SHQ Questions and Answers - Year 2003


my chaos stats are all at level 99 and i am trying to complete the dark chao race but i have one problem.....MY CHAO IS A HERO TYPE!!!!!!!!!I URGENTLY NEED SOME ASSISTANCE!!!!i must know if it is possible to transform hero chaos into dark chaos

Sonic Advance 2 move

Hello, I was wanting to ask how to do a move on Sonic Advance 2. On the demo, Sonic lands a flip after grinding on a rail in midair. I was wondering if you could let me know what the controlls for that move. Thank you.

Is there a flame ring for Shadow?

I heard somewhere that there is a flame ring for Shadow in Radical Highway, is this true? And if it is true where is it?

Wallpaper Submission

I recently created some Sonic wallpaper featuring Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles from Sonic Adventure. I was wanting to know if i could e-mail it to you. It is 0.52 MB and in JPEG form.

Kenny Erisman A.K.A. Satymoto

My chao, and my mistake i think to make it Chaos

I gave my chao Elendi all the animals AND the drives in the infant stage (one of each). One person said i'm not supposed to give it the Chaos Drives. Will Elendi still become a neutral light chaos chao?

What will happen

I heard about Sonic Heroes and wondered what's the villain is it Eggman or somebody else?! Also can you be Super Sonic or Super Shadow?!

Defective game?

On some of the zones, (like hot crater act one with knuckles), The characters will go so fast that they're off center, and sometimes I can't even see them!!! Is my game defective like the hedgehog that never was? tell me soon.
Long live sonic knuckles and tails!(team sonic)

Sonic Advance 2

In Sonic Advance 2 How do You turn into super Sonic in the Main game?

chao behavior

sometimes my chao act wierd , when i stan in fornt of it and it is facing me
it goes "blah" and Shakes its head , and my dark chao sometime when i stand in fron of him tries to kick me .

Sonic Advance 2 chao garden

Please! Tell me why my sonic advance 2 chao garden doesn't properly connect to SA2B so I can't move my super powerful chao over so I can race 'im.

Amy-Omega-Big Spinballs

Will Amy, Omega and Big turn into balls in Sonic Heroes.

Do Sonic and Sally ever get married

Do Sonic and Sally ever get married?Do they have any kids?if so what are their names?Thanx

p.s please,please,please,please respond!!!!!!!

Chaos Sonic

I have a "friend" that likes to play jokes on me, and I can't tell if he was lying or telling the truth. He said that there was a "power level" (Super, Hyper, etc.) that was called Chaos Sonic. Was he kidding? If so, what is the highest Sonic can go?
Thanks! And great job on your site!

Chao garden GREEN CHAO!

Hi in the game sonic adventure 2 battel my chao reached maturity and it was not a holy chao or a devil chao it was larg and green keep in mind it was a normal noncolored egg this still baffels me could pleas tell me what this could be and how it happened?

Chacron the chao

I keep on hearing about a chao named "Chacron". Can you please tell me what games he appears in and what he looks like? thanks

Sonic Heroes site

I tried to go to the Sonic heroes part of your game index,but I can't acess it.What happened?P.S. When is the PS2 version of sonic heroes going to be released?Thanks

Will they come back?

Will Bark, Bean, Mighty, Gamma, Nack and Super Sonic reappear?

HOW OLD IS.................


Chao Behavior

My Chao, Chai, has been acting really odd lately. I was giving him some Condors and Skunks when all of a sudden his halo changed from purple to orange and he just sat down, smiled, had a heart over his head all the time, and a ring of flowers would appear around him. What does all this mean? Please tell me!! I'm dying to know what's going on with Chai!! Thanx! ;)

chaos garden?

where is the chaos garden and how to find it in sonic adv 2:battle

ristar and sonic

i have played sonic mega collection and unlocked ristar and acording to sonic history sonic was suppose to be a rabbit that grabs stuff. so was that idea revied as ristar?

2 SHQ's?

I went to Sonic Fan Games HQ and found a link there.However, when I went here,it looked different from when I come here through the favorites.Wassupwitdat?Are there two Sonic HQ's or somethin'?

tss and sonic hq

is there any connection betwen sonic stadium and sonic hq?

a question for fexusfan...

BONDIGGY!!hoo is amys momme?qwert.*pukes*I need to stop talking like that.... I wonder what moldy cheese tases like??? SHIGGY!

Comic Con Date

I was reading the news bord and saw the 2003 Sonic Comic Con will occure soon. Were will it take place?

is it hyper shadow or super shadow

i wana no if its hyper shadow or super im having a fuad with my friends and i want this resolved hyper or super?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I Was Curious What Happened To The Sonic Music 24/7. I Have Been Unable To Find It On Your Site. Do You Know Of Some I Could Connect To? .©

Will X mark the spot?

Will you make a cartoons page for Sonic X? And do you know any guaranteed voice actors for Sonic Heroes?

What the Heck?!?!?!This aint Sonic!

I went to the multimedia area of youre site and clicked on video. Whenever I click on , say, Sonic (OVA) SOnic VS Metal Sonic Fight Scene it takes me to And doesn't show the vid or start downloading. Could you tell me if something is wrong with it or if i am just screwy. Thanks! Long live Knuckles!

Fan Art

Do you guys accept Fan Art anymore? If so, why isn't it working when I submit it?

Freedom Fighters

I don't have access to any Sonic comic, but I am still a huge fan. I mainly use your site's scans and reviews to get the jist of the stories. I was wondering if you could post a scan of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, or at least tell me where I can find one posted. I am interested in seeing what they look like. Also, when all of the robians were deroboticized in #123, did the comic specify if characters like Valdez, Sabina, Liza, Carl Condor, of Fly Freddy are okay? Or have they been destroyed already?

Super Tails?

I go all 7 Chaos emeralds in Sonic 3 with Tails. I dont know how to transform him. If he can PLEASE tell me I need to know!


as you said in the news, sonic #129 is out, and parts two and three of the tails mini siries? where the heck did that tails comic come from? Ive never heard of it! if ya could, fil me in on a few of the details. Denke schon!

sonic heros+sonic battle

Are sonic heros and sonic battle the same thing?Ive been wanting to know P.S. I found your site on ASK JEEVES.COM(HECK MAN YOU MUST BE VERY FAMOUS!).

A Question for Dr.Fexus Fan...

Oh M1ghty 4nd great Dr. F3xusf4n teh k33p3r of all l337 kn0wledge, My y0u pl34s3 hubml3 yorsefl and anwer mi quassion 1 h4ve t4ht i w4nt 2 ask you!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneoneone H3re 17 15.... WHY.... WHY.... Why?...!!! That is teh qu3tion please answer me Dr.Fexus Fan I ned to know b/c it is ver imporant and I must know so You mus tel me....PLESE RESPOND IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111oneoneoneononeoneone0|\|3 P.s.: If Shadow was an anriod would he know the panser kunst? So then would he make people

Sonic advance 3

Do you know where i can find a level map of sonic advance 3, or any sites. i really need to know. thanks!!!

Sonic x

I have recorded the episodes of Sonic from episode one til now and I need to know how many episodes are there so I can buy enough tapes.

What is Knuckles

if sonic is a hedgehog then what is knuckles?


all i want to know is who is sally i didnt know she exited before i came on this site i have not seen her on any of the games but from what i read she looks to be sonics girlfriend but i thought that was amy

sonic is fast

why does sonic run so fast?

I once found a page about Amy Rose now I can't find it.

Once, when I was surfing the Sonic HQ website, I found a page that told about Amy Rose. I was supposed to go to bed, but I read it for a while. Then, when I searched Sonic HQ the next time, I couldn't find it. Can you please tell me where to find this page about Amy Rose? (I would really like to know more about her!)


Ive been reading some of the comics recently, such as the recent ones I've read are issues #121 and #128, I havent seen Cream anywhere, when is her first debut in the Archie comics? Or did I miss her in one? Thank you very much!!^^


How come no more mini series or specials are coming out anymore? Also is the Knuckles series still running? Thanks for time. G-man

How many comics?

How many Sonic the hedgehog comics come out in October 2003?

Shadow upgrades

Where Can I find Shadow's Ancient Light? And does he have a bounce Brancelt? If so where can I find that?? thanx!!


How do u use S. Sonic and H. shadow? I just finished beatin the Last stage but i don't kno how to use them.

Super Sonic

What was first? Super Sonic or DragonBall Z's Super Saiya-jinn?

Tails, Boy or girl?

Some one I know keeps on telling me that Tails is a Girl! Please tell me with good strong facts if Tails is a boy or a girl. I need this question answered. PLEASE!!! Sincerely, Sonic J.

Tails, Boy or girl?

Some one I know keeps on telling me that Tails is a Girl! Please tell me with good strong facts if Tails is a boy or a girl. I need this question answered. PLEASE!!! Sincerely, Sonic J.

Sonic Heroes is out already?

I've noticed that you have a Sonic Heroes page up already, and people have been talking as if they own the game, heck they even have videos and screenshots and I was just wondering if Sonic Heroes came out and you forgot to post it on the news page.

UK Sonic Comics

I know that there's 'Sonic the Comic' in the UK, but is there any way to subscribe to it if you live in the USA?

How Do I?

Sorry If this has been asked((I'm to busy to look)) but how do I submit a site to this site?

E-102, Omega?

Will the guy who did E-102 do the voice acting for E-123 Omega?

super emeralds

what happens when all of the super emeralds are collected?

Where's the site?

Hi there. I've recently been checking out the site and i think it's pretty cool but i have a question. I once found this link to send me to a place called: What sonic and co will never say, and i never found it again. can you please tell me where it is? thanks

Sega Dreamcast-Saturn

Can Sega Dreamcast play Sega Saturn disc? Thanks.


on sonic dx i have a chao that hates amy cuz i kept hitting it.I didnt mean to im not used to the new crontrols cuz in sonic adventure 2 battle you use the b there a way so you can make a chao like her again?

Chaos help

Where are all the chaos emeralds on Sonic advance 2

The purple dog thing.

Can you tell me who that purple dog person is with the hat and what type of animal he is? Also is he Sonic's ally or enemy? Please tell me about him. thank you.

Sonic X

What are the words the the theme song from Sonic X and what company makes the cartoon?

sonic adventure 3

i was woundering will they make a sonic adventure 3 soon can u please tell me wan u can.

Sonic X

I Read a article (And saw it on you Q&A) And I was wondering, What Channel (Station) and Time (Central)? I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Sonic team! And this is the top site, but i couldn't find show times. Can you help please? Thanks, Thom


There is seven Chaos Emeralds right? Put when I counted in Sonic Adventure DX, THERE IS ONLY SIX! There is three in action stages, one in Froggy, one in Birdy, and one in the Tornado. So where is the sixth Chaos Emerald?

Eggman actor

Is it true that the voice actor for Dr. Eggman (from the games) pass away?

whats this mean

What does it mean when a chao starts to skip around and follow you?

how to transform chao

Help! I need to know how to transform my chao ....he is going to die if I don't. I read that if your chao turns 5 and it isn't a chaos or ultimate chao it will die. Please help! Thanks- Todd

fan chars.

