Sonic The Hedgehog #60

Release May 17, 2023
Writer Evan Stanley
Lineart Thomas Rothlisberger
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

The battle rages on! But how do you fight a city?! Sonic and friends race to stop Eggperial City from expanding, badniks from attacking, and Dr. Eggman from…doing whatever it is Dr. Eggman does.

Featured stories[]

Urban Warfare, Part 4[]


Tangle is falling from the central tower of Eggperial City. Realizing she has nothing to grab, she closes her eyes and tells Whisper she is sorry. Tangle screams as she hits the ground, but she phases in and out of it. Metal Sonic lands behind her, with him another Spatial-Displacement Trap. Tangle runs and dodges the trap. She tells herself not to panic as she tries to evade Metal. Metal Sonic follows Tangle into an alley, but he finds it empty. He goes away and Tangle peaks her head out of the ground. With the coast clear, she gets out of the ground asks herself what the trap did to her. She knows it isn't good, but it is useful. Tangle holds herself, saying she needs to find Sonic and the others. She laments Lanolin would know how to find them and Whisper could get them there. Tangle doubts she can keep her promise, but she shakes it off trying not to think about it. She tells herself to keep moving forward and she has to figure this out. Tangle goes to a pillar of smoke; unaware Metal Sonic is close behind.

Silver, meanwhile, is discussing a plan to take down the city. He suggests going directly at Eggman, but Amy says the last time they went into an Eggman tower things didn't go well. Silver says he isn't afraid of Eggman and they'll win if they work together. Blaze puts a hand on Silver's shoulder and says it would be rash for them to assume victory before the fight. Tails says they need whatever they can to improve their odds. Rouge says their best bet is saving Shadow and Omega. Silver agrees and Amy says it's good when cooler heads prevail. Tangle then pops out from the ground and Miles Electric. Amy freaks out and swings her hammer at Tangle, which phases through her and destroys the Miles Electric. Tails looks at the pieces and Amy apologizes. Silver asks Tangle what happened to her; the whole group being perplexed by her semi-solid state. Tangle yells at them to snap out of it, saying she has some important info and the Diamond Cutters are in trouble. Sonic asks if the trap they got in did this, and Tangle says yes but Eggman didn't intend for that to happen. As she tells him about Lanolin and Whisper, another trap surrounds Sonic, but he dodges it as it closes.

Metal Sonic flies in and starts to fight Sonic. Tangle realizes Metal followed her here, then sees Silver being surrounded by a trap and yells at him to get away. Blaze goes in and burns them away. As Amy and Tails pin down Metal, Sonic recognizes the green light from the trap as the same one that got the Diamond Cutters. Silver uses his psychokinesis to destroy the trap. Silver and Sonic prepare to fight Metal Sonic, but Amy runs in and hits the ground with her hammer, saying they got bigger problems, no time, and she isn't in the mood. The ground crumbles under Metal and he falls into the rubble. Rouge praises her direct action and Tails says they need to go before he comes back. He asks Tangle what they needed to tell them, and Tangle says they figured out how to take down the city.

The group splits, with Rouge, Silver, and Blaze going to find Shadow and Omega. Silver amazed by the damage to the street they were in and starts to doubt they are still there. Rouge says they better be and Blaze tells them to be quiet, saying enemies may still be lurking around here. Rouge says if there were any androids left she would see them by now. Just then, a Shadow Android swipes at Rouge and they find Omega buried under rubble. Rouge asks if he is in one piece, and Omega says he is and will enact his revenge on the terrain when he is free. The ground collapses bellow them and they fall into the Memorial Garage. Rouge finds Shadow surrounded by many Giant Fake Chaos Emeralds; she notes the Fake Emeralds have some bad side effects. She goes in to get him about, but some Shadow Androids come out to block her way.

Meanwhile, Tails hot wires an elevator in the central tower and he, Sonic, Amy, and Tangle start to go up. Amy reviews their plan: break into the control room, then Tails disables the safeguards on the Fake Emeralds. Doing so should crash the system and free Whisper and Lanolin. Tails approves of the plan, but the elevator suddenly stops. They look up and see Metal Sonic cutting the elevator cable. It snaps and Tails starts to fly up, holding the rest of the group. Metal then jumps down and takes down Sonic. Tangle grabs Metal with her tail and wraps it around him so he can't see. Sonic spin jumps back up and thanks Tangle.

Back in the Memorial Garage, Rouge and Blaze are fighting the Shadow Androids. Rouge says they are running out of time and Blaze says she can't get an opening. Omega says to stand down and fires to make an opening. They run to the Fake Emeralds, but Blaze stops, saying it's overpowering. Rouge says she won't get bossed around by a rock and goes in but gets shocked by it and is picked up by Blaze. Silver moves in, saying he can handle it. He starts to say how he can figure out why it's unstable but gets shocked badly when he touches it. He sneers and removes a piece of the Emerald, revealing Shadow. Another emerald then grows out of the ground. Silver starts to doubt himself, saying its growing faster than he can tear it off. Blaze calls out to Silver and gives him a nod. Encouraged, Silver yells to Shadow to get ready because he won't give up so easily and starts to rip more emeralds out.

In the control room, Eggman says Shadow's Chaos Control is making the Fake Emeralds unstable. He wants him to keep it up so they grow bigger. Orbot says that would be dangerous if the city's infrastructure can't keep up. Eggman says that's what the safeguards are for and he can just reboot the system if the power overloads. Sonic taunts Eggman as he and the rest of the heroes and Metal come in. Eggman yells at Metal and Amy knocks Eggman out of his seat. Metal Sonic manages to throw off Tangle and another Spatial-Displacement Trap appears. Sonic and Metal start to battle it out, but Sonic isn't impressed by Metal's fighting, saying it's like patty cake. Orbot and Cubot apologizes to Eggman for not being able to fight. Eggman then gets a small laser pistol out of his sleeve and shoots at Amy, knocking the hammer out of her hand. Sonic cries out at Amy and Metal gets a good punch on Sonic.

Tails sees Amy and Sonic down and spins his tails against Eggman's face as he tries to stop him while the trap surrounds Tangle. Tails finishes removing the safeguards just as Eggman grabs him. Eggman looks on in horror and tells them without the safeguards, there is nothing stopping the Emerald Growth. The city starts to be torn apart and Shadow wakes up. The central tower starts to lean over, letting Tails get free from Eggman and the trap to miss Tangle. Eggman presses one of his coat buttons and says he's starting plan B. The central tower has its three legs move out of it and disconnected from its foundation, revealing it to be a giant mech.







  • Orbot's speech bubble on page 16 doesn't use a robotic font or is in a square shape like it is on page 17.

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