Sonic The Comic #30

Release Jul 22, 1994
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Mike Hadley

Official Solicitation

Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Mike Hadley

A young female comes crying for the hedgehog`s aid, as they often do. Ever one for female attention, and against his friends` advice, Sonic heads off with her, only for her to morph into a slavering, genetically engineered killing machine!

He manages to escape, but is careful to keep the real story from his friends afterwards. It makes a refreshing change to see someone script the almighty hedgehog as quite so fallible.

"The Morbidden Hunt – Part Three"
Writer: Mark Eyles
Artist: Cassanovas

Tails has accidentally stumbled upon the missing Jimmy and Jilly in the company of the goblin Prince Catalus – and having such a good time that they don`t want to be rescued! The Prince is taking them back to the palace of his sister, Queen Vulpecula, for a game of "hide and seek" – or, as she prefers to call it, "fox hunting". Tails decides that he`d better tag along.

Cover: Steve White