Do you think that websites should allow ppl to send thier fan chars.Do you any that do?


Whare does Sonic the Hedghog go on sonic 1 when he dies.I mean he just goes blub blub blub.And vanises poof!

Charmy the bee

My friend says that in Sonic Heros that thare is a bee named Charmy.I dont belive him!!

flame thingy

my friend says that he had a dark chao that got a flame thingy over its head. however, it soon disappeared. how do you get that, or was it just a glitch?thank you!

how to get choas chao????

hey all my friends say to get a choas chao is to only feed it choas drives are they right? and if they arent can you tell me how to make one?


In SA2 there is a cheat that lets you B Ssonic or Hyshadow. Do you know if theres a faster waw to get them? The cheats in cheatplanet said that I had to get an A rank for everyone in the game, and it gets preeeeeetty iritating playing the level over and oooooover...

Where Ashura came from.

I heard that Ashura was supposed to be a real character on Sonic 1, but deleted because of too much data. Do you know if it is True? I've seen many Jap. pictures of him, and I've heard he's on a Jap. movie, so I know he is a real character.

Scenes Mixed Up??

I noticed that on SA2, on the Hero Side, The scene where Sonic first sees Shadow is before the scence where Rouge is trying to get Knuckles to give her the ME. But the the Dark Side, it's vise versa. Please tell me why. Thanx SHQ!

Get the Message

Hey True Red. For those of us who haven't read the issue, why didn't you write Naka-san's message in your review of Sonic # 125?

comic mc sonic

are the sonic comics out in the uk?i know they used to be under the title "sonic the comic" but i cannot find them anymore

Tails flight

My friends are having a argument over wheather Tails floats, flies, or glides. I would like to know which one of these 3 choices are the right one so they will stop. They don't believe what I say. I say that he flies.

Archie Comics

what is J. Axer's first name? thanks for your time

Issue number ???

The first Sonic comic I ever read showed amy Rose looking in a shop window talking to herself. Can you tell me what issue that is, or should I contact Archie Comics. Thank you.

crazy gadget

In SA2B in the part of Crazy gadget as sonic where you have to pull the swithces to get to the colored platforms, please tell me what do there, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Confusing game

I know you said not to ask if games exist, but my friend showed me a game that looked like the old Sonic games and had Tails in it, but had hearts that give you life like in the Mario games. The site he downloaded it from said it was made for Supernintendo. Can you clear this up? It was definately not a fan-made game.

about tails in sonic x

Hey sonichq, okay, i saw sonic x this saturday and it was AWESOME! but i really didn't like tail's voice. Are the voice actors in the cartoon the same voice actors in the game? Thanks for your time.

song words

What are the words to city escape on SA2B. Me and my friend keep having arguments about it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME


Puppet tails is a charecter in sonic r but I can't find him in the sonic encyclopeidia.Why? and I want to know what he looks like

chao egg in a store

In Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut there is a chao egg in the store you come in from the area where you get the Light Speed Shoes. You can't leave the store with it so how do get it?

Silver Sonic

I have a little problem. My friends say the next to last boss in Sonic 2 is metal sonic. I know that the robot is really Silver Sonic but they wont listen! I even showed them your prophiles but they wont settle for anything less that an offical sega site saying that the next to last boss in Sonic 2 is Silver Sonic. Were might I find a offical source that lists all the bosses in Sonic 2?

is this real?

I heard that if you beat good on SA2b 16 times and bad 10 times you see a hidden video and then you go to aa level where you have to beat all charecters using Shadow and then you have to beat their super forms . is this real?

Speed Problems

My friend owns Sonic & Knuckles Mega Collection for PC, and we can't get the Chaos Emeralds because the game is too fast. We like Sonic for speed, but this is ridiculous. The timer hits two seconds in one. Anyhoo, is there a way to slow it down?

Turning Points Question

I read the first fan comic called Turning Points with Knuckles and the Choatix Team. I read the first part...but it looks like there should be more when Knuckles says "What do you mean almost every test?" Could you please tell me where the next part of that comic is? Or has the next part not been made yet?

Cartoons Page

It's been quite a while. Who is in charge of the Cartoons Page?

sonic heros

When someone asked who was the third dark person in "sonic heros" you said it was a new character called omega, but in one of my ps2 magazines it said the third character was E-102 'gamma', The robot from sonic adventure it gamma or omega? also,are there any pictures of mighty the armadiilo on this site as ive only heard of him, not seen him?

Super sonic & Hyper shadow

In sonic adventure 2 battle, there should be the option to play as super sonic and hyper shadow in other stages as soon as you finished "last story" mode. But i can't see how to transform into them, or how to activate them. How can you do this?


I'm thinking about getting that new Game Boy Player so I can play GBA games on my Gamecube. Now here's my question. Can the GBA/GCN cable link go into the Game Boy Player? I want to trade my chaos between games, and I waste too many batterys.

cree summer

what voice does cree summer do in sonic????

Egg Viper

1.I got Sonic DX recently, i've beaten knuckes, Tails, E-102Z, and amy but I can't past the part where sonic fights egg viper and after you take him out he does a suicide attack I keep dodging the wrong way, any advice? 2.If you beat egg viper, do you beat Sonic's story? THE END

Why Chao, WhY?? Super CHAO??

Question. I was reading about how to get that crazy chao (the one you raise the max stats) well i did that and waited and waited and finally it tried evolving and it turned into an egg. like it... it... eh reincarnated!! WHY did this happen?? i thought it was supposed to become the ultimate chao (like in super chao karate.) what went wrong? My chao is a flying hero type. Please help.

The Prisoners

Is there any point to those electric prisoners in Sonic Adventure's Red Mountain? If not, do you know what they're doing there?

Stuck in Carnival Night Act 2

Sega Sonic 3 & Knuckles Adventure-> Carnival Night Act 2 i got stuck in Act 2 where once i go in, the door close and the only way i can do is to jump on 'red and white color' object with Tails in order to escape/go away.

The Robotic Sonics

Hello nice site, I know 4 robotic Sonics and Metal Sonic from Sonic CD is one of them. The other 2 I know are the first robotic sonic Silver Sonic from Sonic 2, and the big red one Mega Metal Sonic from Knuckles Chaotix......... My question is this, whats the name of the robotic Sonic from Sonic & Knuckles??? And also do you know the name of the new robotic Sonic from Sonic Heroes? Because in a magazine I got the other day says that Sonic's new enemy is similar to Metal Sonic....... what I'm saying is...... THATS NOT METAL SONIC FROM SONIC HEROES!!! THATS A NEW ROBOTIC SONIC IN THE FAMILY!!! Which will soon make 5 robotic Sonic! Thanks anyway.

Barby K?

I was on profiling sonic characters and when I got to Tails it said under love life:Fiona the false fox and Barby K. But who is Barby K?

CHao's Ranking

Sorry to ask another question, but I don't come up with them immediately. 1) How do increase a chao's ranking (S,A,B,C,D,E,) 2)In SA2B, in Cannon's Core as Eggman, How do you get to the Mystical Melody shrine. I keep falling down everytime I try to reach it. Thank you.


Does Sonic have a neck?

Sonic Adventure

Does anyone know what the difference is between all of the versions of Sonic Adventure? I know that there are at least four versions. Also, is there a website where I can read Vortex's Box?

Shadow- Find the lost Chao

Hi... I AM STUCK ON SA2 RADICAL HIGHWAY FIND THE LOST CHAO. My brother and I have been searching for it for as long as I can remember, but we still CANNOT FIND that ancient ruin thingie to play Mystic Melody!! My brother has been threatening me to post this question and find it. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IT IS???? If it is already answered, then at least tell me WHEN it was answered so I can look for it?

Sonic Chao

I have a quick question about my chao. It has just evolved for the first tim into a neutral/running chao and I'm trying to make a Sonic chao. Is it safe just to use one side to raise my chao or can it change from being neutral to dark/hero after it's first evolution?

Chao's Life

How do I make sure my chao are happy during their lifetime and don't die being sad?

how long do choa live???

I saw on a site that chao only live upto ages 3 to 4 is this true??? because my chao is 3 years old and im very scared it will die :(

weres sky deck

I beated sky deck 1 time in advanture mode with Sonic & beated his story.I know how to go back to eggcarier but how do u go to sky deck again?



about sonic crackers

I was looking through ur sonic archives wen i reached one about a game that wasnt released called Sonic Crackers. I own a cd that has lots of old sega games including sonic 1 and 2, AND sonic crackers. It's slow and not quite working but it is definitly that game. I recognised the music, background and the fact that sonic and tails are linked together. If the game was never released, y do i have it? Matt Sonic Fan

I'm confused

I just played SADX recently. It says Director's Cut, and Cream was in it. Does this mean Cream was supposed to appear back in the original? Also what's the name of that robot Knuckles fights in Sonic & Knuckles?


When is Yuji Naka's B-day :>

What system?!

What system is Sonic Hero's on?


What does SATAM stand for?

who is the third?

In sonic heroes, team dark has three characters. I only know Shadow and Rouge.Who is that robot guy?


In versus battle in Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, what are the names of the attacks of knuckles,rouge,chaos, and tikal everytime you collect 20 rings?

Why isn't it working?

I read the "Major Spoiler" in the news and I clicked on the links to see the pictures, how come it is not working? Its only taking me to the "news" page. Please answer this question! Thanks!(P.S-Great site, keep it up!)

What is Amy Rose?

A long while ago, around the Sonic CD days, I heard that Amy was a squirrel. Now I have poeple telling me she is a hedgehog in the newer Sonic games (SA:DX, SA2:B). Which is it?

chaos chao deleted


Is it true?

My friend told me Sonic and Tails were on 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' on Gamecube is it true?

Revival of Mina?

In issue 125 you can see Mina crying because Sonic died but, in issue 123 she died. What happened?

End of the comics?

Uhh, I looked in the scans part of the comics galleries and I noticed in the last scan you had sonic died. Is this the end of the comics or will they continue one after 125?

Long life fruit?

I bought a strong seed and it seems after 3 of theem it seems to grant 1 year extra life. Is this true? I am very confused.

how does super tails looks

how does super tails looks they have to have him they've made hyperknuckles,hypershadow and supersonic does anyone know?

Hyper Knuckles

I have Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles for Sega Genesis. My brother has managed to get all the emeralds with Knuckles, but we haven't figured out how to turn him into Hyper Knuckles. Is it possible? And if so, how do you do it?

How can I destroy?

On Sonic Adventure 2 how can the 'Egg Beetle' with Rouge in 'Egg quarters'?

Can't find a certain power up

In SA1, I've found every power up on my own except one, Knuckles' power gloves! Since you haven't updated your SA1 page yet, and I seem to be the only one who can't find it, could please tell me where it is?

chao animals

Can you feed your chao animals and still have it evole to chaos form.thanxs

A 'Big' problem

I can't move that boulder thing with Big the Cat. I think it's on the Ice themed stage. (NOTE: I don't have the game and I am unsure of the stage names and contents. I'm doing it for a buddy and I'm sorry if it is inaccurate.)

