Sonic The Comic #2

Release Jun 12, 1993
Writer Mark Millar
Lineart Woodrow Phoenix

Official Solicitation

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Woodrow Phoenix

In a continuation of the last issue`s story, Sonic finds the Green Hill Zone deserted, except for one lone rabbit, who explains that everyone – including Tails – has been kidnapped by You Can Guess Who. Sonic comes racing up to Robotnik`s fortress, only to be met by a two-tailed cyberfox! It immediately sets about pummelling Sonic into the ground, and looks as though it`s going to succeed. But it can`t all end like this! Say it ain`t so, Tails! Say it aint so!

The story is still carrying off a formulaic plot, and in Phoenix, the artwork has improved very slightly. But a climax that could`ve had some serious punch is marred by that unnecessary Eldorado joke on the final page.

Note to non-Brits and anyone under around 20: Eldorado was created by the BBC to be the greatest soap opera ever made. They were so confident that they built an entire village on location in Spain, rather than just a film set. And it was the biggest flop in their history.

I`m afraid that I may have to explain things like this rather a lot. Fleetway has a distinctly Anglocentric worldview, and can never quite resist a joke or two over the heads of the target demographic.

Cover: David Brown Graphics Ltd.