Sonic The Comic #102

Release Apr 29, 1997
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

“Unnatural Disasters”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Richard Elson
Freak weather changes are happening all around Mobius, snowstorms that quickly change into heatwaves, which causes floods! Sonic discovers that a weather gerbil called Windy Wallis is up for an award for the most accurate weather predictions and upon going to check this out he discovers she was formerly a weapons engineer for Robotnik who plans on using a weather controlling machine to destroy the planet. Sonic easily manages to defeat her using her own machine, but as she’s sucked up into a tornado she vows to return…

“What Ever Happened to Super Sonic?”
Writer and Artist: Nigel Kitching
The insane Super Sonic faces the screen telling us he’s finally destroyed all life on Mobius, all except for you. As he reaches forward for the kill the real Super Sonic wakes up screaming from his nightmare. The woman he’s staying with, Marge, comes to check on him but he tells her everything is all right so she goes to talk with her husband Arthur instead. She says she feels sorry for Super Sonic because he’s lost his memory and has constant nightmares but Arthur argues against her saying they should throw Super Sonic out on the street! Upon hearing them argue Super Sonic decides to leave so he can find out who he is. So Marge gives him some money to help him on his way. As he walks down the street he passes Amy and Johnny who are trying to track his energy signals down without any luck. The two Freedom Fighters decide that since the energy signal is so weak Super Sonic can’t be a threat and that the chances are he’s made a run for it and is miles away. So they call it a day.

“Invasion of the Veg Heads – Part Two”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Andy Pritchitt
Sonic, Harry Mole and Farmer Nige have been captured by the Veg-Heads, but since Sonic has fought much worse foes then this he quickly breaks them all free. Sonic and Harry travel to the Chemical Plant Zone where they discover toxic waste has been flowing into the water causing the vegetables to mutate. When Sonic gets back to the farm he finds the villagers have captured King Edward and plan to roast the Veg-Heads alive. But Sonic tells them that would be wrong because the vegetables are intelligent, so after some pleading on the Veg-Heads’ behaves they are given their own patch of land to live in.

Cover Art: Richard Elson/John Burns