Egg Carrier Chao Garden

In Sonic Adventure and in SADX in the Egg Carrier Chao Garden there's a building with a door. Can you get in? And if you can do you know what it does?

PSO Tails Chao + SA:DX Missions

I have 2 ?'s. #1:What's the deal with the "PSO Tails Chao?" I just read the question about it's stats and stuff and wanted to know how do I get one? #2 Were the missions in SA:DX in Sonic Adventure? Thanx loads.

Dark and hero chao in SADX

can you elvove a baby chao into a dark or hero chao in SADX?

Tails Chao

You know the special Tails chao that you can get from Phantisy Star online, could it breed or die or evolve?

Sonic's real mom

On Sonic Underground Sonic's mom was a queen named Aleena. But in the comic book from Archie she was called Berine. Whos his real mother?

chaos chao

Whats up about Chaos chao? Do they have S for all stats or something?

How ...

How exactly do you pronounce Rouge the Bat's name? I don't have the game and have never heard it and was just wondering.

What happened first?

What happened first in Sonic Adventure? When Sonic beats the Egg Viper, and when Tails beat the Egg Walker. Or just tell me if they're just alternate scenes.

A Chaos Chao???

1.Everyone says they have a chaos chao, but I don't know how to get one or what it is. 2.pls tell me when Sonic Heoroes is coming out. 3.I've raised my chao wiht a dark person its black but i havent seen s cocoon type thing what should i do. pls answer me.


Who does the japanese and english voice for Tikal and Rouge?


On the encyclopedia on this site under Amy Rose, it says that Zero is an E-100 robot. (Like Gamma) Is he? He looks nothing like Gamma? And when Dr. Eggman asks his E-100 robots to bring Froggy back, Only Gamma brings the right frog and the others are sent out of the Egg Carrier. THen why do you fight E-105 Zeta in the egg carrier and why dose he look upgraded? Thanks!


Hi. Me again. 1. Okay, so the word is out that Shadow is coming back, but have Sega or Sonic Team let anything out yet about how he survived back in SA2? 2. When I checked out SA2 on you're game index I saw you said it was the greatest game ever. On another (I think comercial) website talking about SADX it said SA was obviously better. I was just wondering if what you said was based on popularity or just personal opinion. 3. Since SA is under construction on your game index, could you give me the locations for the Adventure Field emblems? (This is actually for SADX, if that makes a dif.) Thanx again. Cool site!!

Am I seeing things?

Hey HQ, I think I saw Cream flying around Station Square after I cleared a level. Am I imagining her or what?

help with tails

Please help me on sonic adventure dx. i cant get to sky chase act 2 with tails. i already caught froggy and went back in time and met big, but after that, i cant do anything. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! pleas be as precise as possible. thank u, great site! B) thanks, sdx man.


I tried your games index but what I needed was under construction so 1.What's the between SA & SA limited edition? 2.between SA & SA international? 3.What the heck is that SA0 you have listed? Also you haven't answered any of my Q's and I follow all the rules so if you answer this it would be nice if you let me know if I'm doing anything else wrong, too. Thanx much! Really luv yo' site man!


hi is it possible to play super sonic in regular action stages in sonic dx or sonic adventure 2. Cause everybody likes to play as super sonic


I cant find the tiger no matter how much I search. Is there even a tiger in Sonic Adventure 2.

Where is that darned Link?!

I've been searching high and low for the sonic satam cartoon download link and I can't find it! It is nowhere to be found! Many other sites have posted links to this site and say "download all 26 original satam cartoons here" or something to that effect. Plz let me know where it is.

Pop up...

Why is it that you have so much pop up? It drives me crazy! I absolutely love your website, but all the pop up makes it so hard to navigate your wonderful web page. It`s such a bummer, and many fans would agree. I`m not saying it`s your fault, but please, explain the problem. Ugh, pop up...

where can i find sonic soundtracks?

i've never been able to track a sonic cd soundtrack anywhere and succesefuly be able to buy it.for 7 maybe 8 years i've been trying to find the sa1 soundtrack as would really help if you could tell me where i could get them.thanks for a great site!

Sonic Advance 2

in Sonic Advnce 2 how do get chaos emaralds, I don't see any?

SS in Sonic 1

I got all 6 emeralds in sonic 1 (with Debug Mode). But I don't know how to become Super Sonic. How do I?


Will a good chao get messed up if a dark character pets it?

I love his attitude

In SA2: Battle, I played Chao Karate, and beat every tournament. In the expert level, there's a Chao with a bad attitude, and he's the last Chao to fight. His name is Wacky, and you fight him again in Super mode for the second battle. How do you make your Chao act and lose like Wacky?

Chaos confusion...

I'm confused. Can you make a Chaos Chao on the third EVOLUTION ("age") or the third REINCARNATION ("times transformed")?

Light Chaos chao

does it matter when you first hatch the chao to give it stuff and after the first re-incarnation.

Extra Chao Eggs?

Okay, I'm trying to earn all of the emblems in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2. I have earned almost all of the emblems with the Chao, but I am missing 2. Someone told me that I need to get the last two emblems with special races called the Hero/Dark Races. I already have a hero chao, but I don't have a dark chao, which I am told that I need in order to earn these special races. My problem is that all of the eggs in the gardens that I have earned (the normal one and the hero one) have already hatched and evolved, and I can't get them to become a dark chao. I need a chao egg, but I don't know how to get one! Please Help!

chaos chao

I have been trying to make a chaos chao but it has been a problem. I waited for it to reincarnate twice. First off, can I make a chaos chao from an egg bought in the market? And how long does it take to evolve to chaos after you give it the 21 animals? Mine is already three years old because I am waiting for it to evolve. Plus can you make a chaos chao after a third reincarnation? And finally does it matter the order of the animals? Any info would help so I could stop wasting my time. Thanx

It's called Battle

I was wondering if you can win something by having a lot of victorys on the multiplayer of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I've seen the number of wins on the menu screen, and I wondered about that.

chaos chao

While making a chaos chao,can you give it fruit?Please,please answer.

Should I stick with only one?

I am raising a dark chao on Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, and I was wondering, can a chao change physically depending on which one of the three evil people train him? What I'm asking is if a chao raised the same way with Shadow, and a chao raised the same way with Eggman will be different.


In Sonic Adventure 1 after you complete the game with a character the Credits are placed, a screen appears and above the screen in Script-like print it says " fin " Does that stand for finish?

what location are the super shoes?

My brother wont stop bugging me about this qesten.I cant take it eny more so pleas help me!!!! Give a good answer Pleas. P.S its at the brig level (RADICL HIGHWAY) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I submit my created Sonic Mega Collection FAQ to your site?

Can I submit my created Sonic Mega Collection to your site? I would submit mine at Gamefaqs, but there's something wrong with actived my account. So can I submit my created Sonic Mega Collection FAQs as I made it myself without copying on other FAQs, just use my brain to doit. I would like help people who stuck on games. Please? You can say no if you wish, as I would like to help Sonic HQ cos it scool site.


What is the average amount of pages in 1 Sonic Archie Comic? - Shake

things about sonic

1)hi i've got sonic mega collection and u haven't put that game on your games how come!!! 2) your superness cheat on sonic and knuckles doesn't work on my sobic mega collection and i woundered if u could tell me the cheat to get super knuckles on sonic and knuckles(sonic mega collection cheats work the same as sega sonic cheats). 3) when will sonic adventure 3 come out in the UK thanks ur the best...

Is Mina Dead???

Ok, I just wanted to know if Mina the Mongoose dided in Issue 123 because at the end of the story it says "In Memory of Minerva Ifill 1912-2002".Does that mean shes dead?Because in the story:The last Mobian it shows her in it.And was mina born in 1912 or something?And then died in 2002?Please try to answer my question as it has been bothering me for a long time.

chaos chao

I have a chaos chao and i was wondering is it possible for me to own more than one chaos chao at a time?

Straight things out...

It's been a looooooong time ever since I sent you a Q. Anyway in my Q ,dark eyes, that wasnt the awnser I was looking for. I ment why does the Dark Chaos Chao has regular opened eyes like a neutral or hero type? I hope I diddn't break rule 5 and/or 13 (and sorry about the long post).

Dr. Fexus Fan?

Whats the deal with Dr. Fexus Fan's replies to questions in the MArch 2003 first page section of the questions and answers. one of the replies was like this: THE TIME IS this thing about a sucking specific hookshot in the gravity pocketknife meant to say the future? I wonder what would happen dating the most shallow-minded Jumpin' cow zapping Fexus free from a REAL date! suddenly "The Tergonaut Spellbook" can no longer be BLIGABLOU! IT didn't even answer the kids question about the fastest time on a level.

chao garden

where is the swim garden? when can i get the swam monsters?

That name...

After watching the SatAM tape that I dubbed from BlockBuster (which is how I got to see "Warp Sonic") I noticed the name "Art Mawhinney" in the credits. I thought he was a member of Archie and not Dic. Is he a member of both?

Dark Chaos

I was wondering if it matters who gives the animals to a chao in SA2, to make a dark Chaos Chao. If a good person gave animals to a chao that evolved and is dark, would that stop it from becoming a Dark Chaos Chao?


Do I have to email you guys about saving your wallpaper. The ones I liked could not be downloaded. ( Millth Hit, Sonic X.)

Help with chao link between gamecube and gba sp

My son put his brothers chao onto the gamecube and we cannot get it back onto the gameboy advance sp. We keep getting the message "chao already there." This is a problem in our house. Can you help please. Randi

what happened?

hi guys, i bought a used sonic adventure cd and when i put it in my dreamcast it couldn't work. i guess it's stratched. is there anyway you can fix a stratched cd? thanks.

Clean up?

I was looking at your character profiles and I noticed you had a lot of profiles on one character, why don't you guys just get rid of all the old ones, (xample: Knuckles has three) and make a new one, wouldn't that save you guys space on ur site??? love ur site!!! Thanx!!!

phisical impossibility?

Okay, I recently got Sonic archie comic #123. It was cool and all, but somethings messed up here. After Sally drops the gun and she and Sonic kiss and all that stuff, Nack grabs the gun on the floor and (attempts to) shoot her. Wait a sec... Didnt Sal already use all of the ammo from that weapon? She even said that she was outta bullets. What the heck happened? It was empty!!

tips on making a chaos chao

im trying to make a chaos chao, and as i read through some of the articles from game faq, one of the article says that to make a chaos chao, the chao has to remain neutral until the final evolution. But if i have a chao that turned into a hero and it reborned as a neutral chao with white color, will that make any difference? Is it necessary for the chao to stay neutral all the way?

