Sonic The Comic #92

Release Dec 19, 1996
Writer Nigel Kitching
Lineart Roberto Corona

Official Solicitation

“The Hive – Part Two”
Writer: Nigel Kitching
Artist: Roberto Corona
The bees fail to keep Vesper and his army of wasps from entering the Hive, but despite the word of her advisers the queen refuses to leave! Sonic agrees with them but it’s already too late as Vesper storms the throne room. Though having faced hundreds of opponents like Vesper before Sonic easily manages to use his speed to disarm the wasps. He’s reminded that the sheer number of wasps waiting outside completely outranks him however and much to the queen’s horror Sonic decides to organise a planned surrender. Luring them all into one of the tunnels Sonic uses his speed vortex to send them all out of the Hive in a daze then orders for the entrance to be sealed. As with custom of an outsider saving the Hive he gets one wish and chooses for Charmy’s freedom from his role as a prince.

“Shanghaied – Part Two”
Writer(s): Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson
Artist: Richard Elson
Even though they are faced with the monster form of Mr. Fry the crew refuse to back down and start fighting to defend their ship. Though Fry defeats them and much to everyone’s surprise starts beating up one of the sharks claiming that in these waters they’re tough eating. After cooking the tenderised shark for them Fry gets an apology from Captain Plunder for making him walk the plank. But Fry explains that he’s a different person from Speckle and he didn’t blame the captain for making Speckle walk the plank. After explaining how he used the serum to transform in the water the crew started to wonder what happened to the remaining serum that he didn’t drink. They don’t have to wait long to find out as three mutated sharks rise out of the ocean to attack the ship!

“Head in the Clouds”
Writer: Lew Stringer
Artist: Roberto Corona
Based two months earlier when Sonic was first trapped in the Special Zone this story starts with an angry Robotnik sending the bearer of bad news to be robotisized as he wanted to get rid of Sonic personally, not simply have him disappear. Grimer comments that most of the Mobians think Sonic will return anyway which puts Robotnik into even more of a rage. He orders for a rocket to be made in his image so the citizens will be reminded who is in charge and demands for it to be ready in two months instead of the recommended six months timescale. Coming back to the present day Robotnik is preparing to launch his rocket, which turns out to be a flop and crashes. He demands to know who sabotaged it, and it turns out that the rocket crashed due to it’s own rushed construction. Despite this he tells Grimer to file the report as a sabotage saying sometimes you have to lie to protect an evil image.

Cover Art: Carl Flint