Sonic The Hedgehog #64

Release Sep 13, 2023
Writer Evan Stanley
Ian Flynn
Interior Art Evan Stanley
Mauro Fonseca
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

This issue is all about Silver the Hedgehog! First, he’s incredibly suspicious of the Diamond Cutters’ new member and he jumps to a conclusion that leads him to some hasty accusations. Awkwardness ensues. Then, Blaze comforts Silver as they bond over being away from home and in Sonic’s world.

Featured stories[]

Misadventures, Part 2[]


Whisper talks with Silver about her time with the original Diamond Cutters and how despite once seeing him as a friend, Mimic ended up showing his true colors when he betrayed them to Eggman. Whisper and Silver discuss this while watching Duo from a nature display. Silver complains about Duo not doing anything to raise suspicion. Silver thinks they should spook him, but Whisper says they need evidence before they can strike. Silver says not to worry and raises Duo's foot up with his telekinesis, causing him to fall over the railing, where Lanolin catches him. She calls out to Silver to cut it out and come out. Maggie pulls him out as Lanolin asks why he has been sneaking around all morning. Whisper comes out to say they are stopping a monster. Lanolin demands an explanation and Silver says Duo is Mimic.

Lanolin asks for evidence, but Whisper says they will soon and she can tell he's Mimic. Lanolin interrupts her and says she is harassing a teammate. Whisper reaches for Duo, but Lanolin pushes her aside and says she is disappointed in her lack of self control. After she tells her they need to talk about things as a team, Whisper ends up fighting Lanolin. Duo tries to disappear into the crowd, but Silver follows him. Silver manages to pick him up with a seat using his telekinesis, and in a desperate move, Mimic yells for Silver not to hurt him and intentionally jumps out of the chair and onto the floor. Silver is shocked and puts down the furniture he picked up.

The crowd who watched the scene asked what happened. Jewel comes to the scene and asks for space and a medic. Tangle comes in and asks what happened. She then sees Whisper shaking, saying Mimic wouldn't do something like this and this wasn't supposed to happen. Tangle takes off Whisper's mask and comforts her, saying she needs rest. Jewel asks who started this and Lanolin points to Silver. Jewel recaps what happened and Silver said he thought Duo would fight back or transform, but "he's just some guy..." Lanolin tells Silver he should stay away from the Diamond Cutters until he acts more responsibility. Whisper tells him to go as well. Jewel tells Tangle to share her thoughts, and Tangle reluctantly agrees with her teammates. Silver walks away from the scene, defeated, as Duo lets out a smile.

Later, Duo was taken to the infirmary and Jewel visited to apologize for what happened. Duo says it isn't a big deal and Jewel offers to make it up to him by having him work with her in her office temporarily. Duo says he would be honored and Jewel leaves saying she will see him soon. With her gone, Mimic takes off his sling and contemplates this recent development.

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21 November 2012



  • Restoration
    • Jewel the Beetle
    • Diamond Cutters
      • Claire Voyance (flashback)
      • Lanolin the Sheep
      • Maggie
      • Slinger the Ocelot (flashback)
      • Smithy the Lion (flashback)
      • Tangle the Lemur
      • Whisper the Wolf
  • Mimic
  • Silver the Hedgehog

Races and Species:

  • Wisp
    • Blue Wisp
    • Cyan Wisp
    • Green Wisp
    • Magenta Wisp
    • Orange Wisp
    • Pink Wisp


  • Sonic's Dimension
    • Sonic's World
      • Restoration HQ


  • Variable Wispon


  • Silver and Whisper suspect Duo of being Mimic after the revelations in the previous issue.
  • Whisper recalls Mimic betraying the original Diamond Cutters, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3, "Betrayal".


  • The yellow hedgehog in the wheelchair and the blue hedgehog beside her on the fourth panel of the fifth page resemble Silver's sisters: Venice the Hedgehog and Sicily the Hedgehog, original characters from Evan Stanley's DeviantART story, "Ghost of the Future".
    • This is the second time characters from this comic have been referenced in an official Sonic comic (the first being Sonic the Hedgehog #257, which featured cameos from Richard and Deborah Erin, Silver's parents in the comic).

Two of a Kind[]


Blaze and Sonic return from their trip and see Silver alone and upset in the Victory Garden. Blaze gives Sonic her bag and cake and goes to check on him. Blaze talks with Silver, with him revealing he feels that despite trying to be more proactive, he still is lagging behind. Blaze understands Silver is still struggling to find a purpose. She then uses the garden as a metaphor to take small steps towards improvement instead of bold actions. Silver understands what she is saying and thanks her, saying she knows what to say to make sense of things. Blaze replies as long as he listens, she is willing to help.

Sonic interrupts their conversation by sipping his cup loudly and says they are great together. He throws away his cup and gives Blaze his cake back, saying they are in sync and make a great duo, like him and Tails. He then leaves to give his friends food. With Sonic gone, Silver says he wants to hit sonic with a car sometimes, which Blaze laughs at. She collects herself, saying he comes on strong but that's a part of his charm. Blaze then says Sonic and Silver aren't that different, with both of them acting decisively, being very powerful, and wanting to protect others. Silver replies she is the same as them too, reasoning she is powerful being a princess of an empire, but instead of being unapproachable, she protects everyone because she wants to. Silver says that's inspiring and Blaze, flattered, thanks him while finishing her cake.

Blaze then says this world and time brings out the best in them, and Silver agrees. She then offers Silver to join her in exploring the world, making a time travel joke in the process. Silver accepts her offer and they head off to visit a city called "Soleanna".



  • Amy Rose (mentioned)
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Espio the Chameleon (mentioned)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (mentioned)
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Sol Dimension
    • Sol Empire (mentioned)
  • Sonic's dimension
    • Sonic's world
      • Emeraldville Ruins
      • Soleanna (mentioned)


  • Blaze and Sonic return to Restoration HQ after visiting Spagonia in the previous issue.
  • Silver recalls his talk with Esipo from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022, "Future Growth".
  • Silver recalls what Blaze said to him in Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019, "Victory Garden".


  • Silver saying he sometimes wants to hit Sonic with a car may be a reference to his boss fight in Sonic Generations.

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