Sonic The Comic #31

Release Aug 5, 1994
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Mike Hadley

Official Solicitation

"The Pretender"
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Mike Hadley

A cocksure green hedgehog named Cosmic blasts into the Emerald Hill Zone, and challenges Sonic to a battle of skills. They race away, and as soon as they`re alone, Sonic runs rings around the stranger`s fancy moves. The stranger, unable to compete, flees defeated, but not before revealing itself to be… Can you guess?

Not only do we have the prospect of a more diverse recurring villain to look forward to, but yet another refreshing story where Sonic`s ego is his main weakness, rather than the factor which bores the villain into submission – even if the plot device of a new rival is a bit on the stale side.

"The Morbidden Hunt – Part Four"
Writer: Mark Eyles
Artist: Cassanovas

Queen Vulpecula lets the cornered foxes go, but is only prolonging the inevitable as the cubs begin to tire. They eventually find Prince Catalus waiting in a hiding place that he told them about, but it appears that he is only jealous of his sister, and wants to get rid of the foxes himself to spoil her fun! On the run again, they are forced to leap from the palace`s battlements and steal a flying ship, Errol Flynn style, before the cubs are returned to their` grateful mother and Tails returns to Mobius.

Cover: Anthony Williams & John M. Burns