Metal Sonic vs Silver Sonic

Ok. After reading your previous response and discovering that Metal and Silver Sonic are supposedly two different entities, I headed to the profiles of the characters. I read through them, but I'm still confused. I thought Metal Sonic was the name for the character in Sonic 2 that comes back in Sonic & Knuckles which Knuckles then defeats. Now I see that that was really Silver Sonic. But why would Dr. Eggman build 2 robotic Sonics? I thought they was only one.

what happened to my chaos

i had two chaos on sonic adventure 2 battle and they've disappeared out of my memory card are they lost or are they dead????????????

More Knux scans

There are a lot of Sonic fans that actually prefer the Knuckles stories (in the comics) to the Sonic ones, and I'm one of them. So why do you only put on your site half the amount of scans each month?

SA1 Unknown Sonic Character

In Sonic Adventure (Egg Carrier) Mecha Sonic and a other Steel Hedgehog is in a capsule.Im curious to know the Steel Hedgehog is and did he appear in one of the Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game Series and what name does he Really go by. Im not sure if you want to Answer by question according to Rule 15. Thank You HQ


When a chao dies does it keep its animal forms,its medal,and color?



Tails the Flyer

Could a player make Tails fly on Sonic the Hedgehog 2?


I went on your comics section to find out where to get Archie' sonic comic but when i got on the sites they didn't sell any. So please be more careful

Chao & Sonic X

Q1:What Chao Drives do you have to give to a chao to make it a Shadow Chao? Q2:When will SOnic X be airing in America?

How do I get to the goal on time?

Right now I'm on the fourth missions of Radical Highway and Final Chase, but no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get to the goal before time runs out. Can you help me?

Who's who?

I've got three questions today. I need some identifications of some Knuckles comic characters that I don't recognise. (1) The red echidna on the cover of Knuckles #3 in the blue boots and green glasses, (2) The snarling brown echidna with big white eyebrows on the cover of Knuckles #23, (3) The red echidna in Sonic #90 that looks almost exactly like Gala-Na. Is it Gala-Na? If so, why is she a different colour.


i was on sega's new sonic site an i saw a checklist for sonic games at the end it said "gray=not yet released" what is gray?is it a new system or something?

Chao and Kragok

Hi guys! Two questions for ya`! (1)How can I get a Knuckles chao on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? (2)Are the Dark Legion`s robotic arms and such built or just roboticized like Dr. Robotnik does? Thanks for answering!

Shiny Chao

Hi! I've noticed that some of my questions were left unanswered, so please reply to this one! How many Shiny Chao are there and what are their colors and approxamite prices?


Can I copy and paste stuff from your site onto mine as long as I give you credit?

Sonic Heroes?

Hey, I was checking the News section and saw the awesome screenshots for Sonic Heroes but two questions- where is Mighty and who is that yellow Hedgehog in the background of the group pic? Thanks loads!

Weird, metal, Dr. Eggman boxes

On level 12 on the hero side in story mode I'm trying to find these keys, but there are metal boxes with Dr. Eggman's picture on them that I can't get through. I've tried whistling, digging, and throwing stuff at them. Do you know how to break them?

Sonic Adventure Emblems

Dear HQ, Is there any reward for getting all the emblems in Sonic Adventure? I was thinking about the secret costumes in SA2 and I figured there must be something you get. Thanx guys.

Character question

I was surching for character profoles, and I searched for the Brotherhood of Gaurdians, and in the picture, I know who all the people in the picture are, except the one in the front with the robes, the staff, and the totally white eyes; WHO IS THAT?!?!?!?!? He isn't even in the list the members in the Brotherhood.(I checked) COuld you tell me who he is?

Something Old, Something New

O.K. In a previous question, I asked about the DL's location. I've finally got round to actually taking your advice and looking in the Encyclopedia. What I'd like to know now is, where is the Twilite zone located on the map of the Floating Island that was published in Knuckles #1? Also, just out intrest, which issue was K:20YL? I'd just like to thank all the great people who answer peoples questions, you've done great with the site and I hope you reach your Silver Jubilee. You guys deserve it! ^_^

robotnik, eggman, i'm confused

I've allways thaugt that Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman were the same thing but some people tell me that Dr. Robotnik is Dr. Eggman's father or even grandfather. Which is true?

Random Sonic questions

I have 5 questions. The 1st two are about sonic adventure 2, the others are about the tv shows.#1.What are all of shadows level up items and where can i find them?#2.Same as Q1 but for Rouge.#3.Was sonic born as a brown Hedgehog?#4.if so, how was he turned blue?#5.where can i either buy/download/watch episodes from any sonic tv show?thanx for your time.bye.

Who are the Weasels?

What are the names of Nack the Weasel's crew in issues 122 and 123?


In "Profile", I saw that Tikal appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast. When did she appear in it, because I don't remember seeing her in that game?

Amy + 7 = ?

What do you get in Sonic Advance 2 for beating the game with all 7 emeralds with Amy?

Archie Comic.....

I sent in a mail order for, i belive- sonic super speical 13, tails (all 3) , and the death egg saga (all 3). I sent this in around, 2 or 3 weeks ago and still havent gottin them. How lng do they normaly take to ship??

More Chao

My strongest Chao (Mystic) is an age 3 Chao and he hasn't changed since age 1. Do you think he'll ever change?

Super- Subscription!

Hi, there! I live in the UK and I used to read the Fleetway Sonic the Comic, untill the meanies stopped it! :( I was wondering that, even though I live in England, can I still get an Archie Sonic subscrption where they would ship them over from the USA to jolly ole' England, over the big pond?! If so, where can I get one from?! I am desperate to read about the blue bomber in his alternate adventures in the Knothole Village with Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor and Sally!!! Please, please, please, please, please, please PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE answer this question ASAP!!!

Chao, Chao and more Chao

I have three questions about Chao for SSonic Advnture 2(dreamcast version)1.How long does a chao take to evolve? My chao are both very light coloured.2.Do chao have toys from races with them or can you give it to them.3.Can i name my chao on the dreamcast version, because i like my chao to look normal but i cant tell the difference between them?

More Archie

I recently saw a review for an Archie comic and refered to Knuckles being the UV. What the heck is the UV?


how come my trainee hero nights chao turned in to a hero flying type?

super sonic

is there any way on the gamecube game that you can control super sonic or hyper shaaow on any level apart from the last one ??????????????? please write back


In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, what is the chao which had green patterns on it's head and has big ears like Cream called?

Computer games... cartoons... COMPUTERTOONS!!!

There's no getting rid of me! I've got two q's on SA2:B Here goes! Q1) What is Soap. I'm not talking about the kind you wash with but the company in SA2. Is it a fictional company or real? And what connections does it have with the game? Q2) It could be me, but to me Tails has put on a bit of weight in SA2. Could it be all that time he spent in the cyclone? Now two on AoStH and SatAM. Q3) Is AoStH based on Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or is Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine based on AoStH? Q4) Is SatAM based on Archie or Archie based on SatAM?

Where's Tikal?

I want to start making comics based on the Sonic universe but there's one question that really bugs me: what happened to Tikal and Chaos in the end of Sonic Adventure 1? I didn't play the game nor I see a chance to in the future so I really could use your help. Thanks and congratulations for the site.

Sonics' shoes

I've been told by a couple of people that in the Dic and archie version that it was sonics' shoes that gave him his speed. I seem to remember in one of the earlier comics somone mentioning that his shoes were the only pair that could survive his speed and protect his feet. Which is correct, I gave away my early comics (terrible mistake on my part) so I can't verify this.

shiney blue egg

how many emblems for a shiney blue egg i want to make a meal sonic chao

princess sally mini series

where can i get the princess sally mini series for cheap

smash dude

o.k.,i was seeing the credits of Super Smash Bros and i know you cant be any sonic characters but i thought on the bottom right screen i saw as a name Yuji Naka!did i see it or did i make a mistake?

sonic labyrinith

Greetings! As a sonic veteran, i have every north american sonic release except sonic labyrinith on game gear. i've searched far and wide but i cant seem to find a copy. do you have any suggestions as to where i can get one?

Special Chao items

After you get a chaos or ultimate chao can you get diffrent items in the black market or diffrent classes?Thanx

Chao levels, likes & livin'

Sorry about this but I have so many questions to ask you bunch of experts. Some just come to me in my sleep so I have jot them down. This time its about Chao from SA2, not Archie comix. Anyhoo Q1) Is there another way to keep my old Chao on SA2 but go above the limit of 28 Chao (8 in hero garden, 8 in chao garden, 8 in dark garden, and 4 in class)? 2) Simply, can Chao keep the levels from past lives after reincarnating? 3) Finally, my HeroPowerPower Chao (as if it mattered) has been looked after only by Knuckles. He doesn't come on his whistle but will for Sonic. Sonic has never even touched him. I just want him to be a Knuckles fan just like me. What can I do?

Join the Dark side

Hi, me again and i've got four-ish (one is in two parts) more questions about the DL. 1~ Where do the DL live? 2~ Where is their HQ? 3~ What happened to Dimitri after Knux's legendry battle with old Elephant breath? 4~ If he went up to the big Chaos Emerald in the sky, then would the echidna in charge be Moritori Rex, and if not then why can't he? Well thats all for now but be warned. I will return. P.S: Sorry about the two complaining questions when it was FexusFan HQ.=.=

Second evolution

Is there any sort of musical or other type of cue that your Choa has completed it's second evolution? I'm trying to create a sonic type choa, but every time I think it's finished it's evolution and I start giving it other types of drives and animals it starts to change back (Quills get shorter, ect). Will this happen even after it's finished it's second evolution?

Super Sonic?

I've looked through you're chracter profiles, but there doesn't seem to be anything on Super. I know you kno and i know all there is to know about him, but being one of the greatest lifeforms ever, surely he deserves a place in your otherwise very complete achvives, also Hyper sonic wouldn't go amiss either. I can't find many pictures of super sonic any where on the web and i was also hoping you could help me with that too? But you truely do own the greatest sonic site on the web! Well done


Hi there! I'm really confused so I hope you can help me. I just ordered a subscription to the Archie comics and I'm wondering, do subscribers get issues before they come out in stores? My friend said that subscribers will be getting issue 126 when stores get 122. Is that true? Thanks

Chaos types

Does a Chaos Chao have an Ability type? If so, what is it?

Where did they come from?

Prima's Official (is that spelled correctly?) Strategy Guide for Sonic Advance 2 says that the Chao debuted in NiGHTS on SEGA Saturn. Is this true?

how do u get the knuckles choa

How do you get the Knuckles Choa in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? i can't find where it says on this site so maybe somebody knows?


One last Q about Chao Sickness I forgot to include. How can chao get the colds?

Chao Sickness

1. How can you tell a chao is sick? 2. Can chao die of sickness? 3. What are the viruses?


Whose idea was it to use "SatAM" as a codename for "Sonic the Hedgehog" on ABC and where did they get it from?

Half Fish or Swamp Monster??

In a list of the 21 ainimals in SA2B there was an ainimal called a half fish but when I tried to find out where to find one by looking on your games page I couldn't find any half fish but I did find an ainimal called a swamp monster. Is a half fish the same as a swamp monster or are they different ainimals???

more stuff!

