Sonic The Comic #80

Release Jun 21, 1996
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Richard Elson

Official Solicitation

"Running Wild – Part One"
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Richard Elson

Sonic's dropping in to Porker's new home on the Floating Island for a visit, but is so busy indulging in his usual hobby of picking on him that he falls into the emerald chamber.

And back on Mobius, Amy Rose is giving Tails a few lessons in sharp-shooting when Super Sonic rockets into view, with his homicidal tendencies firmly fixed on the last thing he was thinking about before his exposure to the chaos energy caused the change: her!

”Revolution – Part Two”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Nigel Kitching

As Brutus terrorises the Metropolis Zone, a weakened Sonic is joined by Shortfuse in his mission to rescue to rescue Amy and Johnny. Robotnik finds to his horror, that Brutus has deactivated his own self-destruct programme, but cheers up when the would-be rescuers rush in, since it means that he can unveil his two latest badniks. Who look rather familiar…

“Fleabyte Returns”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Roberto Corona

Tails is putting in an appearance in the Casino Night Zone when Fleabyte the bounty hunter – last seen in `Fox on the Run` – reappears, still bent on claiming the price on the fox`s head. But the badniks who follow the resulting commotion aren`t particularly discriminating about who they capture, forcing them to co-operate in order to escape, and giving Tails time to work out how to deal with the duplicitous feline afterwards. Fleabyte is sent on his way, humiliated in full view of the Zone`s inhabitants.

Perhaps it`s only within these solo strips that we can really appreciate the various members of Sonic`s gang for what they are: the stabilising influence; the maturity; the brains to his brawn. Certainly, the way that Tails is able to rationalise is like nothing that we`ve seen from the hedgehog as yet.

“The Fundamental Four – Part One”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Nigel Dobbyn

Deep in the Chaotix`s Special Zone HQ, Vector has finally had enough and, as the leader, boots Charmy Bee out of their headquarters and out of the group! But no sooner has Charmy buzzed off than a huge granite fist crashes through the hideout`s wall and in crash The Fundamental Four – elementals who appear to have a score to settle. When Charmy wanders back to the hideout sometime later, he peers through the window to see the rest of Chaotix trapped in a liquidiser, but what can he do?

This is one of the first glimpses given of the Chaotix`s life away from Sonic, but whereas the other Freedom Fighters seem to provide a serious element, the Chaotix are nothing more than a group of clowns wheeled in for comic relief.

Cover: Carl Flint