic The Hedgehog starting in two weeks with Sonic #79 - The Sonic Adventure Adaption. But where will Knuckles, The Chaotix, Julie-Su and the inhabitants of the Floating Island be during the reign of Eggman and Perfect Chaos? Ken Penders had this to say:

    Y'know, a number of you are commenting that you might as well blow off the SONIC ADVENTURE game adaptation as a big waste of space, on the premise that we're merely repeating the very game a lot of you are playing. For those of you who do, you'll be missing out, especially where Knuckles is concerned.

    I was concerned about the same thing, so when I did my segments of the game adaptation, I incorporated them into the continuity as I have established it over the past 32 plus issues. Locke and the Guardians are involved, Julie-Su and the Chaotix see action, and we finally show the mysterious Cat Country I established on the Map of Mobius in SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #2: BRAVE NEW WORLD.

    So if you do decide not to check it out, don't say I didn't warn you. (I'll get the hang of marketing yet. :-)

    A few of it is stuff we already know, but at least we know the Choatix are still alive in some sense.

    Source: Ken Penders Webpage

    Toonami Reviews Sonic Adventure!

    An interesting tidbit that I thought I'd mention here, Cartoon Network's block of Toonami - The Midnight Run did a review of Dreamcast games, and among those reviewed were Sonic Adventure! If I'm correct, SA recieved a 4 out of 5 whereas the DC itself recieved a 5 out of 5. The only game given a bad review was Blue Stinger in which the little computer animated Tom (host of Toonami) told viewers to avoid like the plague. ^_^

    You can probably catch this small insert review on the daily showings of CN's Toonami or the Midnight Run schedule on Saturday nights.

    The Latest In DC Sales - England And USA

    The latest list of chart toppers have arrived for Dreamcast. In the USA, Visual Concepts NFL 2K leads the Dreamcast pack. Furthermore, the popular football title dominated the week before, and expect to see it stay at the top, as the Super Bowl nears in January. Following in second was Sonic Adventure, and Ready 2 Rumble in thirdplace.

    The United Kingdom however - is a different story. Shortages of DC games are causing a lot of them to slip off the main list of top selling games (it needs to be noted that Sonic Adventure in America has also slipped on the main list of top sellers due to the Game Boy Color and Pokemon). However - Sonic Adventure still remains as a top 4 seller in the DC only department! Scroll down, and check out the complete list of top games for both countries.

    USA Top 10 Dreamcast Sellers:
    1. NFL 2K Sega of America
    2. SONIC ADVENTURE Sega of America
    4. SOUL CALIBUR Namco
    5. SPEED DEVILS Ubi Soft
    6. DYNAMITE COP Sega of America
    7. SEGA BASS FISHING Sega of America
    8. TOY COMMANDER Sega of America
    9. HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 Sega of America
    10. NFL BLITZ 2000 Midway

    United Kingdom Top 10 Sellers:
    1. House of the Dead 2 SEGA
    2. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing MIDWAY
    3. Sonic Adventure SEGA
    4. Sega Rally 2 SEGA
    5. PowerStone EIDOS
    6. Speed Devils UBISOFT
    7. WWF: Attitude ACCLAIM
    8. Toy Commander SEGA
    9. Blue Stinger ACTIVISION
    10. Hydro Thunder MIDWAY

    Source: Sega X

    Archie Sonic #5 up on Ebay

    A.J. Freda is selling the hard to find Archie Comic, Sonic #5.?

    This copy is near-mint. Contains: "Olympic Trials and Errors!", "Chomp on This, Chump!", and "Fast Food!" Also, this is one of the early issues when Rotor was called Boomer! Contributors to this issue are Jon D'Agostino (inks), Dave Manak (pencils), and Angelo Decesare (writer). Get it while you can! Bidding finishes on the 18th of November


    Archie Comics Shorts.

    Ken Penders has put up some lovely covers of the Sonic Adventure adaption for the Archie Comic book. Only  2 (Sonic 80 & 81) work at the moment, the rest will be up soon. since he Knuckles/Sonic books colliding, i **think** the 80 cover is much different than before. Go see them here

    Also Ken has put up a preview of Knux 32. the Last Knuckles Comic of the lot. see it here

    Source: Ken Penders Page

    Addition to Rlan's article below...

    In addition to Rlan's post below, I'd like to add a few things:

    The original version of Sonic #80's cover was Sonic vs. Chaos 0. Instead, this looks to be a redone version of what would've been Knuckles #33. Knuckles, Robotnik, and Big (with Froggy) look as if they have been re-drawn from the original version, while Sonic has been added. Knux, Robo, and Big/Froggy are still in the same areas they were on the original Knuckles #33 cover.

