Sonic The Comic #1

Release May 29, 1993
Writer Alan McKenzie
Lineart Anthony Williams

Official Solicitation

"Enter: Sonic"
Writer: Alan McKenzie
Artist: Anthony Williams

Nothing too taxing for the first issue, in any sense: Sonic basically struts his stuff in a lazy chase. En route, he rescues Porker Lewis (sporting a very childlike, Sega-esque look) and a variety of other Sega of Europe/America characters, including the original incarnation of Sally Acorn. They`d love him to stay and chat, but he`s got other things on his mind.

Tails has gone missing. And in true heroic tradition, Sonic has a bad feeling about this.

The artwork is average at most and the story settling for nothing more than a rehash of a game plot, and even using Sega of Europe conventions such as Sonic`s hyperspeed speech. But in doing this, you can`t claim that the first issue doesn't capture the quintessential pre-SA Sonic.

Cover: David Brown Graphics Ltd.