How do I send fanart if I dont have a scanner? do I mail it to you or somethin`? If so what`s the Sonic HQ address ( Like State, City, Street, Zip, etc...)?

Green chao??

Ok, i was a picture of a chao that was green, had these long head things that go almost to the ground, and a weird (i think blue) marking on its head. how do you make this chao? ((p.s. site rocks! best sonic site on the net!))

why are the comics uncomplete?

Why are the comic scans uncomplete? Do you not own them so you can copy the whole thing? If you do own them can we send in requests for the ones we want toatally scanned?

Chao chaos!

Its me again. But this time it concerns my chao, CHUNKIS. Y`see, I gave him a bat, just one measely bat, and he loses his legs. No problem. But I entered him in chao karate and he cant kick. No problem. The strategy guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle says He`ll get his legs back if I give him a non-paranormal animal. Here`s the problem: I must have given him like 75 regular animals and he still doesnt have legs. Please help me, for me and CHUNKIS` dignity! Thank you.

Liberty chao???

Can I acually get a liberty chao (the chao statue in some of the chao races)?


Can you please tell me all of the 21 animals? I've looked everywhere, but couldn't find an answer! This has been bugging me for days, meep!

Chao aches

I've heard that from SA2, Sonic has a speaical ablility called: Magic Hands, what excalty is this?

New comic

I saw your thee new comic scans, are they from the new comics? And if they are can you please scan the parts with more Sonic, Sally, and Mina conflicts? I just feel that Sonics and Sallys relationship is too pure to pass out.:D Thanx :DD

Purple haired Chao

I saw a picture of a hero chao that had blue shiny wings and four big purple hairs sticking out of it's head. How do I get my chao to look like that? It's been bugging me for days.

Sonic comic series

Say it isn't so! In your summary of issue 125 you mention that the series might be ending soon, is this true? I always thought this series had a few years left in it at least. How many more issues do you think sonic will last?

Dirk's Debut

The Profiles says that Dirk Debuted in "Cry of the Wolf" but I saw him in "Warp Sonic". Having never seen "Cry of the Wolf" I eager to know Where Dirk actually debuted in.


How do you pronounce chao?Thanks for your time!


U said that sonic & co. are anthropomorphic animals, well what is that?

Plants that steal chao--- true or false

hello there again.... uhh,are the rumours true that if you leave too many weeds that they turn into people and steal your chao?I really wanna know!

Chao question(s)

Can you please answer these? 1.How long does it take chao to get older? 2.How do you get the other gardens?What are they? 3.What is the Mystic melody?How do you get it? Thanks!

SA2B 1.)Chao 2.)Knux "sunglasses"

Ok I have 4 questions: 1) I know ya can get chao that look like Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Shadow. How do ya get chaos to look like those characters? 2) Can ya get Rouge and Eggman chao? 3)What is a chaos chao & how do ya get one? 4) On the last emerald on the last stage of Pumpkin Hill I can see the emerald but I can't get it. The computer thingys say that Knux needs some 'sunglasses' to get the emerald. What are these sunglasses and where do I get em'? Are they like Rouge's treasure scope? Sorry this is so long! Will ya please answer me soon cuz I REALLY need these tips soon! Thanx!!! :-)

Big animals

Why are the sonic characters so big, hedgehog are small, aren't they. A friend of mine said that they were humans and was transformed that way. Is that true?

Sonic collector sets

I've asked over at archie comics it self but I get no response. Do you guys have any clue how often archie comics releases it's collectors sets? They have up to 2000 (which ends at 89) and I was wondering if I should start hunting down 90 and up now, or wait a few months for archie comics themselves to realese them?

Chaos emeralds

I was wondering what happens when you beat the game with all the chaos emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, and why is there only one?

troubleshooting with lock on technology with sonic and knuckles

Im having trouble when I lock sonic the hedgehog 3 onto sonic and knuckles. The problem is the sega logo is scrambled ,and the sonic and knuckles title screen comes up instead of the sonic 3 and knuckles title screen. My data is also erased and I cannot get it back. Yes I did clean the cartridge and check all the connections. Not only that if sonic 3 and knuckles comes up it is scrambled, and resets before the title screen comes up. More trouble yet if the sonic 3 and knuckles title screen comes up that is also scrambled. How do I fix these problems?

chao garden in sa2

In sonic advance 2, how do unlock the chao garden? I've been playing for hours and don't know how how to unlock it. PLEASE tell me

chao antics

what does it mean when my chao start laughing and flapping their arms?

Super forms

I know that Sonic, and Knuckles have a super form, but do Tails, and Amy have one as well, this question has really been bugging me and my friends for a while. Wraath

the same ears

Hey, one of my chao riencarnated two times but it still has the same raccon ears from its first life. If I give it a raccoon (and every other small animal)wold I still get a chaos chao? Can you ppppppppllllleeeaaasse answer my question! Thanks.

Dark chao

How do i get a dark chao? and how do i get to the dark chao garden? (this is on sonic adventure battle 2)


can you get the sa2b disc and insert it into a computer to listen to the songs?

Yellow Super Emerald

I was playing sonic 3 and knuckles and I did the cheat to get a yellow super emerald why isn't there a yellow chaos emerald and what does the yellow super emerald do? Thanks.

Dark eyes

Here's one thing I don't understand. Why does the Dark chaos chao have normal eyes? It's suposed to have the "dark eyes."

The crest

I would like to know how I can get a red crest on my chao's chest: I relized this when I entered my chao in the race and saw the other chao and their red crests. And 1 more, how DO I mate chao? do a bring a chao, do I take them somewhere? thanks and plez reply

chao dudes

is it posible to make all the chao in challenge race?like what ones?


can you unlock any comics in sonic mega collection, if so how?

How do I get a Sonic Chao?

How do I get a hero sonic Chao. I gave it a load of greens. I gave another one bunny's. What do I do? And is there a Shiney Blue egg.

site questions

1. this has nothing to do with sonic ,but am i the only one that is getting pop-ups every single page if not why? 2. why did the fexus fan hq stay up so lo-o-o-o-o-ong? the time capsle the first site you said you used geocities sence you have such an awesome site what do you use now?

Sonic Chao stuff

Hello again. I've got a normal chao and made it into a Sonic chao. Almost anyway. It is green and try as I might I couldn't get it blue, even though on another website it says "Spend a lot of time with it as Sonic and it will go blue" P.S: This is on SA2:B, and thanx for answering my other question

that sonic 1 level 1 time...

i still want to know if 28secs is possible on sonic 1 level on the mega drive and is there any chance someone else apart from Dr FexusFan can answer this time...?

e-102 dude

i heard in "egg quarters"with rouge one of the robots is e-102y,i just want to know what room and where?!?!?!?!?!?!?

missing URL

at the downloads screen where you can download the sonic vs. metal sonic movie, it won't work. i've tried before (like last week, and before) and it doesn't work. the sonic SatAm intro movie URL doesn't work either. thanks for at least listening.

chao problem

please answer this,i downloaded my angel chao from sonic adventure 2 to the vmu,then downloaded it back to the hero garden, but i turned off the dreamcast before i saved,then when i went back to the garden,the chao wasn't in the vmu or the garden,is it gone,and if not, how do i get it back?

how do you do the special stages

i need help on the special stages for sonic advance 2 please tell me their is a simpler way

Archie universe

HELP! I really don't understand the Archie universe... plz help by answering these questions! 1) why is/was Knux green (and if he still is, is this a permanent thing?)??? 2) what of Knux's bro/sis?? ie. are they born yet and if so who is he/she? 3) i missed this so- is his bro/sis fathered by the same echidna? thx loads, Bubs xxx

where can I get.......

This is my first time e-mailing you so could you please answer it. Any way where can I get the sonic adventure 1 toys. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME !!!!

Mad space-Hard mode

How in the world do you get the last cristal that is floting up above the swurling spike balls in mad space on hard mode.


Hi!I've noticed that my questions haven't been getting to you lately so I sent this one twice.Where do you get golden chao eggs?If they're in the Black Market(which probably they are.And if so how many rings do they cost?)please notify me.

sonic babies?

1. is sonic babies really coming out i meen dr. fexusfan did write it oh please Dr fexusfan please don't answer this I need true red,crazy c lea,or ron prower. p.s. sorry about the nasty letter i sent.

what the...?

Hey, one time one of my chao was just sitting down & then it just looked all dizzy. I took it to the chao docter & he said it was just fine. Can you please tell me what happened? Thanks.


You guys have changed,I was so mad when I could't get to the website... then I get on today and it says FEXUSFAN HQ.I'm glad you guys are still here.What happened anyway????

What the heck?!

I gave my Chao - Mystic - loads of red Chao Drives and his power level is now 99, but when I give him another red Chao Drive nothing happens. Is it possibly the highest that a level can get up to?


HI there I was wondering where I could get the orginal sonic adventure from. Please answer this e-mail as I have sent 2 before and had no responds. Thanx for your time ( if you read the that is).

I'm stuck on Egg Quarters

I'm stuck on hard mode in Egg Quarters in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I know how to get the first two keys and I know where the third key is but i cant get to it. Please help me!

Bunnie and spontanious evolution

I was just looking over the comics, and I noticed that Bunnie's look has changed drastically. She looks more anime now, and also has more hair. What happened to the Bunnie from Issue #18 and before? (That's how I'm used to seeing her.) Could you possibly tell me when the change happened? Thank you!


Hi!In Sonic#103 Quantom Leap when Sonic goes quantom and meets Tailon and the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy how come in future issues Sonic went back to regular form and Tailon went back to Tails and the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy went back to The Freedom Fighters?Did Archie just get mixed up?And why haven't you been answering my questions lately?

Hidden Place Zone in Sonic 2

Hello. When I was listing to the music section of this site for Sonic 2, I saw a song that said Hidden Palace Zone. So, out of confuison I played the game Sonic 2. Everytime I play it I don't recall seeing the hidden palace zone level. Can you tell me what is going on? Thank. (SHQ 4 ever :) )

help plz

How the hell do you attack the biolizard for the last time in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? Plz reply soon. I'm about to explode becouse of frustration. Send a reply at P.S. plz hurry

do you have cheats

i need cheats or an ez way to beat sonic 2 i cant beat the egsterminator it's so hard i mean god plz i still cindu want cheats for sonic 1, 2, 3, and nucklse how ever thats spelled but still o and not for genises i have a gamecube it has a supper pack if you can look that up plz it would really help, o and do you have song downloads i'd like to make maps on sc with the downloads like star light zone or sumpin well if you can if you can you can e-mail them to me my e mail is but is there eney cheats you have for the sonic 1, 2, 3, and sonic and nuckles do you have eney????????????????????

Angel Chao

Is it possible to get angel chao without downloading?(and if so, how?) ps your site rulz!

what's the fastest sonic 1, level 1 time?

I have been playing on sonic 1 on the mega drive. The fastest time I can finish level 1 in is 29secs and there seems to be no room for improvement. Is a 28 possible?