    Sonic HQ RA News: Special Edition

    Forget anything you read below- we now have what appears to be the official word about Sega's continuing of hardware production straight from Sega of Japan. And, doesn't look good. To find out what I mean by that statement, as well as public reaction and how this all started, as well as many questions that came from this confusion, get the SPECIAL EDITON of Sonic HQ RA News here. This month, the RA News is being done in conjunction with TSSZ.

    Of course, we will still have developments as they become available, so stay to the HQ for the latest.

    A Rather Biting Sonic Anime Review...

    I know this is a rather late article but this was interesting when I came across it. It seems Daily Radar has written a review of the Sonic Anime. But it was neither happy nor shining as the last Anime review we posted was. Click the link below to catch Daily Radar's review of the Sonic Anime...

    Sonic The Movie Reviewed

    Source: Daily Radar

    Sonic Team News - That Loveable Chu Chu Madness!

    Chu Chu Rocket

    Once unvieled to the masses - Sonic Team's Chu Chu Rocket, one of the "Enjoy 4" titles, left the populace dazed and confused as no one knew just what the heck it was. And to top that - we got that really weird Japanese commercial with bloody mice, an odd 2D cat, pencil drawings, and blank looks from many that saw it.

    Well today, Gamefan Online and IGN DC have gotten thier hands on the finished version of the Japanese game and both have surmised that Sonic Team has yet another hit on thier hands! Click the links below to read the respective remarks on Sonic Teams newest oddity puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket!

    Gamefan Online: Chu Chu Review
    IGNDC: Chu Chu Review

    Source: Gamefan Online and IGN DC

    Sega is STILL gonna make Hardware!

    Sega Sets The Record Straight! A competitor's site posted a story about Dreamcast being Sega's last console, but they were in error. Read the official response! Earlier today, posted a story about a Sega executive, Isao Okawa, saying that Dreamcast was Sega's last console, and that the future of the company was in software and the Internet. We even ran the story ourselves! However, something smelled off about the whole deal, and Sega Web got curious...especially when it led to a rumor that Sega was about to be bought out by Microsoft! Considering Microsoft is facing some serious consequences of being found to be a monopoly by the US government, we could resist no longer and called up our contact at Sega for the full monty on the situation. As it turns out, there were translation problems between Mr. Okawa and some of his English-speaking listeners. Sega Web e-mailed a Sega representative directly and got the full scoop from an eyewitness to the interview. According to Sega, an editor asked, "If the Dreamcast does not succeed, how will Sega compete in the future?" Mr. Okawa's response was that the "future of Sega is the Internet, not hardware." What he was trying to convey is that Sega is going to be focusing its efforts increasingly on the Internet. That means using the Internet as a delivery system for software, online gameplay, e-commerce, etc. However, you still need some form of hardware to receive that information. Sega will not be delivering content for PSX2, Dolphin or the PC through the Internet. So, Sega will always need to develop some form of console. Sega Dreamcast will have a long future thanks to it upgradability and evolutionary design. However, to say that Dreamcast will be the last console Sega will ever produce, is short sighted and not Mr. Okawa's intention at all. Mr. Okawa knows that Sega's strength against Sony and Nintendo is its ability to pursue new technologies and advances designed to expand the gameplay experience, such as the Internet. Sony's PSX2 doesn't even have a built in Internet solution, nor have either of our competitors outlined any form of Internet strategy for their new systems, as Sega has already done publicly. Sega is a little hesitant to host interviews with Japanese executives because of the translation problems. Mr. Okawa in no way meant Sega was getting out of the hardware business: he merely wanted to emphasize the importance Sega is placing on exploiting the Internet as the next great resource for advancing gameplay. So there you have it, Sega fans! Fear not, the future of Sega does not end with's just the new beginning! SOURCE: SEGAWEB.COM

    Sonic: The Movie Released in Australia

    Yes, the Anime has come to Australia & New Zealand. I am not quite sure of the date of it coming out, as the video says Oct 25th, but the site says Oct 11th.

    Anyway, It was brought here by Madman Entertainment, the same people who brought Neon Genisis: Evangelion to our shores.. But at least Australians can now get it.

    If you were wondering why it says Rlan at the top well thats because I'm the newest member of the HQ team thats why ^_^.

    Source: Madmans Sonic Page

    BREAKING NEWS: Bad News for Sega Fans?

    GameSpot reported earlier this week that Isao Okawa, chairman of Sega Enterprises Ltd., commented on the Dreamcast's future, and said, when translated from Japanese to English, that the Dreamcast would be the last major piece of hardware from Sega, and that the company would focus on software and the Internet. Several web site reports falsified this, except Daily Radar, who has written up an 'interview'. Here is an excerpt from it:

    Daily Radar: You've got ambitious sales goals: two million units by March, six million by end of year 2000. Can you meet them? What happens if you don't?

