Sonic The Hedgehog #63

Release Aug 16, 2023
Writer Evan Stanley
Ian Flynn
Interior Art Aaron Hammerstrom
Adam Bryce Thomas
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Stuck in the past with no clear directive, Silver decides to spend some time with the Diamond Cutters and their new member. But he’s too busy being star-struck over Whisper to notice that he’s interrupting their training! Elsewhere, Sonic takes Blaze sightseeing so she can enjoy her vacation.

Featured stories[]

Misadventures, Part 1[]

  • Story & Art: Evan Stanley
  • Colors: Valentina Pinto
  • Letters: Shawn Lee
  • Editor: David Mariotte
  • Special thanks to: Mai Kiyotaki, Michael Cisneros, Sandra Jo, Sonic Team, and everyone at Sega for their invaluable assistance


In Restoration HQ, Belle finishes repairing Whisper's Variable Wispon before leaving to help another member of the Restoration with a separate task. Tangle and Whisper also set off for their training with Lanolin, only to bump into Silver on the way out. When he reveals to them his fears of wasting time in the present and not working hard enough (despite wanting to enjoy what he has), Whisper invites him to train with them, much to the hedgehog's excitement.

In Green Hill, Lanolin explains to the Diamond Cutters their training objective for the day, which is to re-green the surrounding area, starting with clearing out the rocks in a nearby canyon. She adds that it will also be a good opportunity to practice communication and coordination due to the new additions to their team. As they get started, "Duo" recognizes Silver and the trouble he could cause him if not handled appropriately. The two introduce themselves to one another, and Duo attempts to appeal to Silver's ego by recalling some of the latter's recent heroic acts and calling him a legend, although Silver remains rather humble about his involvement in those situations, simply stating that he helped. When asked how much he can lift with his psychokinesis, Silver demonstrates his powers by casually picking up several boulders, bragging to Duo that although this was easy for him, he did not want to bring down the entire mountain by overdoing it. At the bottom of the canyon, Lanolin asks Silver to bring the rocks down to her location, but Duo kicks Silver's shoe, which causes him to lose his balance and drop the rocks, sending them plummeting toward the other Diamond Cutters. Silver attempts to fly down and help them, but a Giant Chopper suddenly bursts out from behind the rocks and ambushes him and Duo, its entrance causing water to flood into the canyon.

Lanolin asks Whisper if she can fly them out, to which Whisper answers that her Wispon's Green Hover mode is not fast enough. Tangle uses her tail as a grappling hook to grab onto a ledge above, allowing the three to escape the oncoming rocks. However, several smaller ones are still obstructing their path, forcing them to briefly split up. Whisper uses her Green Hover mode to manuever around while Lanolin uses her own Wispon to destroy some of the rocks, after which the two land on the clifftop with Tangle. Tangle spots Silver and Duo under attack by the Giant Chopper, with Silver trying to keep its jaws open while Duo yells at him to destroy it. Noticing Silver is struggling, Duo takes the opportunity to flee, during which his eyes and irises briefly revert back to their original black-and-white coloring. Before the Giant Chopper can completely consume Silver, it is shot down by Whisper's Orange Rocket mode. Lanolin asks Duo where Silver is, to which the cat answers that he could not save him due to the Badnik's huge teeth. Immediately after, however, Silver forces the Giant Chopper's mouth open and slams it into the side of the canyon with relative ease. Silver then accuses Duo of ditching him, although the cat claims he was going to call for help, which Silver is doubtful of. Lanolin tells Silver not to point fingers and that he should have better control over such dangerous powers, adding that, whether or not it was an accident, he must do better next time.

While Silver sulks at his garden in Emeraldville Ruins, Whisper suddenly appears behind the hedgehog, startling him. He tells her about his suspicions regarding Duo, mentioning how he seemed to be a completely different person during their fight with the Giant Chopper. Whisper confirms that she saw Silver get kicked by Duo, instead of tripping like the others were led to believe. Silver also recalls Duo's eyes seemingly changing color in front of him, describing the white part becoming black and his irises white. This information alerts Whisper, causing her to put on her mask and declare that they are going hunting.

