Sonic The Comic #107

Release Jul 8, 1997
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Mick McMahon

Official Solicitation

Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Mick McMahon
Sonic rescues a stranger from some badniks and when the stranger asks him why he bothered to save someone he doesn’t know Sonic tells the story of Bravehog. Six hundred years ago all the tribes of Mobius lived in separate villages according to their species (E.g. Foxes only live with foxes, badgers only live with badgers, etc). A hyena called King Leer, who conquered other villages by burning them down, ruled the land. Taking over the other tribes was easy because no one would help someone who wasn’t the same species as them, except for the leader of the hedgehog tribe, Bravehog. When the fox tribe is attacked Bravehog goes to fight the hyenas off, but fails since none of the foxes will help him. But when Bravehog is about to receive his punishment the other tribes become inspired and start fighting back against the hyenas to set Bravehog free. From that day forward all the people of Mobius lived together. The stranger comments on how cool Bravehog must have been, to which Sonic replies, “It’s obvious who I take after”. Then the stranger shows that under the hood he is a hyena himself, but Sonic shakes his hand telling him he can’t help who his ancestors were.

“The Spice Maidens – Part Five”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
For breaking the seal of King Akotek Plunder receives a curse of misfortune and calamity. Zorabel confesses that she knew about the curse all along, which was why she had Plunder break the seal. But Plunder says he doesn’t believe in any of that anyway so they start taking the treasure away. But on the way off the island he falls down some steps, gets a pot stuck on his head, is almost crushed in a cave in and then almost sliced to bits by falling weapons, so he soon changes his mind. Zorabel decides it’s too risky to keep him on board so she puts him on a separate boat tied to the main ship.

“Zero Zone – Part Two”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Andy Pritchett
Sonic has been brainwashed into believing he is Citizen Seven, or at least he fools the others into thinking he has right until he accidentally gives the game away by asking a forbidden question. He tries to escape by using his spin attack against the zone’s force field causing the zone to go all fuzzy and Citizen One to reveal himself to be a computer program designed by Robotnik. Citizen One was given up on when Robotnik learned his desire was to create a happy zone, and the only reason he abducted the Mobians was because he was feeling lonely. Sonic tells him there are other ways to get Mobians to come to the zone without brainwashing them and the zone remodels itself into a carnival.

Cover Art: Mick McMahon