Sonic The Comic #72

Release Mar 1, 1996
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

"The Return of Chaotix – Part Six"
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson

In a display of hitherto unknown logic, Sonic suspcts that the Metallix must have had a particular reason for wanting to prevent Robotnik from ever being created, and it turns out that it's the self-destruct programme that he built into each one.

Sonic's understandably more than a little resentfl at the revelation that the Metallix were supposed to finish him before the Doctor finished them by himself, but there's no time for recriminations as the Metallix attack en masse!

Sonic's right in the ultimate quick fix solution being something of an anti-climax somehow – as is the complete lack of consequences for Robotnik (maybe his new sense of responsibility has something to do with that, although unlike Wile E. Coyote, Sonic can't even eat whatever he catches).

But the cliffhanger shows promise, and the understated characterisation of Porker belies a big theme for later.

"The Graveyard – Part Four"
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn

Knuckles and the Kohenyu finally find that they have something in common: the sense of loneliness…

“Odour Zone”
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Mark Hadley

Sonic travels to the eponymous zone, where Marcel Skunk, the leader of its underground movement, has been turned into Mobius` biggest badnik and is destroying anything in his path. Sonic is able to behead the giant with surprising ease when he catches up with it, and Robotnik flees, leaving Marcel and Sonic to celebrate.

Somehow, the point of this story goes over my head. It does nothing for the continuity except to prove that Fleetway will stoop as low as an Antoine-esque pseudo-French accent at the flimsiest excuse…

“Brute Force – Part Four”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Carl Flint

It appears that when Brutus scanned Johnny`s mind, he collected not only the rabbit`s thoughts, but his personality! When Brutus begins to behave like a Freedom Fighter – destroying his own badniks – he is forced to wipe out all traces of Johnny`s knowledge, and destroys his own mind scanners before they can do further damage. He retreats, but vows to return.

Cover: Carl Flint