Sonic The Hedgehog #62

Sonic The Hedgehog #62 Cover A

Release Jun 28, 2023
Writer Ian Flynn
Interior Art Thomas Rothlisberger
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

With Dr. Eggman and Surge subdued for now, Sonic and friends have a chance to relax, reset, and plan for the future. Join us for a set of misadventures in our brand-new story arc, starting here in issue #62 and running full speed through #66! First, Amy visits Knuckles on Angel Island to return a relic. The island, as always, has a few surprises in store for them for them as they catch up. Meanwhile, Mimic is putting together the purrfect disguise to infiltrate the Restoration.

Story One[]




  • Amy Rose
  • Knuckles the Echidna


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  • Sonic's dimension
    • Sonic's world
      • Angel Island

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