    Isao Okawa: Well, I can't really comment on that, but I will say that the future doesn't necessarily lie in the hardware business. I think in the future there is the possibility of Sega becoming a software-only company. I think, if you look to the future, after e-commerce, the next trend after that will be e-services. I want Sega to be there, and I think games may be one of the major reasons for that trend to take off, so we will still be making a lot of efforts in games and entertainment! But that role may be redefined in time.

    DR: So, if Dreamcast doesn't sell, you will make a shift to being a software-only company?

    IO: Well, even if Dreamcast does sell, we will make that shift! Online and networked entertainment is the future, and that is how we will compete in the future. It really doesn't matter how fast we sell hardware in regard to the speed with which we transition ourselves into the new networked century. And the Dreamcast machine has a huge competitive edge right now for this.

    Sega of America has denied this, and several fans are very confused as to the credibility of this story. Sonic HQ News will keep you posted on this, including a Special RA Edition this Saturday, with the public's thoughts on this situation.

    Sonic Pocket Adventure - Get The Ring!

    SNK announced that Sonic Pocket Adventure for NGPC will have two new versus modes, which enable two players to battle over the link cable. The two VS modes are Get the Ring and Sonic Rush, in Get the Ring you try to collect as many rings in a given time, and Sonic Rush is a "racing" game in which you try to run to the goal as fast as you can, the stages will have different paths, obstacles and stunts. Sonic Pocket Adventure is scheduled to release in Japan on December 16.

    Dreamcast To Be Awarded By Popular Science

    The Dreamcast has been selected to receive the "prestigious", Popular Science Magazine's 12th annual "Best of What's New" Award. The editors of the magazine consider thousands of new products, technology developments and scientific achievements for the award, and only select 100 of them as "The Best of What's New." The Dreamcast will be featured in the upcoming December awards issue of the magazine.

    "Sega Dreamcast is honored to be recognized as a revolutionary technological development by Popular Science Magazine," said Peter Moore, senior vice president, Sega of America. "Through its evolutionary architecture, Sega Dreamcast will continue to expand the way people play by growing and changing to match advances in the industry and the needs and desires of the consumer."

    Source: Gamefan Online

    Spaz Does Sonic , Crash, and Pikachu...

    In his latest cover for Gamefan, Archie Comics cover artist Patrick Spaziante lends his impressive anime stylings once again on Sonic, and newcomers Crash Bandicoot (on his motorcycle no less), and even that ever annoying little yellow-rat Pikachu. ^_^

    We've decided to start archiving Mr. Spaziante's Gamefan covers in our Image Downloads section. Check back later tonight for the archive to begin. And when the newer covers are released, check here so you can know when we've archived it.

    Sonic Fan Game has CIH Virus?

    On the Sonic Fan Games HQ, Rlan, the webmaster, made a terrible discovery about one of the games that was up at his site- it may have had a virus.

    Sonic Y2K Extreme is the game, and an alert player caught it on his Virus Scan console. Rlan has re-uploaded the game, CIH free, at least one can hope.

    If you have downloaded this game before today, we suggest you run it through a Virus Scan, and delete the file immediately. As some may know the CIH virus can erase your entire hard drive. Watch out!

    Breaking News - The Official Sonic Sequel Confirmed!

    During multiple speeches yesterday at the 9th Annual Toy and Interactive Entertainment Conference, Sega of America revealed a few interesting tidbits regarding the future of both their software line-up and their Online itinerary:

    Peter Moore revealed that the Dreamcast is currently slated to have over 160 titles available by the end of the year 2000, which is a shot up from the previous estimate of 140 given by then COO Bernard Stolar earlier this year. Sega's Charles Bellfield informed IGN that several 3rd party developers attended the conference, where they gave analysts a peek at the future, with informal announcements regarding over a dozen yet-to-be revealed Dreamcast titles, though there is no word on what titles were shown at present.

    Of those titles came a lot of interesting tidbits, including confirmation that a sequel to Sonic Adventure is now indeed official, and expected some time next year. Despite previous vagueness on the existence of the title, Bellfield went on record confirming the development of the game, revealing earlier reports from industry trade website GameDAILY, which had previously been left to speculation by SoA representatives, to be true.

    In other news: Also expect Sega to bring the Sonic Team game Phantasy Star Online in the states some time next year, however, it was not clear as to how closely the domestic release will follow the game's arrival in Japan. One of the other 4 games - Chu Chu Rocket MAY follow, but no concrete decision has been made.

