SHQ Questions and Answers - Year 2005


Sally can't be married!!!! Please tell me she's not I pick up one thing and it's all uphill! I don't think I'll get my hands on a comic for a while----is she really married? I might hang up myself as a sonic fan if she is!!!! Her and Sonic are supposed to be! HELP!!

please help me out.

Ok dude I need to nknow somthing BAD. How do I get the last story open on Shadow the hedgehog if there is one?

What year does Mobius exist in?

Hi, I'm writing a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction story and I was hoping someone could tell me, what year does the Archie Comics/SatAM series take place, or between what years (from 30-- to 30--)?

Who are is the Band that made the songs?

I would like to know the names of the band members that performed the songs for Sonic games.
Like: "Live and Learn", "Believe In Myself", and "Open Your Heart".
Thank you.

gba sonic battle

can any one tell me how i can save as when i trun it off then play later i have to start from begining again.

is it true

is it true that shadoe shoots sonic in Shadow the Hedgehog if so dose sonic die?

The Commander

On Shadow the Hedgehog, in the ARK during a flashback, it is shown that GUN soldiers are invading and destroying the space colony. Also, the Commander of GUN reveals himself as being Maria's brother. If this is so, then why is he the Commander of GUN, if he knows that they were the ones who had infiltrated the ARK?

green eyes

in early sonic comics, sonic has black eyes but the later comics have him with green eyes. Why is that and what they for?


My friend asked me the other day what G.U.N. stands for and I couldn't really give him an answer. Does it stand for something? If so what? ^.^ Thanks!


if there is a way to get team egg in sonic heroes please tell me.

is it true

Dr.FexusFan, I must know...

PLEASE SHOWER ME WITH YOUR ULTIMATE WISDOM! I, the Hardcore Rebel, must know how you find your sagicity. how? I want to learn the ways of the FexusFan! Please!

Sonic Crackers


I was just wondering if there was any definite proof that this (Sonic Crackers) is indeed a "true" Sonic game and not just some hoax? The date on the title screen is 19940401 (1st April 1994), perhaps an April fools joke? Another note is that the sprites are quite clearly from Sonic 2, yet Sonic 3 was released February 2, 1994. Surely they would use the most up to date artwork? The last point is that the ROM Header clearly spells it wrong "Sonic Studium".

Granted all of the points made could be taken either way by opinion, I was however looking for some definite facts as I have so far been unable to find. If this is a "true" Sonic game, who released it, when was it released, and what was the development process that lead it to be cancelled and re-branded as Knuckles Chaotix?

Thanks in advance,

Golden Chao

On Sonic Adventure Battle 2 how do you get the golden chao and not the Shiney yellow chao?


whats the name of the comic where lara-su appears? does she have any brothers or sisters? whats her age?

Need info

Hello i was wondering if you know the E-mail address for the Archie Sonic series because i can not get on to, it always comes up saying cannot find server please help. Thank you From Adrian

dead or alive????

Ummm in one comic Mina died, right?Then how come in another comic after that she was alive? It's kinda freaky!

Copyright Laws

Did you guys have to ask permission from SEGA to create a Sonic resource website? I'm just asking, because I need to know this before I can create my own Sonic website. Also, on my previous question about the website information, you said that images that aren't galleries and downloads are the only ones that need direct permission, I was wondering that if I use one of the images in your SA Imgaes gallery, if I can edit it a little. Yes, giving credit to you :)


OK, first lemme say that I love the site. I used to read Sonic comics and watch the shows as a kid and have always been a huge fan. What I'm wondering is who is Eggman? Is it another name for Robotnik or just someone different?

Website Information

I was just wondering if I can take information from this website (and of course, give credit to you) without having to ask permission? Well, not word for word, but slightly altered.

how to get team metal sonic?

on sonic heroes im trying to get team metal sonic and i already know you have to do 50 vs mode matches and both teams have to be metal but what do you have to do like action race,battle,special stage,ring race,bobsled race,quick race or expert race?Could you keep on retrying?

Sonic Underground--ARCHIE

Which comic is the Sonic Underground in? Is it a whole comic or just a page. Me and someone disagree about it.
Thanks SO MUCH!!!!

