Sonic The Hedgehog #39

Release Jul 1, 1996
Writer Mike Gallagher
Lineart Patrick Spaziante

Official Solicitation

Sonic has just proposed that he allow himself to be roboticized with a Neuro-Overrider (Sonic 29) to counteract the effect on his mind so he can trash Robotnik! Rotor’s objections are seconded by Bunnie, who literally puts her foot down on the subject! And as Sonic walks out abominably frustrated, Antoine questions his loyalty…Something that Sally DON’T like!!! To work off his frustration, Sonic heads for a "new training facility" in the Great Forest, conveniently located next door to the "Knothole Jail". Sonic no sooner walks in the door as Nack the Weasel drops a barbell on Sonic’s head as he continues on with the plot from Triple Trouble to deliver Sonic to Robotnik for prompt Roboticisation! Upon arriving at Robotnik’s, Nack informes the big guy that he won’t turn Sonic over until he’s been paid. Robotnik’s counteroffer is that Nack gets to leave Robotropolis alive, and he brings in a giant Crabmeat bot as the dealmaker!! Nack sees the fairness in this arrangement and goes off into the sunset to be seen in Sonic 40! Without further ado, Sonic is then transformed into Mecha-Sonic! His assignment: level Knothole Village! But Mecha-Sonic’s initial attack is blunted when he’s confronted with multiple holographic images of the Freedom Fighters to shoot at when who should arrive on the scene but a Bunnie Rabbot as her and the roboticised Sonic go one on one! Sally puts in a call for help, which Tails relays from Knothole to…The Floating Island! Robotnik meanwhile has been monitoring the fight and promptly sends a electric current through Mecha-Sonic and into Bunnie and in the end bunnie is a shriveled unconcious heap, next to Sally! Now there seems to be nothing standing between Mecha-Sonic and a soon-to-be flattened Knothole! Tails, meanwhile, has been briefing Knuckles, who’s glad to take on Sonic because of previous grudges, but this goes nowhere as Knuckles is out of commision from the start! So Sally orders, with much regret, "Operation Last Resort" — as our story is to be continued in The Mecha Madness Special!

Cover by Patrick Spaziante & Harvey Mercadoocasio