Sonic The Hedgehog #67

Release Dec 6, 2023
Writer Ian Flynn
Lineart Thomas Rothlisberger
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for! The daring speedster and their best little buddy officially join the Restoration as-Wait… Surge and Kit go good?! Everyone deserves a second chance, but that doesn’t mean Sonic and Amy won’t be watching them!

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Second Chances[]



Surge and Amy hanging out together in the Restoration HQ

Running into the Restoration HQ, Sonic spots Amy and, to his surprise, Surge and Kit, hanging out and having food together. Concerned for Amy, Sonic questions if she knows who the pair are, to which Amy brushes off his concern, telling him that Surge and Kit had found their way to the Restoration themselves in peace looking to restart their lives. Surge chimes in and tells Sonic it was his idea anyway and she was looking for a new start with Kit.

The scene then cuts to a flashback of Starline Base Sigma at an earlier point where Surge complains over the lackluster rations, to which Kit apologizes and states there's no power in the building and the perishable foods have begun to rot. Fed up with their situation, Surge moves to try and leave before Kit reasons they have nowhere else safe to go as Dr. Eggman was aware of them and would be on high alert. Frustrated, Surge tells him to think of something as he is the smart one. The pair are interrupted by a loud rumble, with the building collapsing around them.

The pair fear Eggman's return and destroy the machines tearing down the buildings. They come across Burrobots and Grounders and prepare to strike, before they are interrupted by Rough and Tumble. Surge easily takes them out and threatens to take off Rough's tail. She demands to know if they work for Eggman, which they deny, causing her to question where the Eggman tech came from. Clutch appears, explaining that they are his. Surge is initially cautious and leaves Rough and Tumble to Kit while she questions Clutch. He apologizes, saying he thought the base was empty. Clutch explains he knew Dr. Starline, he was a customer, and he knows who Surge and Kit were before their transformation.

Clutch then offers her a business deal over their mutual distaste for Sonic. Surge is confused who he is, so Clutch introduces himself, company, and what he does. He tells of her of his hostile plans involving Jewel to take over the restoration from the inside and asks her to help further his mission in exchange for more information on both her and Kit. Surge agrees, but Kit is hesitant to infiltrate Restoration HQ. Surge assures him she has a plan.


Blaze, Sonic and Silver reminiscing over past friction.

Back in the present, Sonic is suspicious over Surge's change of heart, but confidently approves of it. Sonic offers Amy his help showing Surge and Kit HQ, subtly telling Amy so he can keep an eye on them. They go to the restoration depot, where they come across Blaze and Silver, with the latter carrying a large steel container overhead with his Psychokinesis, much to the surprise of Surge and the other restoration members. Blaze and Silver tell Amy they arrived back at the HQ to pick up an aid container to help Mazuri which had been experiencing a bad harvest. Blaze asks who Sonic's new friend is, and he introduces Surge to her, saying she tried to destroy him. Blaze is displeased that Sonic is making yet more friends who were once rivals. Intrigued, Surge asks about the other times. Blaze explains of her initial hostility and reminisces over their battles. Sonic mentions he fought Silver a few times too, and Silver sheepishly thanks him for being so nice about it afterwards.

Amy muses over the many times Sonic has fought Knuckles and Shadow, causing Surge to question if there was any of his friends who didn't want to 'waste' Sonic. Sonic just grins and tells her that he's a likeable guy once you get to know him. Sensing an opportunity, Surge asks Blaze and Silver, since she fought Sonic, if she's now a member of the restoration. Silver and Blaze say they aren't members but just want to help. Amy tells Surge of the restoration's voluntary roots and how Surge and Kit can opt out at any time. Surge jokes about Amy trying to kick her out, but Amy seriously says they won't be forced to do something they don't want to be here. Surge takes to heart her honesty. They continue the tour as Silver and Sonic playfully joke with one another despite the giant container above the blue hedgehog's head.