    Source: IGN DC

    Dreamcast Sales Remain Red Hot!

    The sales figures which have been mounting over the last few weeks are proof that the Dreamcast is a success in the United States. Mr. Moore, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at SOA stated recently that the public has already purchased exactly 750,862 units as of October 31. What does this mean? For Sega, it means great things, and greater possibilities. As we hinted at in an earlier article, the company has officially redrawn its sales expection for 1999 and increased it by 50%. Originally the company hoped to move one million units by the Christmas Holiday frenzy. Now that figure has sky-rocketed to 1,500,000!

    Sega has not stopped there. Mr. Moore continues to go into detail, regarding the company's long-term forecast. While these figures can be somewhat ambiguous since no one can predict what problems may arise in the future, if Dreamcast continues to sell at these rates, we can expect to see these kind of numbers. In March 2000, the company hopes to sell through two million units, and then through price-slashing, network gaming, and heavy marketing, hope to achieve the amazing six million units mark by March 2001! "We feel there will be a great window of opportunity for the next eight to 10 months," said Mr. Moore at a recent investment conference. How does Sega hope to take advantage of this momentum? By the end of next year, SOA hopes to have ten to tweleve network games which can be played against anyone else on the planet. This will make Dreamcast the only console in North America to offer such options for gamers; leverage over Playstation 2 which will not take advantage of networks for it's first year. Sega also hopes to employ "highly competitive price points for hardware and software" in the words of Mr. Moore, to under-cut future hardware releases from their rivals Sony and Nintendo.

    Source: Sega X

    Petition Petition - Who's Got The Petition

    In the wake of the Archie Knuckles cancellation, Sonic fans all from all over have gotten together to create a petition to try and help save the book and convince Archie that cancelling it was indeed a mistake - especially after the release of Sonic Adventure, a guaranteed sales booster. Headed by True Red - the "Save Our Knuckles" campaign" has just started and she needs as many signatures as she can to try and help save the book.

    If you wish to try and bring back the Knuckles comic, click on any of the two banners below. Also feel free to use the banners on your website if you support the cause! Good luck Knuckles fans!


    Save Our Knuckles
    Save Our Knuckles

    Save Our Knuckles
    Save Our Knuckles

    In other news - we're announcing one last time that there is also the SatAM petition that is still going on as well, for those that wish to save the original Sonic cartoon.


    Help Save SatAM

    Thanks! And good luck Sonic fans!

    Ken Penders To Post K2YL Preview?

    Knuckles: 20 Years later is probaly the most anticipated Archie Sonic comic of 2000 aside from Sonic #100 and for good reason - supposedly not only is Knuckles supposed to have a daughter "Lara-Su", but this is considered to be the true sequel to the very first Super Special: Sonic: In Your Face - which featured one of the alternate futures where Sonic and Sally have two children.

    Here's what Mr. Penders said in an e-mail sent to sonic fan sonic fan T2:

    "I'm in the process of coloring the first few pages from the special, and I hope to have a sneak preview of K:20YL on my website later this month."

    And when asked if Lara-Su will be shown in the preview: "You may or may not see her in the sneak preview. I haven't decided."

    Ah well - at least we can FINALLY get to see a K:20YL sneak preview! Stick to Sonic HQ and we'll be sure to post whatever we can on the subject!

    Upcoming Sonic Adventure Online Contests From Sega!

    The Dreamcast has brought a lot of new experiences to the console community, one of those being a stable gaming network. Saturn and even Genesis attempted to link gamers on the internet, but our beloved 128-bit box has been the most successful incarnation yet. Some of the new additions to the on-line family from Sega happens to be the "Sonic World Rankings" contest, the Sonic 2K competition, and special downloadable add-ons for special occasions like the Halloween "Tremble Park" from a few days ago.

    Charles Bellfield, director of marketing communications at SOA has this to say about our hedgehogs foray into the Net, "Sega's plan is to continue to phase in online gameplay elements, giving consumers new experiences never seen before on a console. Sonic Adventure' is the first of many games that will be given additional `arms and legs' through the Internet."

    Want to know more about these competitions? The Sonic World Rankings is a forum for gamers to compare their best times and scores for Sonic Adventure against other top speeders from around the world. Each will be broken down by section and particular character with gamers tasked to head out, play, and procure the best possible package of points. All the details can be found at the Sonic homepage, but if you haven't already gotten on board with the competition, you better hurry considering that it opened last month, October 15th.