Character From Sonic Archie Comics

There is a character on a few of the Sonic Archie Comic covers. He's red with spikes, with gold band like rings around his wrists and he has cream coloured hands like his arms. He is on Sonic Archie Comic covers 51 cheering, 69 facing Tails, 112 hanging from the plane and 125 between the 2 and 5 cards. I've heard that he's from one of the Sega Saturn games and I'd just like to know who he is and any more information about him, like what he looks like and abilities etc. Thanks

Sonic times

Hey just need some answers please^^

I just need to know the exact dates^^ Of when certain series came out^^
1: Sonic Satam
2: AoStH
3: Sonic Underground
4: Sonic CD
5: Sonic Fleetway
6: Sonic Archie series
I have seen alot of people saying they came out at rediculous dates, But I know you guys are very official and trust what you say^^ It would be great if you could help me out.


In the article in the Front Page News page features a Fleetway Sonic the Comic issue, but that series was canceled years ago. Is that a fan comic or something, because it's a different website. I'm confused. Thanks :)


I see that your rules were last updated on *APRIL 1ST*, so, does that mean the're fake? this may lead to the reason some people are disobeying the rules.


I have 3 questions for you guys.....
1)Do you guys know that your web site is often mentioned in the sonic the hedgehog comic?
2)The other day i went in one of your old question sections and i found some guy named fexus fan,everybody seemed to hate him,so who is he anyways?
3)In the final battle in sonic battle you have to fight Emerl but his powers and speed are so boosted that i can't seem to defeat him!Can i have some tips........

thank you-_-


I've seen some of the answers to your questions and some of them (including mine) say to "read certain rules" or "because of this rule I can't answer it." I want to know if I'm able to read these "rules." If so, where can I read them?

Kragok's relations

After reading a lot of comics, I found out something strange about Kragok's relatives. In Knuckles #18, Kragok says that his father is Moritori Rex but in "Shadows" from SSS #11, Simon tells Julie-su that the father of Kragok and Lien-da is Luger, Moritori Rex's son. Which one is it? I've heard that Constable Remington is Kragok's son. Is that true? Thanks for your time :)

New Shadow Game

Is it true that SEGA's releasing a new Shadow game? I've heard people talking about it here and there in sites and threads; some people are able to supply posters and pictures via Internet. If they ARE making a new Sonic game, when's it going to be out?

Egg Viper

Hey i dont know how to beat eggman in the egg viper when i am sonic on dx. what am i supposed to do to beat him?

stupid fexus DO NOT ANSWER

how do i beat the very last boss with sonic team in sonic heroes is there any special attacks is there something that i could use because i dunno know how

stupid fexus fan DO NOT ANSWER

Sonic battle codes

in the game sonic battle,there is a place called central city.In that location there is a building called Sonic team in there they tell you to enter a code!what is the codes'pupose?could u guys give it to me?


How did Lupe return? She died in the girls rule SSS! What happened?

Chaos Chao Pre-Lives

Suppose I wanted to make a hero chaos chao. In the chao's first two lives, does it have to be a neutral chao, or can
it be hero or dark? Thanks.

wake up Zonic!

I just have one question: 1) Why the heck dosen't zonic the zone cop take robo-robitnik back to his zone?!! (I've missed a lot of issues recently. If this has already been answered I apologize)

Sonic Movie and Shadow Advance

I was wondering, is it true that there are plans for a new Sonic movie or is it an April fools joke? Are there plans for a game called Shadow Advance or is it an April fools joke?

3 questions

I have three questions to ask.

1. Is this TRUE?- Sonic is being replaced from the head mascot by Shadow the Hedgehog? (And why?)

2. Throughout your site, why does it have sayings such as "MARIA!", "*angst*", and "Who am I? Where am I?" I know they involve Shadow, but don't they get a little annoying with them in the way usually (like on this post)?

3. I've heard that on Sonic (Archie) #127, there's a parody of Antonio Prohias's "Spy vs. Spy" strip featuring Agent Sonic and Agent Knuckles! I really like Spy vs. Spy (notice how AoStH is similar to it), and I was surprised to see that they actually made a spoof of the famous "Joke and Gagger!"

