Sonic The Hedgehog #53

Release Sep 28, 2022
Writer Evan Stanley
Lineart Adam Bryce Thomas
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Surge is angry, and she’s about to make it everyone’s problem… At least everyone in Central City. Sonic’s friends race to stop her rampage, but there’s something different about her. Something…more powerful.

Featured stories[]

Overpowered, Part 2[1][]


In the main tower of Eggperial City, Eggman asks to know who the recent intruder is, hoping it is not Sonic, while Orbot calls out for Cubot. Surge then steps out from the cloud of smoke, stating that she is not Sonic but instead someone better, and that she will be taking from Eggman. The doctor recognizes her as one of Starline's associates and orders his Egg Pawns to shoot her, albeit not in the head so that he can get his Dynamo Cage back intact. However, the attack proves futile against the empowered Surge. Eggman angrily asks the tenrec what she has done to his Dynamo Cage as she is not using it in the intended way, to which she responds by destroying the Egg Pawns and tackling Eggman to the ground. She declares that it is her Dynamo Cage now and that she will use it her way. As she zaps his nose, she tells him he is lucky that Sonic is her first priority but that she will be back for him later. She then busts out of the side of the tower and lands outside the city, pleased with herself and excited to continue testing out the Dynamo Cage. However, her excitement is cut short by the appearance of what seems to be Dr. Starline. Surge is immediately taken aback due to being under the impression that he was gone, to which Starline responds by suggesting he is not real and that the Dynamo Cage is causing her brain to run on overdrive. In disbelief, Surge reaches for the Dynamo Cage on her head, causing Starline to tauntingly encourage her to take it off, but she tells him she will not listen to him. When Starline asks who she is talking to then, she attempts to electrocute him, only to realize he was never actually there.

The next day, at Tails' Lab, Tails finishes wrapping some gauze around Sonic's left leg, which the latter notes feels great now. Kit asks if Sonic needs more ice or bandages, both of which Sonic declines, stating he is okay, which causes Kit to nervously apologize. Tails asks Belle how the repairs on Motobud are going; she explains that the amount of damage has made it hard for her to tell what she is looking at or for, but that she will figure it out. Tails asks Sonic what they are going to do about Kit, to which the hedgehog reveals that he intends to tell Kit the truth. Tails is unsure at first, suggesting to wait and give him time, but Sonic believes that he deserves to know since Surge and Starline were essentially his family. As Kit returns from putting away the first-aid kit, Sonic begins recounting the events in Eggperial City to him: how he fought Surge and watched her fall despite trying to help her, and how Belle witnessed Starline's demise after he fought Eggman. The news leaves Kit silent and dejected as Sonic apologizes, stating that he did what he could but that they are gone now.

Meanwhile, Surge arrives in Central City and begins using her newfound power to terrorize the populace when she is confronted by Whisper and her Wisps. Whisper's Pink and Orange Wisps tell her they can take on Surge and that they cannot allow her actions to continue. Using the various modes on her Variable Wispon, Whisper closes the gap and attempts to strike Surge, forcing the tenrec to dodge. She attempts to electrocute Whisper with the Dynamo Cage, only to realize the device is out of charge. As she retreats for cover, she wonders how she can get more power, and immediately realizes the answer. She attempts to rush Whisper, only to take a direct shot from her Wispon. However, the Dynamo Cage allows Surge to absorb some of the Wisp energy, much to Whisper's shock. Surge once again rushes Whisper, this time pinning her to the ground. Whisper's Pink Wisp emerges from the Wispon to face Surge but the tenrec simply grabs and it and fully absorbs its power, causing her entire body to glow pink. Whisper attempts to retreat but is easily intercepted by Surge. Using her Wispon's Cube Mode, Whisper charges at Surge and swings at her, only for the latter to effortlessly block the attack with her newfound strength. Surge lifts the Wispon into the air—with Whisper still clinging to it and pleading for Surge to give her Pink Wisp back—and slams both to the ground, causing the Wispon to break in half and allowing Surge to continue absorbing the Wisps' energy.

At the lab, Tails is informed by Jewel via video call of the recent events downtown, with the beetle explaining that they keep getting conflicting reports from Central City, and that Tangle and the other volunteers are busy trying to deal with the damage from another Badnik attack. She asks if Tails is in the area, to which the fox confirms that he and Sonic are, and assures Jewel that they will check it out. As the two head out, Belle decides to stay with Kit, believing that someone should be there for him.

Back in the city, Surge has absorbed all of Whisper's Wisps except for the Cyan Wisp, and mockingly asks which power she would like to be finished off with. Out of pure desperation, Whisper grabs a piece of shrapnel from her broken Wispon and lunges at Surge with it in hand, but the tenrec easily dodges and pins her down using the Blue Wisp's Cube power. Surge is then met with another hallucination of Starline, who once again taunts her for being careless with her power. Sonic and Tails then arrive on the scene, the former of whom is shocked to see Surge still alive yet disappointed that she has not changed her ways. As Surge uses the Orange Wisp's power to launch an attack at the surreal Starline, who continues taunting her, the cube on top of Whisper disappears, allowing Tails to take her to safety while Sonic confronts Surge. Tails tells Whisper that they will get her back to the lab after dealing with Surge, to which the wolf tearfully responds that she needs her Wisps back. Tails assures her that they will save them and tells her to stay safe.

In the lab, Belle is watching a news report covering the situation downtown when she notices Kit attempting to leave. She tries to stop him, telling him he has to look after himself, but the fennec disagrees, stating that Surge, who he was made to serve, is gone, but that Sonic could also use him and he refused to lose him due to this. Belle attempts to reason with him but to no avail, as Kit uses his hydrokinesis to trap her under some debris. She tries to tell him that he already matters, but Kit, having made up his mind, begins making his way to the city, intending to find and help Sonic.



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