Fang the Hunter #1

Release Jan 17, 2024
Writer Ian Flynn
Lineart Mauro Fonseca
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Long have legends swirled of the mysterious and fantastic power of…the eighth Chaos Emerald! At least, that’s the rumor Fang the Hunter has heard. And he’s going to track this treasure down with a little help from his gang, Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite! First stop: That Chaos Emerald expert himself, Sonic the Hedgehog!

The first classic-era Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries from IDW featuring the jerky jerboa from Sonic Superstars: Fang the Hunter! A Fang 30th anniversary special event![

Featured stories[]

Story one[]

Fang the Hunter along with Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear are watching Sonic and are planning to surprise attack him. They untimely fail and Fang needs info from Sonic on the rumored eighth Chaos Emerald. Much to Sonic's annoyance, he assumes that Fang is referring to the Master Emerald. Considering him of no help to their hunt, Fang then leaves the hedgehog and him and his gang take off in the Marvelous Queen. Right after they leave, Tails flies over and informs Sonic that there was a battleship that attacked Marble Zone on South Island and vanished. Then Sonic and Tails rush off to their adventure. Later, Fang and his gang arrive at Angel Island and are looking for Knuckles to gather more info on the emerald. Fortunately, Knuckles is not on the Altar of Emerald. After seeing Knuckles is not home, Fang gets mad, while Bean and Bark have had enough of Fang's antics. Fang argues saying they would be no where without him; Bean responds recalling numerous times in the past where Fang has used them for saving himself. Fang would mention how they have had great times together, implying he cares deeply for his gang. Meanwhile in a small bush, a Cucky would warn Knuckles of their presence on the island, who replies that he is watching them. Later Fang's gang arrive in Mushroom Hill, and one by one they would be caught in traps set by Knuckles himself. This leaves Fang by himself, who challenges Knuckles to a battle.







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