Sonic The Comic #120

Release Jan 13, 1998
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Roberto Corona

Official Solicitation

“Riot Resolution”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Roberto Corona
The Emerald Hill folk find that sometimes they have trouble making up their minds on their own, so they go to ‘Wally Dither’s Centre for the Undecided’ to get help deciding on their New Year’s resolutions. Wally (A member of D.R.A.T.) convinces them that the best resolution they could make would be to destroy Sonic, and they believe him! But obviously the ordinary citizens don’t have a chance fighting against Sonic so when he’s worn them out they tell him the Dithers set the resolution. Sonic figures Dithers was using them to distract while he and Grand Chief Whip try to wipe out the Control Centre where the Kintobor Computer is based. But when Sonic does arrive back their Dithers can’t decide upon which of his weapons to use against him, giving Sonic the time to defeat him. After that the Emerald Hill folk decide to think for themselves in future.

“New Year Twister”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Carl Flint
Tails goes to visit Knuckles on the Floating Island since he didn’t see him at all over Christmas. While Knuckles explains that dates often go past unnoticed to him since he lives on his own an avalanche starts, so he pulls Tails out of the way before they can get hurt – but Tails’s bi-plane ends up buried in the snow. After Knuckles digs it out Tails suggests they fly to a safer zone, such as Mushroom Hill. But when they get there a tornado begins to blow! Knuckles manages to save Tails again and oddly enough the tornado disappears without causing any environmental damage. Then Tails spots something moving in the bushes that could be a badnik, so Knuckles smashes his fists against the ground to reveal the person hiding in the bush, namely Sonic. Sonic explains it was him who set up the avalanche and tornado to see if Knuckles still had what it takes to fight Robotnik. Knuckles isn’t very happy about this but tells Sonic he’ll be there when he’s needed.

“Breakout – Part One”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Andy Pritchett
Before Amber returns to her home planet after a visit to Mobius she gives Shortfuse a computer program designed by KaamDaarn Psi Technology which when implanted in his system sets him free from his armour at long last. Amber tells Shorty that that he can wear the armour by choice whenever he wants to and that she’ll only ever see them again in the dimensions become parallel once more. After being trapped in his armour for two years Shorty just wants to party so Amy and Tekno take him to the midnight striking at Metropolis Zone (Shorty decides to bring his armour along just encase). However, a really stupid villain called Party Pooper thinks he can freeze time by stopping the bell from chiming with a magnetic ray. But Amy tells him time won’t freeze if you stop a clock and Tekno says the bell is made of brass so the magnet won’t affect it anyway. Because of this Party Pooper has a change of plan and decides to attack Shortfuse instead, only since Shorty wasn’t wearing his armour the ray didn’t work and pulls the scaffolding down towards them instead. Shorty panics since he doesn’t know how to handle situations like this without his Armour so the girls save him and Party Pooper by pulling them out of the way. However, at the nearby top security prison the magnetic rays have reactivated one of the prisoners – Vermin The Cybernik…

Cover Art: Gary Knight