Sonic, Amy, Surge, and Kit make their way to the machine shop, which Amy explains is in charge of maintaining the vehicles that deliver the supplies from the depot. Surge says she isn't interested in gadgets and it's more of Kit's "thing", but Kit can only scowl. Sonic then comes across Belle who is surprised at Surge and Kit's presence, to Kit's exasperation and Surge's amusement. Having helped Belle who had fallen over from shock, Amy, along with Sonic, explain how the pair are there for a do-over as it wouldn't be the first time, they had helped someone once Eggman-aligned, such as Gemerl and Omega.

Belle concedes that, she too, is an example. Surge, recognizing the wispon that Belle is working on, recalls how she broke it, causing Belle to defensively protect it as she explains she fixed it up. She then tells of how she was about to visit Whisper to give it back and Sonic thinks it would be a good idea to come with her, however, Amy does not agree considering the circumstances around Surge and Whisper. With encouragement from Surge that it would all go fine, they set off to find the Neo Diamond Cutters.


Surge showing amusement over Whisper's distaste for her.

The five reach the Diamond Cutters, who send uneasy looks and glares their way. Surge playfully encourages Sonic to speak up. He makes a remark of how Surge and Kit could be great in the Diamond Cutters, of which Amy reminds it would be up to Surge and Kit if they wanted to join them, but Sonic can't see why they wouldn't want to 'kick butt'. Surge reminds the duo that the 'they' are still in the room, causing Sonic and Amy to blurt out an apology at the same time.

From the table, Duo pipes up that having Surge and Kit would be a great idea due to their level of power rivaling that of both Sonic and Tails. Lanolin is not fully on board but refuses to reject a recommendation from their former commander, much to Amy's dejection, while Tangle is on board due to trusting Sonic's ideals. Whisper firmly says no, and even when Sonic tries to persuade her she says she doesn't trust Surge. The tenrec laughs at Whisper's reaction and snatches the Wispon from Belle and points it towards Whisper while commending her on her common sense, deeming to like her. Surge says she may join the Diamond Cutters and Whisper can use her Wispon however she sees fit at her. Whisper is still suspicious and notes she'll keep an eye on Surge but leaves the issue to rest. Kit then states if Surge joins, he will too.


Surge and Sonic exchange threats.

Later, Sonic, Amy, Surge, and Kit are seen on the higher levels of the Restoration HQ. Surge states her admiration for how the place is set up and mentions with a shady look that it would be a shame if it went up in flames. Sonic reacts to the threat with one of his own: It would be a bigger shame what will happen the person stupid enough to try it and sends Surge a cold look. Surge tries to dismiss the situation by stating that they aren't there all the time, to which Amy replies to the Diamond Cutters are there, and security has been heightened after their last encounter with The Deadly Six.

Duo soon interrupts, having come to collect Surge and Kit to welcome them to their new accommodation and the trio set off. With Surge and Kit gone, Amy asks Sonic if he really trusts this plan. Sonic doesn't fully, but the incident with Mecha Sonic reminded him that everyone deserves a second or third chance, wanting Surge and Kit to live a life they didn't get due to Starline's machinations. Sonic asks why Amy is there, and she says she wanted to hang out with Jewel, but she's been busy making a deal with "Clean Sweep Inc." Sonic then asks Amy out for dinner, to which she accepts.


Surge, Kit and Mimic banding together.

Back with the infiltrators, they arrive at Surge and Kit's new room. Duo tells with a smirk of how he went to get them a shared room as they are 'codependent'. Surge is impressed with him showing 'his claws'. Duo then drops his persona, revealing himself as Mimic to the pair and states his affiliation to Clutch. Surge is amused at the fact no one in the restoration has caught onto him yet and Mimic commends her brave play in front of Whisper earlier. Mimic warns Kit that he needs to drop the scorn to not get found out by the others. Mimic explains they need to keep up the act until Clutch is ready. When he is, they will take out the priority targets and Clutch will swoop in. Kit asks if Tails is a target, and Mimic says yes, to Kit's pleasure. The three place hands on top of one another as Surge expresses her pleasure at getting to work with Duo.







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