Sonic The Hedgehog #61

Release Jun 7, 2023
Writer Evan Stanley
Lineart Adam Bryce Thomas
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

This is it! The end! (Of the arc, that is.) Everyone is focused on the central command tower: if that goes down, the city will fall. But are three teams enough to stop something it seems even Dr. Eggman can’t control?

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Urban Warfare, Part 5[]


Sonic and his friends corner Dr. Eggman inside his tower as the latter gloats about his creations being more than enough to handle them. Sonic charges at Eggman to deliver a punch but gets caught in the same trap as Diamond Cutters, after which Eggman sends Metal Sonic to attack Tails and Amy. Tangle attempts to intervene but her arm simply phases through Metal Sonic's body. However, when she tries to grab him again, she makes contact, although Eggman quickly grabs her. Before Tangle can punch Eggman with her tail, he holds her at gunpoint, saying her desperation is showing and she should not have sided with Sonic and the others. Much to Eggman and Tangle's shock, Lanolin and Whisper then appear, now free from the trap, and introduce themselves to the doctor as the Diamond Cutters, with Whisper using her Variable Wispon's Cube Mode to knock Eggman and Metal Sonic back. Meanwhile, Silver tries to help Shadow, who is struggling to control the power of the crystals that are growing in excess, but Silver is able to encourage Shadow to fight back, leading to him being freed and gaining control.

Back at the tower, Tails deduces that due to the shutdown of Eggperial City’s computer systems, the Diamond Cutters are now back in normal space. Tangle cries and is comforted by Whisper as she is overwhelmed with emotion that they are back. Eggman once again sends Metal Sonic to attack, but he is suddenly stopped by Sonic, who kicks Metal Sonic out of the tower after being freed from the same trap. The Diamond Cutters leave and Sonic crushes the gun Eggman was using, telling the doctor he has taken things too far and that he knows what is going to happen next. Sonic, Tails, and Amy jump out of the tower and look for a place to land, only for a massive crystal pillar to rise up nearby due to Shadow's efforts. Eggman, unwilling to give up, tries to destroy them with his mobile base, with Metal Sonic hijacking a Turtloid to give chase and attack Sonic once again.

Witnessing this from below, Rouge, Blaze, and Omega prepare to help out, with the latter two distracting Metal Sonic long enough for Sonic to kick him away into their line of fire while Rouge carries him to safety. Eggman continues firing on the crystal pillar, but Shadow uses Chaos Control to move all the fake Emeralds around the fort's legs and demobilize Eggman's fortress. With the doctor now stuck, Sonic, with help from Blaze, Amy, Tangle, and Whisper, finally destroys Eggman's base. However, as stated by Shadow, this sets off a chain reaction that will eventually cause the fake Emeralds to explode and destroy the entire city along with them. As such, he tells Silver to go protect the others. Just before the Emeralds explode on Sonic, Tangle, and Whisper, Shadow performs another Chaos Control that sends all the Emeralds into the sky, to parts unknown.

Later, the group celebrates their victory with a picnic, where Tails and Belle discuss the repairs that were made to Whisper's Variable Wispon. Amy and Jewel then arrive with a cake they prepared, with Amy suddenly noticing that Rouge, during the invasion, stole an Echidna artifact. She tells Rouge that it belongs on Angel Island and that she should return it. Rouge makes an excuse not to, so Amy says she will return it to Knuckles herself. Amy then asks where Sonic is, to which Tails answers that he has already left, much to her frustration as Sonic leaps off a ramp to another adventure.



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IDWSonic61-"That" typo

The typo itself.

  • Silver and Shadow make a reference to Silver's infamous line "It's no use!" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • In a panel on the top right of page 15, the background of Tangle and Whisper holding hands bears a striking resemblance to the lesbian pride flag.
  • On page 6, Silver says "I'm not giving up that that easily," with the repeated word likely being a typo.

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