In Techno Base Zone, HOW DO I BEAT THE BOSS AS SONIC!? I can't go near it cuz the circle beams are getting in my way and I lose rings!

chao behavior

Hey,I was wondering:#1.what does it mean when you hold a chao & it starts clapping &looking happy?#2.What does it mean when a chao starts running after you & holds its arms out when it is close to you? Thank you.

Forgot to ask about the fire...

All right, I know I just asked about the bubble thing, but I forgot to add this: One of my Chao, Gamma (red egg, in case it matters) has turned into a mini flamethrower. He literally breathes fire! How did this happen, and could it happen again? (Hee hee hee...)

Chao bubbles

I heard from a friend of mine that the "bubbles" on top of a Chao's head indicated its gender. I thought it had something to do with its "happiness rating" or whether it was going to evolve into a Hero or Dark Chao. Please help settle this argument!

Ameria confuses me so

Okay, since i'm a huge Knux fan and i am living in Britain, i was reading through the galleries you have- but i can barely make sense of the stories (not only because they are in bits...). 1) are all of these stories official and do they apply to all Knux universes (as i'd like to create my own spoof)? 2) what's the deal with Julie-Su anyway? (I really don't like her as she wants Knux...then again who can blame her?) 3) as i am an aspiring artist- when drawing female echidnas, do they all have to have those wierd fringe bits? (Tikal has none!) Thanx its a big help! ^_^

2 questions

1. i checked the profiles and i looked at Rouge and it didnt say her age and i know i asked this before but please answer my questions. 2. how old can chaos live i really want to know these questions thanxs Shadow.TELL ME

SatAM Episode-downloads !?

I'm looking for SatAM Episode-downloads and I never found them in this site. HOW can it happen even if I read on an another site that the episode-downloads are comming from your site?

Sonic Gamecube questions

1.)Are they making Sonic Shuffle for Gamecube? 2.)Are Sonic games exclusively for Nintendo? 3.) Is it true that Sonic is in Mario Kart for Gamecube?

Chaos Chao

Thanx for answering our last question,you saved us allot of time.(1 This time we're wondering if it matters if you feed your Chao Chao Drives before the first two times it rencarnates. (2 Does it matter if you feed your Chao small animals the first two he rencarnates..Thanx Love Your site.

Sonic Advance 2

On Sonic Advance 2, I finally unlocked Amy. I was wondering what happens when you get all 7 Chaos emeralds as Amy?

i need answeres

1. in the screen shots I saw 2 weird pctures for sa2 I saw big the cat in eggman's eggwalker how do i do that ? and I saw knux that had white stuff on his dread locks and black knuckles how do i do sonic zero, sonic had white eyelids and sally had blond hair in sonic firsts sonic had blue eyelids and sally had brown hair why was it canged? old is cream. 4. what happend in super special #10 with the sonic under ground characters


Where could I get SA2 CDs other than ebay?

......... SA2 what was that writing on the wall in the cell?.2. how did amy find tails when sonic left her behind in the cell? 3.on the news page i can't find out what the new game titles are, what are they?HOW CAN KNUCKLES DIE if he's used in the future games?!


show me all of sonic gamegear games.

Knuckles' Adventure

Hi there, I was wondering if you knew anything about this Knuckle's Adventure game? It has all new Sonic-Anime pix for Chaotix and Knux but is it really being made? THANKS

chaos chao

ok i was trying to make a chaos chao and he reincarnated twice,i gave him 1 of every animal,then when he evolved he was just a hero chao!does it matter if i give him chao drives or keep him in the neutrel garden?

please help

I have a few questions 1. in sonic advance two i don't now how to get tails or knux I beat the second boss but I didn't get tails or (knux) 2. if shadow dided how is he in the comics and sonic X sonic adveance 1and2 sonic had the shoes with the stripe and could grind i thought the ones in sa2 were made just fo grinding. sorry for the long question.

tell me about sonic x

tell me all you know about sonic X and the new sonic games .

special rings

Where in the world are the special rings in Sonic Advance 2?I've been looking forever.Pleese help me!!!

Chaos Chao's

will the chaos chao look like Chaos Zero as in the liquid person from SA1?

canyon chaos

How do you get past sky canyon as sonic

seeds again......

ok,i gave the chao who won the shovel and watering can the seed but he still dropped it.does it matter if the chao who won them reincarnates?

out of order

If I gave a chao all of the small animals before letting it reincarnate two times wold I get a chaos chao?

adding to a chaos chao

Hello again. I just want to know what happens when you give a chaos chao a small animal in SA2 battle? Thanks.

Whats goin' on?!

In Britain, we don't get the Archie comics so I have to rely on your comics section to get the answers. But i'm getting mixed messages. Is Knuckles actually dead, or is he faking it? In the scans part I saw Knux's funeral, but on the previews part you say Knux looks at his past. P.S.- You Americans are just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to get Archie comics.

chao antics

what does it mean when my chao says "eeptaa"and sticks his noes forward?

About the message board...

To be able to view and post on the message board, do you need to pay money or meet any sort of lawyer-esque obligations? ("We get your liver and your house and your first-born child and your kidneys and...") Thank you for tolerating my presence.

did I miss something?

So, like I said I think I missed something. I read yor News and I've been following The Legend of Zelda And Sonic series. So are they cancelled or not? It seemed to me Sonic is a go but Zelda is a bomb :(. Will the Sonic show be on basic cable? Thanx Much!

Sa2:B super sonic and hyper shadow

we've been trying to get super sonic and hyper shadow on Sonic adventure 2 battle for a long time. it says on many cheat websites to just beat the Last? stage with 180 emblems. we've tried and tried but can't seem to get them. 1) is this really what you do? 2) if it is, how do you turn into super sonic or hyper shadow? thanx much, Sonic J&J. P.S. great sonic site!

Help for a long lost fan!

hello. i have been a devoted Sonic fan for all of my life but ,due to personal issues, have not been involved in our blue speeddemon science about '94.and yesterday i peeked into a sonic comic and saw some chick keeping pace with him! i was hoping that you could answer some questions and forgive me if they sound simple. 1)who are the new charters in the comics?( i know Sonic, Tails, Knuckles,Amy , Mighty, Charmy, Sally, Antswouine,) 2)what has happened to Sonic scence the comic where he and Knux were turned into robots and fought? 3)has Sonic gained any new powers(or whatnot)? 4)Are Sonic and Knux still friendly foes? 5)i know sonic becomes super sonic when he gets the chaos emeralds, but what happens to Knux, Tails, Amy, Sally and Charmy when they get them? 6)last one so how did the new chick meet up with Sonic anyway? Thanks for answering my Questions!!!

am i insane?

Could you guys help me? I am completely in love with Knuckles and I can't find any purchaseable merchandise to do with him in shops or on most sites! Could you please give me some direction as i would love a plush toy or something like that. THX!

what's wrong with my chao!?!?

in the dreamcast vesion of SA2 when I give my chao a seed he walks,gets an exclamaiton point and drops it.I won the shovel and watering can,and i used the "creepy seed"in the dark garden!AAAHHHH!!!

super sonic & chaos chao

1.How do I get a super sonic chao in SA2 battle? 2.How do I get a chaos chao? thanks

More please.

Thank you for answearing my first few questions. I would like you to anwear a few more. 1. Do any of the inhabitans of mobius have a current space program? 2.I heard that a new sonic animated sereis is on the way, is this true? 3.In the "Archie Comics" series, what do Amy and Tails think of one another?

Knuckles' Archie World

I am English but love the Archie Knuckles comics. But there are some things I can't get my head round, and though I've checked the comic reviews/profiles on the site, I can't find the answers. 1) Who is Enerjak and what does he have to do with Dimintri? 2) What is Echidnaopolis really like, and why does it ban forms of technology? 3) Is there something quite strong going on between Knux and Julie-Su? 4) What is Constable Remington's job? Is he like a tutor to Knux? Thank you very much.


Thanks 4 answering my Hyper Knux question, but where(how)do you register at and does it cost money? Thanks

cover #101

I've had the sonic mega collection(awesome game disc) since Xmas and I've looked at every comic cover and I was wondering "if the green guy on the sonic cover #101 was hyper knux?"Thanx, This site is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a registured member of SHQ, and I always do public posting and stuf, but today i tried and it said "Unregistured members restricted"Is there something I dont know, or what , should I reregisture?

Archie Timeline?

Hi. I recently familiarized myself with the SegaSonic universe after 5+ years of being away from the Sonic scene, and now I hope to do the same with the Archie universe. Of course, I haven't read the comic since "SonicQuest: The Death Egg Saga #1", so it won't be easy for me to get reacquainted with the comic. I read the profiles page, but I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of info I didn't know. The fact that I stopped reading the comic before "End Game" can be attributed to this fact. What I need is detailed plot summaries of the comics "as it happened" so I can slowly but surley get back into the swing of things. I tried the comics archive on your site, but the summaries didn't cover the entire issue. It merely went about 3/4 of the way through, then stopped on a cliffhanger. I also tried various review sites, but of course, they focused more on critique than plot. Is there any where I can go to find plot summaries of the entire issue without reviews that assume you've already read the comic? I realize that this won't be easy, since I missed out on 5+ years of issues. But if you can help me, I will very much appreciate it. (Sorry about the long post.)

Shadow in comics

Hello SonicHQ! Great site! Any ways, as one of Shadow's Followers, I want to know all I can about Shadow. I am very new to the Archie Comics of Sonic. I already know that Shadows is in going to be in the future issues #124-125. But I heard that Shadow destoried Silver Sonic 2 in its profile. So what issue is this in which Shadow is in? Is their any other issues in which Shadow is in so far? Sorry the long Question. Thanks

how can I .....

how can I beat the "crazy gadget"stage with an "A" rank on sonic adventure 2:battle?! It is a very hard stage to pass with an "A" rank.

Knux &Rouge, Fancharacters

Hi love your site ^_^ Is Knuckles and rouge really a couple? And you think that Sonic team will use fancharacters 'cause I've heard of some good ones, and I have a few Thanks ^_^ your site rules!


Hello i am Voyager3. I am new to this area, so please answear any appropriate questions that I have that you see fit to answear. 1. Where is Nic the weasel? 2. Was the Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black" ever in any Sonic Adventure game? 3. What do the Overlanders personaly think about the mobians?

Tiny Chao Garden

I just got Sonic Advance2 and it's a great game really, but where is the Tiny Chao Garden, thanks.

Im new so I need help questions.

I got Sonic comics only since #114 and I need some questins answered. I learned about Sonic though games. 1. The Sonic/Mina/Sally thing, isnt Amy Rose involved? She loves Sonic. 2. Why are Chao called heralds and since when could they talk? 3. Do tikal and Chaos and Mammoth Goyal live in the Master Emrald? 4. I thought Knuckles lived by himself and his family was long gone.

3 questons about knuckles chaotix

1.Is Knuckles Chaotix a Sonic Team? 2.Why did sonic team took out the chaotix? 3.Are the the chaotix sonic team characters?

chao trouble

My chao won a TV and a jack in the box in chao races and I don't now how to turn on the TV or open the jack in the box.Can you help me?Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic's Fingers in comics?