    The next competition, co-sponsored by AT&T is the Sonic 2K contest. Collaborating with Sega's official Dreamcast Magazine, gamers will download special levels of the game and compete against others for prizes. Most of these courses are visually revamped levels, usually containing a few more cosmetic upgrades to keep the competitions fresh. Prizes vary, but include a free year of internet access through AT&T WorldNet as well as Dreamcast merchandise including game copies. Like the Sonic World Rankings, the Sonic 2K competition started October 15th, but will only run till January 14, 2000 as a series of three, three week contests.

    For now, crank up the on-line options of your Dreamcast and check out all the information regarding these two contests. We'll let you know of any announcements that pour out of Sega regarding their plans to put our happy hedgehog and beloved box to good use on the World Wide Web...

    Source: Sega X

    Breaking News - Nigel Kitching Is Back! Fleetway Comics Gets A New Editor!

    Once upon a time, the Fleetway comics were the best thing on the market the UK had Sonic wise as far as comics go. But it slowly became more and more depressing, sinking into an endless rut of reprints, one new story per issue, and sinking into a directional rut. Then came the corker as Nigel Kitching, one of the best writers for STC left the comic. Well now it can finally be told as Mr. Kitching made the announcement yesterday that he is back as writer on Fleetway's Sonic The Comic! This is from what was stated: "I'm back on Sonic The Comic. I start with issue 175 and have had a synopsis for a ten issue run approved by the new editor Andy Diggle. My ten issue run will incorporate characters and ideas from the new game." First of all its great to see Mr. Kitching back - especially returning at the crux of the 175th issue of the comic (quite a feat) and focusing on new stories with a fresh perspective! He made a LOT of STC what it is as far as plot, storylines, and characters go. Nigel Kitching also disclosed a few other things - most notably: Andy Diggle, assistant editor of 2000AD and editor of The Judge Dredd Megazine in the UK (two more mature comics) is new editor to replace Deborah Tate. How Super Sonic and Chaos will fit in (because of the current situation Super Sonic was left in during the role of the book) is unknown.

    To find out more on Nigel Kitching, check out our latest interview with him here. Congratulations Mr. Kitching and congratulations Sonic Fleetway fans! You finally got your wish.

    The Sega Dreamstation ???

    From the "completely out of left field department":

    Now available in stores is the DreamStation, a cool little Playstation -> Dreamcast joystick adaptor which enables you to use your Playstation Dual Shock controllers on the Dreamcast, all the Dreamcast force feedback vibration functions are supported. Almost too cool considering that from what I've heard - theres a lot of supposed force feedback on Sonic Adventure. ^_^

    Source: Sega X

    SonicNEXT Grand Opening!

    A new Sonic site has opened on the net - a collaboration of Zifei Wu, founder of Sonic HQ, current members Vector, Tristan (also the webmaster of The Super Sonic Zone), and Fishboy (also the webmaster of Sonic Sages), former HQer Knux Lee, and Neo Green Hill Zone founder and webmaster Green Gibbon! Also on the staff are Mattew McClain and Matt Smith. Our slogan is "Are You Game?"

    SonicNEXT - Are You Game?

    Poll Position #4

    Well its time for our latest poll reviews! First of all let me take the time to thank everyone that responded to our email survey asking what the wanted to see in Sonic HQ. The number one response - LOADING TIMES. Its a hassle, an annoyance, and overall its not very nice. ^_^ Vector and I had a talk about things and over the next two months we'll be going page by page correcting erros, fixing links, and working on lagging load times to make HQ more effecient for you - the viewer. Also duly noted - updates are now most definetly every weekend (as you've been seeing by my front page input) and I'll be working more at having more of my notes on the front page during the week to keep the message from getting stale. :) Thanks for your input - and now down to the polling:

    So - do you think Sonic Underground sucks as much as I do?

    25 Votes (14%): Sucks??? You must be out your pea-picking mind! It's great stuff!
    73 Votes (39%): Brother - this cartoon is the pits and everything more. And those songs! YICK!
    43 Votes (23%): (The boring answer) Its OK. Not good not bad...just OK
    44 Votes (24%): I like cheese weiner doodles!

    Total Votes - 185 Votes

    Cheese weiner doodles? You guys are crazy. ^_^

    This was totally expected. And yes - I STILL think Sonic Underground sucks. Why Sega Of America chooses to farm thier mascot out to the guys that created the first two is beyond me. Don't get me wrong - SatAM was OK minus noticeable flaws, but they should have known better the minute they saw AoSTH. Even ABC rejected THAT. And why DiC Animation chose something totally new over what Sonic fans were already familiar with (The SatAM continuity) is beyond me. Perhaps in the future, if there is ever to be another Sonic cartoon - lets hope an animation company with direction common sense gets the liscense. Better yet - I'd rather see a new anime series.

