Sonic The Hedgehog #18

Release Dec 1, 1994
Writer Ken Penders
Mike Kanterovich
Lineart Dave Manak

Official Solicitation

Robotnik has gotten word of Sonic and Sally’s impending wedding in a barn outside of the Great Forest and plans an attack! But there’s more to this "wedding" than meets the eye…

"Sally’s Crusade – Part Two: In The Still of the Night"

Writers: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders
Artist: Art Mawhinney
Penciler: Jon D’Agostino

This issue features the first death in a Sonic comic as we are introduced to Julayla. While trying to determine the nature of the mysterious orb (Sonic 17), Sally is called to the bedside of her old mentor, Julayla, just before she dies. And it is there that she realizes that her destiny is about to change for the better as she witnesses Julayla’s death and becomes closer to Sonic. And somehow, the orb is connected to it… To be continued in the In-Your-Face Special.

Cover by Dave Manak & Jon D’Agostino