Hello, I got one question. In the Sonic Comic books howcome Sonic,Tails and Amy(I can't see because knuckles is wearing gloves) only have 5 fingers and Sally,Roter,Bunnie and Antione only have four fingers?

half fish

HI latly my qustions havent been getting to you so i sent this one twice.I have heard of this small animal on sa2 called a half fish.I am trying to get a chaos chao so i need to give him all the small animals.But i cant find this half fish could you tell me exacly where to find one.THANX THIS SITE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic the Hedgehog comic issue #1

Sonic HQ, I went to a comic convention to find some early Sonic comics. I found and bought the first issue. I'm confused because in Sonic Mega Colection in the comic section the cover of #1 shows the Freedom Fighters battling Robotnik and his robots. My comic shows Robotnik's face and Sonic carrying Sally away from Robotnik (she's still pink). I am so confused please tell me why the covers are different. Sorry for the long question.

Big's Cameos

My friend told me that Big the Cat from Sonic Adventure, makes a cameo in Sonic Adventure 2. I own SA2: Battle, and I see Big nowhere. Is it only the Dreamcast version, or do I need glasses?


ok..well i turns out that Bunny was a sonic chao....for a long time now...well then if i give it other animals and stuff,will it turn into a differant type of chao?thanx,i really need to know so i can get bunny's strength really needs it. thanx,shadow


What is a Kitsune? On Tails' profile,it says he is a Kitsune. I have looked like crazy,but can't find the answer!Thank you!!!

Rouge and Knux Chao????

Right now, my brain is mush. You guys told two people that there're aren't any Rouge or Knuckles chao, but I heard on a chao site that a Rouge chao is a dark/running/fly and a Knux chao is a neutral/power/fly. Are these really true? Sorry for the long question.

Echidnas head

What are the things that hang from Knuckles and all other Echidnas head? Some of Shadow's Folowers (SF) say they are Echidna quills. Other F of S (remember what s and f stand for) say that they are dread locks. So... What are those things? Please answer.

Add ons?

I noticed that when you give a Dark Chao Power bottles, he gets ring bracelets on his arms. When you give him green bottles, he gets Shadow's hair. Can you get the Chao to have both rings and hair, and anything else?

what is MISTing

In the fan-fic area it says "MISTing". What the Heck is MISTing?! Tell me, pleeze. I'm a big fan! THANX!!!^_^


in SA2 how do you destroy Rhino meatle?[the charging meatle thingee in Sky rail]

lost chao?

how do you get the lost chao in cannon's core? I can't find it anywhere. please help me. thankx.

Amy's Real Identity?

In SA2, Amy Rose somehow learns that Sonic is in Prison Island, and somehow gets to him. When she actually frees Sonic, she has a key card to get him out. How did she get her info? How did she get there? And where did she get that key card? Was she a spy once?

Sonic Plushies

I got a they still sell Sonic Adventure Plushes? Ya know the stuffed animal thingys........ I went to, and they were not there. Help! Thanks.


I'm havin' troble in Chao Karate. I can't beat the chaos chao in the super level. Their stanima (the bar on top) won't go down every time my chao hit him. How do I beat him?

What happened to sonic cd

My gang and i love sonic and this web site and we have a problem. we can`t find a place to get a sega cd or a sonic cd game. were desprite please help us out.

cage breaker????

I'm trying to get all of the emblems on SA2 and I got to Rouge's level, Egg Quarters. I got to hard mode and I can't get the first emerald. It is In a cage next to the Fish chamber. The clues say that I should break it with something but I don't know what to break it with. Please help me. Thankx!!! P.S This site rocks!!!!

chao names

can you name your chao is the dreamcast version of SA2?

Chao Friends to the End

How do I make a chao friends with another chao?


my chao bunny still won't go to a complete sonic chao.she has darker blue on her stomic and ears.i don't really know if it is a complete sonic chao but i don't think it is cuz it's not all the same blue color.please tell me if it is a complete sonic chao because if it is then i have wasted alot of time trying to get it to a complete sonic chao. sayonara,shadow

Knuckles' past

1.How many years or how long has chaos & tikal been inside the Master Emerald? 2. On another website, Knuckles was the great grandson of Pachacamac. Is that true? 3.If chaos wipe out all the echidna cilivation long ago, then how was Knuckles born? 4.After tikal pass away, How was her duty pass down to Knuckles? 5.Does the seven chaos emerald really belong to Knuckles since it been at the shrine back then long ago on Angel Island?

Green Glitch?

Hey! I just discovered the joys of using the Internet. I am a BIG Sonic Fan, and I just found out about your sight (it's REALLY COOL!). Anyway, I have a question about something I found out on the Internet. Who in the world is Ashura?! I keep hearing about this guy! Was he the original plan for a person who was supposed to be like Sonic or something (you know, like Shadow is) or was he just some made up character? Please Help me!

chao fat

can a chao get fatter?

sonic comics

okay these are the questions:1.WHY IS MINA'S MOM A ROBOT! do i get a amy chao?and do you beat crazy gadget?

black market for dreamcast.

I was just wondering if you can use the chao black market for sa2[the one for dreamcast]and if you can how do you get it?

chao hunger

can chaos die of hunger?

drawing chao

what are the things your chao can draw in SA2,and what is that pizza looking thing that they draw?and does it make a differance when you win the crayons or not?


Why are there 6 chaos emeralds in Sonic1 instead of 7?

The Echidna of my Eye

You claim that Knuckles's eyes are purple, yet in Sonic Advanced 1 and 2 they are blue. What's up?

is this suppose to happen?

Okay, I have no idea how this happened. I transferred a silver Chao from SA1 to SA2, but after the second time I came into the garden, it looked normal! I tried it again, and the results were the same. Why? Is there anything I can do?

shoes for a chao?

When i gave my sonic chao a boar it got Shoes does this always happen?

SA2:B and Sonic Advance 2 Questions

I have 2 questions. 1)Can you link Sonic Advance 2 to SA2:Battle? 2)Does Sonic Advance 2 have a language setup in japan (like if I have it english and I want to put it in japanise)?

Sonic chao

can a chao be a sonic chao when it is a hero or dark chao?


At what age does a chao become a sonic chao?


1.I have a chao and I have been giving it animals for a long time and it hasn't turned immortal. Can you explain why? 2. If it turns immortal and it was a sonic chao will it stay like that?

Hyper Emeralds???

What are the Hyper Emeralds? (1. What do they do? (2. Where are they from? (3. Who owns them? (4. When and how were they made? PLEASE TELL ME, IT'S URGENT! THANX!!!

What is this?

What's this Phantasy Star Online stuff that I've heard so much about?I heard u can get a Tails Choa in it.This is very confusing.Thanx.

Hero chao

when I was playing SA2 I went to the hero garden and my hero chao changed into an egg. please tell me the reason. thanks.

Normal and Advanced Learning

How many points does a chao need to do some stuff (like running or adv. running)?

Hyper Active

Since we got the whole "Hyper Shadow" thing down with everyone, it brought up a new question: Is it Hyper Knuckles or Super Knuckles? Some say Hyper Knuckles. But this seems wrong. Care to shed some light?

When was it said that...

I gotta know, when was the fact introduced (in the comic book) that Constable Remingto was the son of Kragok. I think I missed something here because I also do not remember when Kragok and Tobor were "killed". Can you just tell me which issue I need to refer too so that I can check this out?


is shadow 50?i read it on another site,but his profile didnt say.

Sonic 1 differentces

How can you tell the differentces of Sonic 1 North America, Japan, and another Japanise Sonic 1?


Hi again,i was wondering what everyones ages were.I had it writen down...*looks through papers*...but i can't seem to find it anywhere.Also,do you know their B-days? Thanx. The #one shadow fan, Shadow_the_Hedgehog

chao riencarnation

Hi!I have a friend who has a hero chao and has 99run 76power 75swim 78fly.He wants to know that when his chao dies and riencarnates if his chao Champ will still have the stats shown above.PLEASE THIS IS URGENT!ankles

I need HELP!

I am badly in need of some help! 1) Where is the blasted Chao alter in Shadows first level Radical Highway! Unbeleveable as it is i can't find it, Sega must of hidden it good. 2) my young chao is a Hero, when will it become adult in the races? 3)What is Shadow and sonic's Costumes when you finish their stages in full A's? I MUST KNOW!! Thanx :)

super sonic and hyper sonic

What is the difference between super sonic and hyper sonic? Thanks.

Confusing... ????

You just said that the charecters ages dont change... but how come it says Amy is now 12 and she used to be 8, but Archies is age 13, and I read that she was age six! I am confused...

music pieces

Hey Sonichq! do you know where I can find the music pieces for It doesn't matter,Throw it all away,and Live and Learn?PLEASE!I am a guitar player.


To get the secretary theme, i tried rapidly rotating the C-stick for 30 seconds. Then i kept on going and going. Nothing happened is there something i've been doing wrong?


what does GUN stand for?thanx,shadow

Amy chao?!

Is there really an Amy chao? I've seen pictures but it's not too convincing. If so, could you tell me how to get one? I have SA2B.

Tails chao

Is there any other way to get a Tails chao in SA2B other than connecting a Game Boy Adv. to Phantasy Star Online for GameCube and meeting a Tails chao in Phantasy Star Online and sending it to a GBA with no cartridge?

Age of characters

I love sending questions... I know Sonic is 16 in SA2 and SA2B. How old is he in Sonic 1? How old is Tails in Sonic 2?

Neutral running?

Hey. About that last question... How do you make a Neutral running Chao? If you feed the Chaos Drives with Sonic, Tails, or Knux, the Chao grows closer to turning Hero and vice versa. So how do you do it?


i have two questions.1)How do you raise a chaos chao and 2)Why won't my chao evolve?i have had it for a very long time and it won't completly evolve to a sonic chao.i have only gave him rabbits and green chaos drives.Please tell me cuz i would like him to evolve before he dies.oh and if a sonic chao recarnates,will he still be a sonic chao? Thanx so much,shadow

Sonic Chao for me?

Hi. I was just wondering this question: I have a Hero Chao with dull yellow and blue stripes and a large striped spike with 2 super small spikes sticking out of the big spike. So do I feed it "green" type animals or green Chaos Drives or both? Thanks. Oh, and please don't make fun of my name. It's the name of one of my Dark Chao.


I'm really confused. I herd a rumor that the Chaos chao could die at the age of 99, but I thought they're immortal. Which one is real?


is there an optian to turn off omachao? thanx,shadow

chaos chao?

is there a way to RAISE a chaos chao in SA2B?i don't wanna buy it or anything,just raise it Thanx,shadow


Can you get homosexual chao? was just wondering because i've bred 2 males before. Please tell me!

What kind of themes?

You told Giant GAMMA and Ben M. there's other themes like the Amy theme. What kind of themes are there than the Omochao, Amy, Maria, and Secertary themes?