    With over half a year on thier slate to do it, do you think Archie can pull off a good Sonic Adventure adaption without screwing it up?

    62 Votes (53%): Optimist Answer - I have good faith that they could actually pull it off this time...
    20 Votes (17%): Pessimist Answer - C'mon...This is Archie! You know - The Endgame People!
    36 Votes (31%): Realist Answer - NO ONE can do a sonic Team game justice! NO ONE! (36)
    Total Votes - 118 Votes

    Perhaps the phrase "realist answer" should have been replaced with "purists answer" but at the same time I was surprised to see so much faith put in Archie on the adaption. Perhaps this shows that they really are getting better in thier storytelling, now that Robotnik is back in continuity and Sonci is back among the Freedom Fighters. Of course, no one can expect a PERFECT adaption, but its good to know that Archie is trying and willing to put in the effort for us Sonic fans.

    Today we have 3 polls for you: focusing on none other than SegaSonic, Archie Sonic, and the Cartoon Sonic: The two part question "What Sonic continuity would you most like to see in a cartoon?" with its follow up on the next poll update, then we have "Will you be buying a Neo Geo Pocket Color for the release of Sonic Pocket Adventure?", and lastly "Excluding Doctor Robotnik (obvious choice) - Who is the absolute best villian in Sonic comic continuity?" Let's get to voting! ^_^

    The News from Last Week

    Last week we had LOTS of news - two new Sonic editorials, fan games, more on the Sonic toys, the Sonic 2K Download, Sonic Pocket Adventure for the NGPC, the Game Gear going belly up, Ken Penders on the comics lineup, the Sonic SatAM Petition and much much more. Click The October News Archive to read last week's news.

    Fan Game News: Sonikku Speaks Out!

    Two days ago, as one of our news bytes, we got a report saying that Sonikku, maintainer of the Sonic Robo Blast fan game had vanished, leaving AJ Freda to take over the project. Well it seems he hasn't quite slipped into limbo per an email that was sent to me a day ago:

    Hi, Sonikku here...In regard to your news item on Sonic HQ -

    Nope, I am still alive, right now I'm moving house and can't update the page personally for a while - I will be online from my Dreamcast and school Internet accounts... but I'm not sure about my home address - I can only access it once a week. AJ suggested that I'd vanished and died (O_o), when in fact it was something far less sinister.

    Until everything is cleared up, I'll have to wait until next Monday to see if I can update the page - even then I'll have to send it to AJ or Mach, who will be looking after the page in my abscene. To make up for all this however, we've released a sneak preview of SRB2, bear in mind that this isn't the finished product and we've still got a lot of bugs to iron out, but if you've been sitting around at STJr waiting for something big to happen, this should last for now. I had a quick go and got a time of 0:56, which should esaily be beaten by anyone with a pair of thumbs. ;-)

    If you want to contact me (Sonikku) now, I have two addresses, I suggest the first address if possible - 


    Thanks for the update on your whereabouts Sonikku!

    New Sonic Editorials - Sega Australia Flubs And A Facelift

    Hi everyone! Just a note to inform you that today I took the liberty of restyling our editorials a bit. I converted our latest two editorials into html format so that in the future it would give them an overall better look and design similar to our current theme.

    Also included are new submission guidelines, as well as the option to place pictures within your editorial! ^_^ I encourage everyone who frequents here to follow the guidelines and write an editorial if you feel you have something you want to speak out on. Rebuttals are encouraged - after all: editorials are opinions. ^_^ So you may begin re-submitting now! Hope you like it.

    Todays newest editorial: A sonic fan from down under, Knux Of Australia, takes a look at the impending doom of the Dreamcast as Sega Ozisoft flubs again with its rampant delays. Is the dreamcast really going to fail in Australia? Also Tristan's old editorial on Bernie Stolar's departure is the first to get a facelift, with previous editorials soon to follow suit within the week. You may click our source link below or follow the Editorials Archive link button on the sidebar to read them. Later!

    Sonic Adventure Online! - Sonic 2K Contest And World Rankings

    Sega of America continues to push special downloads and online events in lieu of true online gaming. The latest events include a new set of download-able game elements and online activities that will be accessible only through Sonic Adventure.

    The list of new interactive items includes the Sonic World rankings, where gamers from around the world can upload their best scores and times to a database for achievement-based ranking. Just announced today is a Sonic 2K contest, an online event that will include downloads of special Sonic Adventure levels. You'll be able to run through these levels to try and earn the best times, which will be posted on the Sonic Adventure homepage. The contest runs through October 15 to January 14, 2000; the winners will take home a variety of prizes, including a year of free Internet Access from AT&T WorldNet Service and plenty of Sega Dreamcast merchandise, from T-shirts to games. Another online feature for Sonic Adventure is holiday-specific downloads, such as the current Halloween one that adds jack-o'-lanterns and new banners to Twinkle Park (Tremble Park respectively - VERY corny, but it fits the season).

