Sonic The Comic #121

Release Jan 27, 1998
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

“Hobson & Choy – Part One”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson
Sonic pays a visit to his new base in the Emerald Hill Zone to check if there’s any trouble. Kintobor tells him that there’s only a few badniks in Metropolis that Tails is handling quite well on his own, but Sonic still decides to check up on him anyway. Meanwhile, in the Drakon Empire’s House of War Grimer is explaining to Emperor Ko-Dorr about the Floating Island, it’s Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles and the Guardian Robots when two prisoners called Hobson and Choy are brought in. Ko-Dorr says he doesn’t have time for them right now but the two manage to escape to Mobius anyway through a Mobius Ring activated by a Dimensional Staff that Choy grabbed. Back on Mobius Sonic sees that Tails really is holding his own well but notices that the bandiks aren’t well made and are models he’s not seen for years, making him think Robotnik isn’t behind this. And he’s right; members of D.R.A.T. who are quickly caught by the police were controlling the badniks. Hobson and Choy on the other hand have just found themselves arriving in Robotnik’s base…

“On the Run – Part One”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn
On the Floating Island Knuckles is having trouble understanding some of the ancient technology and seeks help from Porker Lewis. He finds Porker fixing a ring, which turns out to be an active dimensional gateway to the Special Zone, and unfortunately they both get pulled through it. It brings them out at the bottom of a river, where Knuckles drags Porker up to safety before he drowns. Then the two of them begin looking for a safer way to get back to Mobius. At the same time the Chaotix have just finished taking down a pair of villains called the Zombie Brothers causing Espio and Mighty to have an argument about who hit one of the brothers the hardest. As the argument takes a weird turn Vector and Charmy can’t help looking at their co-workers like they’re insane. Meanwhile Porker is attempting to rewire a public phone so he and Knuckles can contact the Chaotix (Since neither of them have change) when the police catch them and accuse Porker of being a guy called Oscar the Pig.

“Bee Prepared”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Mick McMahon
Max Gamble is trying to get rich visitors from Eldorado Zone to invest in his scheme to produce robot workers that can work at ten times the rate of Mobian workers and at a fraction of the cost. The Mobian workers are worried but Sonic knows Max and tells them something will go wrong soon. He turns out to be right when the robot takes a funny turn starting to attack. Max rants about how it wasn’t suppose to do that until after the sale proving that the goods were faulty. Luckily Charmy Bee turns up from the Special Zone through some technology Vector had created to help Sonic take down the robot. Max seemingly gets away but is driven mad by Charmy’s babble-talk making him beg to be locked up.

“Breakout – Part Two”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Andy Pritchett
After escaping Vermin the Cybernik causes havoc in Metropolis so Amy, Tekno and Shorty are called to sort him out. It seems that even though Robotnik is gone Vermin still wants to destroy and its discovered that as well as using his tail to infect Shortfuse with a virus he can also use it to drain power from machinery increasing his strength. This gives Shortfuse an idea convincing Vermin to try and drain the energy from his armour. As he does the Release Program is transferred from Shorty’s armour to Vermin’s meaning Vermin is set free of his Cybernik shell while Shorty is trapped in his forever once more. After this it is easy to take down the Mobian form of Vermin, so Shortfuse destroys Vermin’s armour from the inside and leaves once more.

Cover Art: Mick McMahon