How do you get a fire ball on a chao`s head?thanx

Chaos Colors

Will the color be the same when you make a Chaos chao? 5 stars for this web-site!

Santa Sonic and Christmas Tails?

I heard if you play Sonic Adventure 2 on December 25 Sonic will be in a Santa suit and Tails will be in an Chirstmas Torado 2, is this true? Thanx!!

Themes, themes, themes.

You said to a kid named Ben M. that you could get Maria & President's Secretary in SA2:B. HOW!?! Please reveal this! I'll never feel I actually beat SA2:B if you don't! [sniff, Wahhh!].


if both of sonic's theams are the same,then why is the other pair of lriycs on the site under the SA2 music?Thanx


I was playing Sonic 3& knuckles(thanks 2 you guys)and I have 4 Super Emeralds.Now I'm at the Death Egg(no more super emeralds) I saw the different color (hyper)sonics on your website.The colors were Green, Pink, and a white-blue color.R those Hyper Sonic's 3 phases(starting at 5 super emeralds and changing a diferent color with each emerald)If not do I have 2 get ALL 7 Super Emeralds and the color is chosen at random? Sorry 4 the long question but I would b very, very, very thankful if you guys answer this.


I keep looking at on send your own questions I see series Sonic and Megaman.Can you actually ask Megaman questions?

Amy & Omochao themes

You know how in SA2B you can change the backround for a character like Sonic or Shadow? I heard that there is a way to buy Amy & Omochao themes like those in the Black Market. Is this true? This is really bugging me! THANX!!!

Sonic and others theam

ok....umm why is sonic and the other guy's theams differant in SA2B then in SA2?cuz sonic starts off "well i don't show off,don't critize,I'm just living by my own feelings"in SA2B.But in SA2 it goes"When i don't show up,don't critize,i'm just lining by my own feelings.Do you know why they are differant?Thanx

A comic issue (Reviews)

Well, hope I'm not breaking the one rule, but where might I find the reviews for issues between 95 - 100, the ones not posted in the review archive? If there are none, then I'll try to find them myself.

Animal Chao in SA2:B

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Battle there are a certain number of Animal Chao in every level. I heard that collecting them all gives you an extra life, it didn't work, in one level Omachao says "collect all the animals and bring them to Chao Garden and all Chao will be happy"- that didn't produce any response in the Chao as far as I could see. Also, in one level there are 15 animals in the stage, how do you get 15 animals when you can only collect a maximum of 10 animals/Chao Drievs in any one level? Odd huh? Great site!

What is a FANCHAR?!?

What's a fanchar? Someone it told me it had something to do with Chao, but I'm not sure! Please answer! Thanks!!!!!


Does sonic have a brother and sister. If so who are they! I must know!!!!!


I was looking through the fan fictions, browsing by universe and I'm just wondering what exactly is the [1]. Hybrid Universe [2]. AoStH (is that spelled right?) [3]. Sonic Underground????THANX!!! I really need to know! You rock!!!!

Sonic Advance 2 is out yet?

I notice one person named JJ sent in a question how to get to the special stage in Sonic Advance 2. But I thought Sonic Advance 2 wasn't released yet. I'm confused. Your website is the best!

Same Voice?

I was woundering... is the same person who does Sonics voice in SA1 and SA2? I don't have my Dreamcast set up so I can't look at the credits. I really would like to know. Thanx!

Freedom Fighter Psychological Analyses & Your Discontinued Release of the Saturday Morning Episodes

As I am composing Sonic the Hedgehog fan-fiction, a brief psychological analysis on each of the Saturday morning series’ characters, including Bookshire Draftwood and Sandra Nightweaver, is required to ensure they are depicted as accurately as possible. Why have you ceased providing the Saturday morning episodes for at least a year and a half?


How do you get to the speacial stages in Sonic Advance 2? Thanks, you have a great site. Keep it up!

Dang you Pyramid Cave!

For using Mystic Melody at the alters I still can't find the lost chao!QUICKLY TELL ME!AN ELBEM IS AT STAKE HERE!(This is for Pyramid Cave)


I've been looking everywhere for the words to the theme from Sonic the Hedgehog CD, "Sonic Boom." I can't find them! Please, do you know where I can find them? Thanks a lot for your time.

chaos chao garden

I heard on cheatplanet that you can get a chaos chao garden if you raise a chaos chao.Is this the truth or a spoof?PLEASE TELL ME!

Knuckles's Mechs

Say, I've noticed something: We're pretty much all aware of Knuckles's robotic replication Metal Knuckles, but what about the mech on Sonic Advanced? Is that a new or redone version of the original Metal Knuckles? He looks nothing like the old Metal. Or is this like the same concept of Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic? (Silver Knuckles?) Big fan awaiting your knowledge...

Search for the Lost Chao...

How do you complete the 'find the lost Chao' challenge on stage select in SA2: Battle? I reckon that you search for all the animals inone stage before you can find the lost Chao, but I'm not certain. Please help - dozens of emblems are at stake for you!!

Knuckles Gliding?

How does knuckles glide? is it his shoes?

Character Wheel?

Hey, I heard of a code that if you get an all "A" rank on EVERY stage in SA2, stage select 2 would come up and you can be secret characters. I did get all "A"'s but still no stage select 2! Am I doing something wrong or is this fake? P.S, i looked at the game index

Sonic,Tails,and Knuckles chao

Hey SonicHQ!You're the best site!How do you make a Sonic,Tails, and Knuckles chao?

Rouge and Omochao..?

Just wondrin', does the person who plays rouge's voice also play omochaos in SA2

How old is Rouge

How old is Rouge

strange comic....

i just got this comicof sonic# 71, the cover said "the stragest comic you'll ever read." when i saw this, i said to my self " it probably means sonic is gonna fight inside someone or something." when i read the comic, the comic didn't make any sense! i can't tell which way to read it!can you tell me how do i read this strage comic and how did sonic get the green eyes? i really need to know!

Mystic Melody

Where are Tails and Eggman's Mystic Melody

a lot of questions

1) When you told me that my chaos were supposed to evolve they won't feeding rocking and petting won't work.2)Where would you find the staircases to the Hero and Dark gardens(besides chao lobby)3)Why did Shadow turn good and then die?4)How can you find Shadow's Acient Light?5)What do chaos look like when they reincarnate?


I've read somewhere that The Sonic Mega Collection includes the "lock-on technology" meaning you can play as Knucklles on Sonic 2&3, but I can't please tell me why thanks.

hero and dark garden trouble!

Have raised one hero and two dark chaos on the gamecube system but can not find either staircases to hero or dark gardens. Could you please HELP ME! Thanks!

More Proving to do

WHat is the name of the plane tails flies, the Tornato, or the cyclone. And another thing, is the name of Shadow in his super form Super Shadow, or Hyper Shadow? Thanks.

Sonic CD

How does the song to sonic cd intro go:SOnic Boom or sonic Groves. Thanks

tails chao

Hi I`ve seen pictures of tails chao. how can you get one? thanx.


I really need your help I am currently playing sonic 3 on my new gamecube. However i'm going nuts!!!! I am on the third level secend stage and i keep getting stuck on this bouncy spinning thing and i can't go up or down. I really have no where to go because jaut as I get there a wall closes behind me and i can't turn back. All i can do is bounce around and wait for my time to run out. I'm really going crazy please help me to get past this part what do I do????????? Tahnx Helpless in ONTARIO


Do I HAVE to give the heart fruit to a Chao before it can start breeding? and Do I have to give it to both Chao involved?

I thought...

What a minute....If this new Sonic Mega Pack for Gamecube has a bunch of Genesis games on them of Sonic, why is "Mean Bean Machine" and "Spinball" on it? I figured since those two are based off the cartoon and comic, they wouldn't be in an official Sega game. Or is that Sega of America's fault? After all, they DID screw up Tails's age before...

cat chao?!?!?

I herd you can make a cat chao. HOW!?!?!?!

My Chao is going to be fat soon...

My Chao in SA2:B will eat like it's starving everytime I give it a tree fruit. It won't eat all of one, and it will never eat like if it wasn't starving. I took him to the Chao Doctor and he's fine. What's wrong with it?

How do you do this?

In Sonic R how do you unlock metal sonic?thanks.

Chao Names and Evolution

I have 2 questions: 1. How do I give my Chao custom names? and 2. How do I evolve my Chao into a "Dark Chao"? Thanks.

Intresting art

Say, I've come here often, and I've noticed once ina while that on the top left of your navigator bar there are a few pictures of Sonic characters, but seems to be made from a fanart artist. Who makes them? Are they available to view on this site? (Example: One image has a picture of Sonic and Tails with sunglasses)

Sonic and Tails in SuperSmashBrothers Melee

Hey Sonic HQ! I heard from a friend that you could be Sonic and Tails on Super Smash Brothers Melee (like a version of the Ice Climbers... or so says my friend). I was wondering... how is it possible to get them? I've been to cheat site online to see if they could help me get them.. but no could. I was wondering if you guys could help me.... I had even say a picture of sonic in the middle of melee, but i'm beginning to think it's a hoax... and I really hope it's not. I've heard by mouth, and I've seen it.. but I still don't believe. Could you guys be so kind as to help? Thankx.

About my dark chao?

I got a shiny dark chao and I was wondering how can you change color of its ball on its head and how can my dark chao become crazy and jump around (like that one chao in karte).Thank you

Sonic SatAm

I have read through your site and it mentions Sonic SatAm coming out on DVD soon. But do you know when it will come out? Or how I could find out? Thank You.


Ok...hi again.I was playing SA2B(again)and i was in the Hero Chao garden and on that bridge like thing.I was peting my almost Sonic chao bunny(the thing wont evolve!)and i was near the little arch thing.I looked on the down and there where shadows!There where moving too!My bro said it was just a glitch but someone on the internet was talking about invisable chao's.I can't pick or pet it though.Can you tell me what the heck they are?And can you tell me how long it normally takes to get a almost Sonic chao to evolve to a fully Sonic chao? Thanz,Shadow.

cartoon vs. games

When I read most of the episodes script at, none of them took place on earth & there was no humans, but however some of the episodes are from the game, but it didn't took place on earth. Why is the naosth cartoon is barley like the segasonic games?

It won't let me.

Ok,i was playing SA2B yesterday and i was Rouge.I was in the level wherer you have to get the 3 chaos emeralds and i already got the first one.The second one was in a safe.Omachao said to dig into the center but it wouldn't let me...and then i tryed to dig into it untill i died.And then i got mad so i stoped playing that level.Can you tell me what i did wrong? Thanz, Shadow

This on Knux and Rouge

How do you get tha air necklacess for Knux and Rouge


hey hq,(i checked site faq, but it didn't say) i was wondering, could i use your backgrounds on my fan comic? (like julie-su, sonic, super shadow)(because i'm making one on my computer and i can't draw anything)

How do you collect the last emerald with rouge

Im looking to find out how to get the last emerald shard while using rouge. Its the one on the platform with the four sipky balls. Her jump and jump kick dont seem to be high enough. Is there an ugrade I require and if so how and where do I obtain it?