    "Sega's plan is to continue to phase in online gameplay elements, giving consumers new experiences never seen before on a console," says Charles Bellfield, director of marketing communications, Sega of America, "Sonic Adventure is the first of many games that will be given additional `arms and legs' through the Internet."

    Source: Gamefan Online

    Game Gear Goes Belly Up

    Pocket IGN has just gotten word from Majesco that the plans to relaunch the Sega Game Gear handheld and select library of games has been pushed to sometime next year. The only reason given was that the company wants to restructure its strategy on rereleasing such a product to market. Majesco Sales still plans on releasing the unit, but there is currently no release date. Majesco acquired the rights to Sega's Game Gear handheld and Saturn console last year after huge success relaunching the Sega Genesis in a new, redesigned system. The Game Gear relaunch would have been the same unit that was released in the early 90s, and the titles would have most likely been non-licensed popular Sega released games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Columns, Decap Attack, and other non-Disney and Warner Bros. titles released in the system's four year lifetime. We'll keep you posted on any news regarding the Game Gear relaunch.

    Source: IGN Pocket

    Sonic The Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure!

    According to Gamefan Online, the release date for Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket has been officially confirmed for Japanese release! Two of the most highly-anticipated NGPC games have now been given Japanese release dates in the month of December. Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure will ship on the 16th (selling for around $36 US). This will be followed on the 22nd with the fighting version of SNK vs. Capcom (selling for $41 US).

    No box art has been released yet of the game

    Source: IGN Pocket

    Ken Penders On Future Knuckles Lineup, Sally's Death, The Sonic Adventure Crossover, and Future Sonic Stories

    Ken Penders' recently released A TON of information concerning the latest developments of the Sonic The Hedgehog comic after the Knuckles cancellation, along with bring up the old topic of just WHY he planned on killing Princess Sally at the end of "Endgame":

    • Future Knuckles Lineup - Okay, now for some good news. I wrapped up work on the script to KNUCKLES: THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES and turned it into Archie's offices earlier today. It's 26 pages long, and features just about every major character you can think of, including the only Guardian who has never been seen or mentioned in the series before. It's got romance, drama, action, suspense, humor and one walloper of an ending. It is currently scheduled to see print in SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #14, and Steven will begin drawing it probably the start of next week.

      The final caption in the story reads: "The adventure continues in the pages of SONIC #86, as we and KNUCKLES embark on... THE ROAD TO ALBION." (News Note - "The 3 part "Road To Albion" trilogy was originally due to take place in Knuckles 35 before the cancellation.)

      So those of you who think Knuckles is only going to make token appearances in the SONIC series are mistaken. The stories will feature the same continuity and style of stories you've been following all this time. Sure, it's only eight pages a month, but it's better that than nothing at all, wouldn't you think?

      As for KNUCKLES: TWENTY YEARS LATER, now that I've wrapped production on THE LOST ONES #1, I'm spending the next couple of weeks concentrating exclusively on that one, and it is scheduled to see print in SONIC SUPER SPECIAL #16. (If we can move it up, we will, but for now, this is the best we can do.) Again, this one has some major surprises and revelations.

    • Sonic Super Special And Super Secret Special - I can't compare writing Sonic with Knuckles because both experiences have been so different, that anything I say would sounfd more in favor of Knuckles. However, I've never lost my fondness for Sonic as a character, and i have some major league plans for him. Let's just say that when the Super Special, Spaz and I are working on finally does see print, that should finally put to rest any questions on what my feelings are for Sonic. it'll be the wildest Sonic story yet, in more ways than one. The approach further defines the character as an iconic hero. To say more at this time would really spoil a lot of surprises at this time.

      SSS#12 was supposed to be a part of the Sonic Adventure adaptation, but that's been pushed back to #13, and now #12 is just a collection of stories we've been waiting to use, including the Comic Shop News 14-parter. #14 leads off with KNUCKLES: THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES, which is 26-pages in length. As for the rest of that issue, we haven't decided what to fill the rest of the pages up with. #15 or 17 will feature the SONIC story Spaz and I have been working on, and #16 will feature KNUCKLES: TWENTY YEARS LATER.