Where is a pheonix?

ok, I went to over 10 cheat sites and they say that a pheonix can be found in a number of levels, but they don't tell me where. I was wondering if you could tell me the exact location of one Thanx

Constable Remington's father? (Archie Question)

Hi! Quick question: I was reading the encylcopedia and it says Kragok is Remington's son! How is this possible? What comic says that? I must've missed it. It's just kinda funny to think of Julie-Su as Remington's step-aunt! Thanks!


How exactly do I send an E-mail to Sonic HQ? I have something to send for a Sonic cartoon, but I find no way to contact whoever I should contact for this case.

Knuckles' new look and Shadow's own game

1) In Archie's comic series, if Sonic got his new character design in #71 then when did Knuckles get his?
2) Is it really true that Shadow is really getting his own game?

Did Sonic have a sister??

I want to maybe be a SONIC cartoon writer when I grow up and I'm working on my own comic. I NEED TO KNOW VERY BADLY if Sonic has a sister in any series.

sonic heroes

how do i get in the special stage on sonic heroes. i get the key. but
when i finish the zone i don't get in. the key is gone. i can't even get in to the bonus chalenge.

Vector's Species

Is Vector an alligator or crocodile? I would look in the Sonic Encyclopedia, but one site (as in more than one website) says he's an alligator, the next one says he's a crocodile. Which one is he?

Link to you?

Where can I get a link to you? Not just a URL, a little button link.

other series?

your archive starts at issue one, i seem to have an issue 00, plus two different issue ones, twos and threes, but that is where it ends. is something missing somewhere (none of my other sites recognise these either), or am i seeing double?


I have a question , of course [cough] Why on sonic x sonic runs but Amy and the other do not well eccept knuckles on episode 5 next to the end when he defeats Eggmans robot.But on sonic advance and all the other advance games [Big breath]!!! kNUCKLES,AMY,TAILS,AND CREAM do run fast and I mean fast as fast as sonic. Well Why doesnt Amy and all the other characters dont run as fast as Sonic does? I like sonic encyclopedia ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonic archie comics

hi, can u tell me whether the sonic archie comics are released in the UK please? i am a big fan, and would love to start reading the comics. thanks.

where's my cartoon??????????

a long time in april 2003, we were all told of a new Sonic Babies cartoon coming soon from America, but where is it now, what happened, it's even on page 21 of your news archives, did it get silently canned or what????????????????????

Sonic The Comic question

Are the "Sonic the Comic" series only released in the UK online?

Sonic when he runs

When sonic runs he flings his arms back,let me name some games he does fling his arms back-sonic adventure,sonic adventure 2 battle,sonic advance,sonic advance 2,and sonic advance 3.So does Amy,Cream,Knuckle on all of the sonic advance.So why does he run like this?

WHy Can't I go Super SAyianjin?

Ive ben tryng 2 go super sayianjin but i can't seem to do it. I collected 7 emeralds and got 50 ring but it does seam 2 b working. i tied 2 fly but my mom told me to get off the roof...but my hair isnt shanniny or n e thang so i don't think i am n e way, who dew u make it wark?
please respound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very important!

P.S.: how dew u use your physic powers? i waz playign a sonic game called sonic shuffle and it told me to dew it, but my physic powers wouldnt woork but the chao always won, even on the allygator game sew how dew u make it work?

P.S.S. Dunlet fexus fan answer this he's 2 inconrehensable nad i cent understand him, take him, off u website n outta teh comic

The Lost Questions...

You had mentioned at one point how you get some questions that you simply don't know the answers to, so you don't post them. I just thought it would be a nice change if you could tell us what the most interesting question you've ever gotten is, but you didn't know the answer for it.
And if you don't know what the most interesting one is, what's the most common question you get that you can't answer?

Thanks For Your Time.


how old is amy truly? in somepoint didnt she wish on an emrald to make her self older? so isnt she really like 8 or somthing?

How to become Super Sonic

In Sonic the Hedgehog, 1, for the Sega Genesis system, how do you use the emeralds to become Super Sonic? Or is the Super Sonic not available until game 2?

wrong sonic codes

fexus you had better stop sending wrong sonic codes you goon you are worse then true red you goon


the mouse ate the elephant and became the rat because the other mouse said elephants are hippos and the hippos didn't like that so they ate the tiger then the mouse got scared so it ate the hippo

Shadow In Comics

When did Shadow first appear in the Archie Sonic Comics? I must know.