Sonic The Hedgehog # 1

Release Aug 1, 1993
Writer Mike Gallagher
Lineart Dave Manak
Cover Art Dave Manak

Official Solicitation

When one of Robotnik’s Swatbots develops a mechanical plant called "Krudzu," a malevolent robot-like plant with an affinity to water, he decides to modify a Burrobot to plant its seeds within The Great Forest! Meanwhile in Knothole Antoine, depressed because Sally only pays attention to Sonic, decides to get her a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately he also ends up getting as well! Can sonic get there in time to save him and the forest as well?

You Bet my Life!

(Note that Boomer is called Rotor in future issues as this is his nickname) Boomer discovers that Robotnik is making a big presentation in the Casino Night Zone! Sonic crashes the party, only to be subdued by Robotnik’s newest baddie: The Orbinaut! And it is then that he is put in a giant pinball machine and sent through one very rough ride! Can he escape? [Note: Apparently the casino was rebuilt for "The Man From H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G." (#16); the pinball (Spinball?) plot was used to better effect later on in the "Game Guy" episode of the TV series; Rotor was still being called "Boomer" at this time.]

1st Appearances: Krudzu, Orbinaut, The Casino Night Zone