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21 November 2012



  • Badniks
    • Giant Chopper (first appearance)
    • Motobud
  • Master Overlord (mentioned)
  • Mimic
  • Restoration
    • Belle the Tinkerer
    • Diamond Cutters
      • Lanolin the Sheep
      • Tangle the Lemur
      • Whisper the Wolf
  • Silver the Hedgehog


  • Sonic's dimension
    • Sonic's world
      • Emeraldville Ruins
        • Restoration HQ
      • South Island
        • Green Hill

Races and species:

  • Wisp
    • Blue Wisp
    • Cyan Wisp
    • Orange Wisp
    • Pink Wisp
    • Green Wisp


  • Metal Virus (mentioned)
  • Variable Wispon


  • Belle is still working for the Restoration after joining them in Sonic the Hedgehog #37, "Test Run, Part 1".
  • Silver is still with the restoration and struggling with personal issues after returning to their time in Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022, "Future Growth".
  • Mimic remains disguised as Duo after infiltrating the Diamond Cutters in the previous issue.
  • Mimic recalls Silver's involvement in defeating Master Overlord and ending the Metal Virus pandemic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11, "The Battle for Angel Island, Part 3" and Sonic the Hedgehog #29, "All or Nothing, Part 4", respectively.
    • However, he refers to Master Overlord as Metal Overlord instead. It is unknown if this is an error or if Mimic misremembered the correct name.


  • A Reliant Robin can be seen in the in the Restoration workshop in the first panel.

Speed Sightseeing[]

  • Story: Ian Flynn
  • Inks: Rik Mack
  • Art: Aaron Hammerstrom
  • Colors: Reggie Graham
  • Letters: Shawn Lee
  • Editor: David Mariotte
  • Special thanks to: Mai Kiyotaki, Michael Cisneros, Sandra Jo, Sonic Team, and everyone at Sega for their invaluable assistance


Sonic and Blaze rush through the sewers of Spagonia, with Blaze not having expected this area to be the "scenic route" Sonic had mentioned. Sonic believes she would have wanted to see more interesting locales after all of the peaceful ones they had been to, to which Blaze agrees despite having heard of Spagonia's beauty as a city. They reach the sewer exit and jump outside, leaping and running across the rooftops. Sonic asks Blaze if she is willing to scale the town's clock tower, promising a good view, and she agrees despite her acrophobia. While standing on the clock's arms, Blaze admires the surrounding architecture, being reminded of her world by it. Sonic offers to get them some food from one of the city's restaurants, only to notice her distracted by something, which turns out to be neither the view nor the heights they are standing at.

Blaze explains that all the sights Sonic has shown her have given her a love for his world matching that for her own world, and as such, she feels the need to show it an equal amount of dedication by striving to protect it. However, Sonic reminds her that her world has already been saved and she is here on a vacation, one that does not involve working. His words remind her of what Knuckles told her, causing Sonic to jokingly remark that if the concept was obvious to Knuckles, it should be easy to understand. Blaze tells Sonic she is envious of his ability to balance recreation with duty, and wishes to learn how to do this during their travels. After being briefly interrupted by the clock hands moving, Sonic tells Blaze that he does not want to be in charge of how she spends her time, instead only wanting her to enjoy herself. Sonic asks if she wants to get their food on the go as he was already intending to bring Tails and Amy some lunch. Blaze accepts, once again questioning Sonic's definition of a scenic route when he brings it up, and the two descend the tower.



  • Amy Rose (mentioned)
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Dr. Eggman (mentioned)
  • Jewel the Beetle (mentioned)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (mentioned)
  • Lah (cameo)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (mentioned)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Su (cameo)
  • Uh (cameo)


  • Sol Dimension (mentioned)
    • Blaze's world (mentioned)
  • Sonic's dimension
    • Sonic's world
      • Holoska (flashback)
      • Mirage Saloon (flashback)
      • Spagonia
      • Station Square (flashback)


  • Sol Empire (mentioned)


  • Blaze is still on vacation after leaving her dimension in Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022, "Guardians".
    • She also recalls what Knuckles told her in the same story.


  • When Sonic and Blaze are speeding through the sewers of Spagonia, Lah, Su, and Uh from Sonic: Night of the Werehog can be seen in the background.
  • When Sonic and Blaze are seen examining a clothes store in a flashback, the two mannequins seen in the store window are wearing Blaze's outfit from cover A of Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022 and Amy Rose's swimsuit from Sonic X, respectively.
  • During this story, Sonic says "What you see is what you get! I'm just a hedgehog that loves-" before being cut off by the sound of a chiming bell. Sonic's incomplete quote is a reference to Sonic Adventure 2, in which he says something similar: "What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure!"

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