Sonic The Hedgehog #59

Release Apr 19, 2023
Writer Evan Stanley
Lineart Adam Bryce Thomas
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Androids everywhere! Three teams are trapped in Eggperial City, fighting wave after wave of androids. Sonic is speeding, Amy is smashing, Tails is flying. Shadow is punching, Omega is ripping, Rouge is…looting. But will it be enough? And has anyone seen Tangle?!

Featured stories[]

Urban Warfare, Part 3[]


Sonic and Tails look at Team Dark standing over the ruins of a building they destroyed. Rouge says hi to Sonic and Tails as Buzzbombers close in on them. Silver then arrives on the scene, holding Amy and Blaze with his Psychokinesis. Sonic tells Team Dark he is flattered for them to come save him, but they are "late to the party". Shadow walks past Sonic saying he has no idea what he's talking about and he doesn't care. Rouge leans on Sonic and tells him they are here to see what could do to destroy Eggperial City. As Omega shoots the Buzzbombers out of the sky, he says he can destroy more of Eggman's forces the more concentrated they are. Sonic isn't convinced, neither is Amy and she pushes Sonic aside to tell Rouge that is too altruistic for her to do. Rouge fesses up she wants to take anything interesting she finds, such as what's inside Eggman's private vaults. Tails and Silver suggest for them to team up so they can take out the city. Omega says the conversation is irrelevant to their mission and Rouge coldly tells the other heroes they will only slow them down. Sonic doesn't think they would slow down if they work together, but Blaze tells him their efforts can only help them even if they don't work together.

Sonic is interrupted by Dr. Eggman speaking on the city loudspeakers. He introduces his city as a self-repairing metropolis and any building they destroy, a dozen more will take its place. Eggman then says he has something for this situation he has been saving for a while. He then releases a horde of Shadow Androids from a Blowfish Transporter to attack and "welcome" the group. Eggman laughs at the scene as he watches from his command center while eating popcorn. Orbot compliments Eggman's speech, which Eggman says he knows it was and he's going to enjoy his plan coming together perfectly. He hails his Shadow Androids and says he knew he they would come in handy someday. Metal Sonic stands by as his master says Sonic will regret coming back to his city. Tangle, Whisper, and Lanolin watch on from a doorway and enter the room as Eggman leaves to get cheese for his popcorn. Lanolin tries top stop Tangle from getting close to Metal Sonic, but Tangle asks why as she pushes her hand through Metal's unsuspecting head. Lanolin facepalms and says that's not how they are supposed to do these things. Tangle points out they are not going to spot them and Lanolin concedes, saying it would make looking through the room easier.

The Diamond Cutters look through a window and see the Shadow Androids. Tangle points out this is what caused the first Diamond Cutters demise. Feeling the trauma from her memories, Whisper sinks to the ground. Tangle helps her up and Whisper says it is too late for them. Tangle puts her hands on Whisper's shoulders and tells her the others are not going to die to the Shadow Androids because she won't let it happen. She promises Whisper they are going to figure this out and hugs her. As Lanolin and Tangle consul Whisper, the Shadow Androids attack the other heroes. Sonic ask Tails what they are dealing with. Tails says he doesn't know because the robots are moving too fast for them to get a clear reading. Blaze attacks the Androids as they get closer, but they seem unaffected by her flames, to her surprise. Amy hits them with her hammer, but struggles to get it out of their grip. Sonic says they needs to leave and asks Silver to make a ramp. Silver raises the ground ground into a ramp and Sonic launches off while holding Amy, Tails, and Blaze.

As they launch off, Silver notices Team Dark and Sonic says they are holding their ground. He thinks if they join forces, they can get an upper hand. Blaze then grabbed a hold of Sonic and Amy. Meanwhile, Rouge showed concern about their situation. Shadow said the androids have no strategy and their movement can be manipulated. If they get in a better position, they can take them out. Just then, Blaze threw Sonic and Amy down onto the androids in front of Shadow. Sonic, Amy, and Shadow then fought off more Shadow Androids as the whole group gathered together. Shadow quickly explained the Shadow Androids are cheap copies made by Doctor Eggman. Omega was then overwhelmed by several androids and forced to the ground. Rouge asked for Shadow to use his Chaos powers, but Shadow said he can't unless he has a Chaos Emerald. Tails explained the crystal they are on generates Chaos energy. Shadow is unhappy with being forced to use a "pale substitute", but agrees to channel their energy.

Using Chaos Control, Shadow eliminated the Shadow Androids that surrounded them. The group cheered Shadow on, with Sonic considering to use the powers himself. Shadow told them not to celebrate yet and then felt a sudden surge in energy. Giant Fake Chaos Emeralds started to grow out of the ground with the group being tossed up. Rouge asked Shadow what was happening, with Shadow saying the energy is too much. Shadow screamed out in pain and a beacon of Chaos Energy is shot out of him. The group ran off as Giant Fake Emeralds started to pop out everywhere. Rouge went to save Shadow and Omega, but the Fake Emeralds prevented her from going to them. In Eggman's command center, Cubot asked if what is going on is supposed to happen. Eggman frantically types on the keyboard, angered but not surprised that Shadow has caused trouble. The Diamond Cutters look on, pondering what is going on. Eggman then turned on an emergency energy limiter and restarted the city's program, saying it will take more than that to take out his city.

The remaining group looks over the city from a building. Amy wonders what happened and Tails says it was some kind of runaway feedback loop, unsure if it is intentional or not. Sonic goes to Rouge and says Omega and Shadow are tough. Rouge shakes and says she knows. Silver says that now that they know what they are up against, they can take it out. Blaze agrees and says they won't be away from their friends for long. Rouge appreciates Sonic's chipper attitude and Sonic says he can't wait to see Shadow's face when they save him. The lights come back on in the command center and Eggman sees the systems are coming back online. As he expresses his anger that he can't see where the Restoration members on, Lanolin tells Tangle that surge nearly disabled the entire city. She speculates if they trigger a bigger one, and stop Eggman from throttling it, they can destroy the city. Tangle agrees to the idea, but they suddenly start to become visual to reality again. Lanolin tells them not to panic and they freeze when Eggman sees them.

Eggman says he has seen them before and they ran into his Spatial-Displacement Trap. Eggman says they almost escaped when the power dipped, but reveals his new models that can shatter their atoms into oblivion. Whisper shoots Eggman with her Wispon, but it goes right through him. Eggman says her Wispon has been separated from normal space and she can't hurt him. The hexagonal trap surrounds Whisper and Tangle runs to save her, but the trap closes in on Whisper. Another trap starts to surround Tangle, but Lanolin shoves her out of the way. Lanolin commands her to find the others and tell them what to do. Before she can give more instructions, the trap closes in on her as Tangle looks on in horror. Eggman monologues that Tangle has nowhere to run and no way to fight as another trap surrounds her. She walks back into the glass wall, and unexpectedly walks right through it, falling into the city bellow.







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