Sonic The Comic #117

Release Nov 25, 1997
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

“Best of Enemies – Part Two”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson
Emperor Ko-Door sends a Sentinel to try and capture Sonic so he can find the location of the Chaos Emeralds from him. While he watches Sonic destroy the Sentinel Grimer asks Robotnik why he’s letting Ko-Door try to capture Sonic when they could tell him the location of the Chaos Emeralds themselves. Robotnik tells Grimer he has plans of his own and Ko-Door decides to send more Sentinels along with a Prosecutor to bring Sonic back, but in his home zone Sonic has the edge over them. Until the Prosecutor reveals a giant Master Sentinel.

“Hunter and Hunted – Part Two”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
Ebony tries to fight off Biohazard while Pyjamas takes Super Sonic to hide in the back room, but because magic mainly works on the mind and Biohazard is seriously thick her spells don’t seem to work on him. Ebony uses his stupidity to her advantage, casting a spell to create the illusion of multiple Super Sonics while they run to hide. In the back room Ebony asks Pyjamas to perform a mind link with Super Sonic so they can find out who he is and why Biohazard’s after him. But before long the illusions wear off and Biohazard’s track points him in the direction of the back room…

“Hot Legs”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Mick McMahon
The Emerald Hill folk are preparing a bonfire with wooden figures of Robotnik to put in it while Sonic and Tails watch. They start to argue which figure is the most ugly when a giant model of Robotnik is wheeled in which has been produced overseas. It turns out Robotnik made this figure and when it’s hatch opens up a horde of Badniks fly out. There’s too many to fight so while Sonic uses his speed to set the giant Robotnik figure on fire Tails distracts them then leads them all towards it causing an explosion, and a pretty good bonfire display.

“High in the Sky”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Carl Flint
Norris Wimple gets himself on TV for sighting a UFO, but he has yet to even get the film developed! Some members of D.R.A.T. see the show and think the UFO might actually be one of Robotnik’s new secret weapons, so they set out to kidnap Norris before the film can get developed. Amy and Tekno try to rescue him but are attacked by explosive Frisbees fired from the D.R.A.T. van. Tekno manages to catch and reprogram one of them, sending it back towards the van, causing it to explode. But when it’s all over and Norris does get the photos it turns out it was only Tails he’d caught on camera…

Cover Art: Mick McMahon