Sonic The Comic #6

Release Aug 7, 1993
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Ferran Rodriguez

Official Solicitation

“Attack On The Death Egg”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Ferran Rodriguez

Ho hum. Another issue, another artist… Although these are some of the most accurate SegaSonic renditions that Fleetway has seen to date.

In an attempt to prevent it from colliding with the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic and Tails take their bi-plane up to the dangerously orbiting but apparently deserted Death Egg satelite and tangle with the Metal Sonic from Sonic 2. Whilst Sonic heroically stays behind to re-direct the satelite`s course, Tails is ordered into the sole escape pod, and has an excellent view of the craft sinking beneath a convenient ocean. And it looks as though there`s nothing for the fox to do but start preparing a eulogy.

The problem is, that after this story, which consists of one TV reference that'd go over the head of even most people my age ("Ironsides"), and Sonic flogging an extremely laboured running gag about how stupid and even more childish than usual Tails must be, there's no real feel of anything momentous happening.

This was the swansong of Sonic 2's Death Egg – even in a seven page story, a sense of accomplishment might've been more pronounced.

With hindsight, the early stories were meant to show Tails developing into a more rounded character – but surely the early stories could have shown him as having some potential, rather than some complete dupe who`s one step away from comic relief? The reader isn`t to know that…

Cover: Carl Flint