Sonic The Comic #29

Release Jul 8, 1994
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Ferran Rodriguez

Official Solicitation

"The Sentinel"
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

Whilst exploring the Aquatic Ruin Zone, Sonic disturbs a huge stone sentinel that has been resting at the bottom of a lake. Since it doesn`t recognise Sonic as its master – referring instead to a mysterious earlier civilisation – it attacks; but is so ancient that it crumbles away before it can do any real harm, leaving Sonic only able to ponder its origins.

Keep this one in mind, everyone. This is one plot hole that does actually get filled. Eventually.

"The Morbidden Hunt – Part Two"
Writer: Mark Eyles
Artist: Cassanovas

Tails heads deeper sand deeper into the Morbidden Lands, where he is attacked by a hungry gryphon. He defeats it (by good luck more than good management, as usual), only to find that his actions have been witnessed by two centaurs from the nearby village of Portstable, which the creature had been terrorising. The village`s grateful inhabitants equip him with their fastest flying ship and send him on his way. But he hasn`t gone far before he crashes into the coast, and receives some unwelcome attention.

Cover: Carl Flint