    • Sonic Adventure In The Comics - In the SA crossover, Sonic and Knuckles will be sort of sharing the spotlight, and this game adaption won't be like the last (i.e. Sonic & Knuckles, Triple Trouble) where Sonic does very little at all. Both characters are very much in the thick of the action. Also, the segments with Knuckles are not only an adaptation, but also continue the regular Knuckles continuity as well. (You're finally going to see the Mysterious Cat Country mentioned in the Brave New World Special, for one thing.)

      Usually, the most we ever see of a game BEFORE it comes out are a few pieces of production artwork and an outline of the story. That's it. We were lucky Spaz had a Japanese version of Sonic Adventure for us to work from, and even that wasn't as much help as we would have liked. We have asked Sega to supply us with all the necessary material to do the stories right, but nobody outside of the Licensing Department seems to think it important enough to do so.

    • Future Tales Of The Great War? - When asked on the concept of Sonic's parents getting married in the comic book, Ken had this to say:

      The Great War took several years, allowing Bernie and Jules the time to court (albeit a short time to do so) and get married. That just happened to be one detail I overlooked. Reading your post however gave me the inspiration to do a story about that very subject. I now just have to figure where and when it'll see print.

    • Why Ken Wanted To Kill Sally - Sega wanted to spare Sally Acorn on the premise they might still market her as a video game character aimed at the female market. Simple as that. As for why I felt Sally was holding back Sonic, it's more due to the inherit flaw in the premise of her being Sonic's superior. If he goes against her wishes too many times, he comes off as petulant and disobedient. On the flip side, if he tows the line too much, he risks being called a wuss. The name of the book is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, not SONIC & SALLY, and so the hero has to have a certain amount of autonomy in order for the series to work.

      Part of the problem with writing Sonic (as well as Knuckles) is that he's a lone wolf, much like Spider-Man was in the early days, and yet the readers like to see him interact with friends and family. Lone wolves don't have much of an edge if they spend too much time with friends and families, y'know.

    Source: Ken Penders Webpage

    Sonic News Bytes

    Hi everyone! I'm back from my week hiatus in Birmingham and ready to update! It's been a bit of a slow news week so I'll cover some smaller things that have happened recently: 

    • Sonic Internet News - Those of you wondering what was happening on the development of Sonic Robo Blast as far as fan games go, it seems Sonniku has vanished and A.J. Freda of has taken over as programmer. Whether this is permanent we're not sure of, but we'll be sure to tell you as we find out more information. 
    • Sonic Underground No More? - According to Sonic fan Rlan - it seems Sonic Underground has been cancelled in Australia. Either it reached its 40 episode maximum or the TV program that hosted it, "Big Breakfast", has dropped it from thier line up. This makes the second country that has supposedly dropped Sonic Underground, with the first being the U.K. Bad quality in the program perhaps? Personally thats what I think... 
    • Two New Midis - Well known Sonic Music Composer, Jarel Jones has released two new Sonic Adventure midis! This time around, it's a remix of the Competition tune from Sonic 3. Realize that some of the chords are different, but Jarel did that on purpose. Two versions were made, one GM and one XG. But neither have XG effects. Their only difference is in musical intruments. The GM midi uses instruments that sound better with Sound Blast 32/AWE cards (and Wingroove) while the XG version sounds better on cards such as the Yamaha Soft Synthesizer (S-YXG100 is a good example). You can access the midis here: 

      Thanks for being patient with me in my time of absence and sending letters asking where I was. Especially those who knew why I was away. Lets get down to the news! ^_^

    SU on the Sci-Fi Channel

    Apparently, Sonic Underground won't be on the Sci-Fi Channel for just this month. It will also be on at LEAST through November as well. In fact, Knuckles' first appearance in the show ("Friend Or Foe") will be shown that month.

    Strangely enough, on the 29th of November, they show "Wedding Bell Blues" again, followed by "No Hedgehog Is An Island" again. Without even showing "Flying Fortess", which seems really odd. As for if it'll continue into December is as of yet unknown.

    Sources: The Sonic Foundation and Sci-Fi Channel.

    SatAM Petition

    Sonique has sent this to Sonic HQ News concerning a petition to get the SatAM series back:

    At Sonic Stuff and Perfect Chaos and various other Sonic sites, there is a petition you can sign to get the SatAM back on the air. I know you are all thinking of how it won't work but the reason past petitions didn't work was because the people in charge of them either gave up or didn't bother to send in the info. With the low ratings on SU, we may have a chance to get our favorite Sonic show back. New episodes? It's possible if enough people sign, but please don't disregard this petition because of others that didn't work. Sign it and show DiC and everyone else how much we want this back! Visit Sonic Stuff or Perfect Chaos for a link to the petition! If you are a webmaster, you may want to concider putting up a link to this on your page!

    Good luck to all SatAM fans!