Sonic The Comic #93

Release Dec 30, 1996
Writer Lew Stringer
Lineart Roberto Corona

Official Solicitation

“A Christmas Wish”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Roberto Corona
Even though he’s still trapped in the Special Zone Sonic wants to make the most of the Christmas spirit. However elsewhere a young puppy called Richie is enjoying Christmas too much as his present of a super hero costume makes him think he can fly. It’s lucky for him that Charmy was passing to save him as he tries to jump out of his bedroom window, landing him in front of the Chaotix. Despite harsh words from Vector the kid still believes that he’s a super hero and charges towards a villain who was about to attack the Chaotix. Sonic shows up to save him when he realises he can’t fight the bad guy and by the time the enemy has been defeated Richie has gone away, upset that he’s not a hero. Sonic finds him, explaining there are much safer ways to be a hero then inviting him to come with them delivering presents to a children’s hospital. A better way to be a regular hero.

“Shanghaied – Part Three”
Writer(s): Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson
Artist: Richard Elson
Though the ship’s crew feel too scared to fight the mutated sharks Mr. Fry is straight into the battle, swinging on the ship’s sailcloth. As the battle commences Fry has the unfortunate luck to change back into Speckle who tries to sneak away from it all, leaving Captain Plunder to take out the sharks with a mallet. To celebrate defeating the sharks he orders Simpson to fetch some rum truffles, only to find that the crate is gone! Speckle decided to use it to make his big escape in.

“Season of Goodwill”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Andy Pritchett
Though most of the Emerald Hill residents are gone Tekno decides to enforce the Christmas cheer by throwing a party for the other Freedom Fighter in celebration for their hard work during Sonic’s leave. Optimistically Tails believes that even Robotnik couldn’t do anything bad on this day, though Shortfuse doubts that to be true. It turns out he’s right as Robotnik plans on frying the Mobians using a heat ray from his satellite. But before he can a mysterious figure appears claiming to be Father Christmas. Angered by this Robotnik calls his Troopers to attack him, but since they are machines they can’t see the Christmas spirit. Santa offers Robotnik the chance to redeem himself by using the self-destruct option on the satellite and when he refuses to an image appears on the screen of Shortfuse destroying it instead. Before leaving Santa warns Robotnik that if he continues on his current path his rein over Mobius will not last long, as a prelude to future comic event…

Cover Art: Carl Flint