SHQ Questions and Answers - Year 2007

Cream in the Comics

I am a big cream fan and I just stated getting into the comics, so I want to know, why hasn't Cream the Rabbit made an appearance in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series (Well, other than the Archie Sonic X comics), and if they're ever planing to include her at all?

Time/age/space deficiency?

OK, a while back, I read on your website that Amy's official age used to be eight, but after Sonic Adventure it was changed to twelve. How come she grew up, but none of the other characters in the Sonic world have aged a bit? I myself am emotionally hung up by this.

F.F of the Galaxy names.

Ive looked alot of places, but i cant find the names or clearer pics of the 'desendents' of the FF in issues 103-4.
Could you shed a little light on this, please?

I have 2 questons

1) In wikipedia it said that there is an episode 79 of sonic x is that true?

2) Is Rikki-Le related to Lara-Su?

sonics brother

hi i wanted to ask the creators of the sonic show creator

what if sonic had a brother but did;nt know about ituntil his brother crased on the planet he was oN?

Archie Sonic

I was wondering if Archie Comics has a set number of how many more Sonic Hedgehog comics they plan on doing. Cause it makes more sense to stop after 200 (since 175 coming up is going to be a huge milestone), and then start in more on sonic X comic.

So do you have any info on that?

shadows TRUE past ^ ^

ok here's my question according to sonic the hedgehog issue#171 he was
created by professor Gerald and black doom who wanted shadow for a weapon but professor Gerald turned him into a savior for planet mobius
but the game shadow the hedgehog he was born please tell me which one
is correct ^ ^ *_~


the babylon mark? where is it??

Tails HQ?

You get the gist of the title, doncha.


Hi, can you help me? Can you please tell me how to contribute to the site (mainly in the GAMES section; I have info on TAILS SKYPATROL.).


How many sales do you guys average through the store each day?