Sonic The Hedgehog #68

Release Jan 3, 2024
Writer Evan Stanley
Lineart Evan Stanley
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

When Sonic and Tails go to test out Tails’ new extreme gear design, they run into extreme trouble! The board malfunctions at just the wrong time, plunging them down into a deep cave. What’s waiting for them down there, and will it help them get out or keep them there forever?!

Featured stories[]

The Protector[]


Sonic and Tails are tracking down the location of a Chaos Emerald. Tails is able to locate it, but Sonic goes without asking where it is. Suddenly an earthquake happens, causing Sonic to fall. Tails tries to help him only to get dragged in too. Sonic tries to catch him but fails, falling deeper into the abyss.

Sonic wakes up alongside Tails, discovering that they have landed in a underground cave system. As they explore, Tails locates the Chaos Emerald again, discovering that this was once a mine that has since been abandoned. The heroes move forward, finding a glowing, neon cave with an interesting flora. Sonic finds the Chaos Emerald, but is suddenly attacked by a giant salamander.

As the salamander and Sonic brawl against each other, Tails saves him by throwing his Extreme Gear to irritate the salamander. Tails' theorizes that the salamander is territorial: it's only attacking Sonic because they're intruding onto its unique territory. Sonic attempts to reason with the creature, promising to leave it and its territory alone, even offering the Chaos Emerald if that's what the salamander is trying to protect. Fortunately, the salamander complies and shows them the exit route.

The two heroes leave the cavern, with Sonic cementing the cave's protection by causing a cave-in. Disappointed by this, Tails accepts Sonic's reasoning, as the hedgehog understands the salamander's solitude. They leave the premises with the Chaos Emerald at hand, with no one to disturb the creature or its home again.





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