Sonic The Comic #73

Release Mar 15, 1996
Writer Mark Millar
Lineart Keith Page

Official Solicitation

“The Spinball Wizard”
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Keith Page

Depressed at his lack of recognition whilst he looks through Sonic`s fan mail, Tails receives a letter from an alleged fan asking him to the Casino Night Zone, and sets off without a second thought. A suspicious Sonic follows at a discreet distance, and arrives to find Tails tied to a giant pinball table, and Robotnik eagerly waiting to literally squash any of the hedgehog`s rescue attempts with a well aimed ball. It looks as though it`s curtains for Sonic until Tails is able to free himself and direct the ball into the Egg-o-Matic, but the only recognition that the fox gets upon their returning home is an overdue notice for his library books.

One of very few of the main Sonic stories for the Tails fan, even if the payoff does leave no doubt about who`s Sega`s little blue-spiked boy.

“The New Master Emerald”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn

When Knuckles attempts to transfer the power of the Master Emerald from the robot head to its replacement, it attacks to protect itself. Knuckles mounts a sneak attack by tunneling up to it, but the exertion of the fight is such that the robot`s energy level is too low, and it begins a self-destruct sequence. When Knuckles disables this, he finds that the robot is a conscious being, freed from Zachary`s influence by the energy drain, and may be a valuable source of information about his people.

“Fox On The Run – Part One”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Carl Flint

Tails rescues a young mouse nicknamed – aptly enough – Tantrum, and is about to return him home when he is interrupted by Fleabyte, a cybernetic feline bounty hunter convinced that Robotnik will honour the reward that he has placed on Tails` capture. With no option other than to drag Tantrum along, Tails makes his escape; but the mouse decides to escape in a different direction – an attempt ending with both of them plummeting down a huge shaft!

Cover: Carl Flint