StH: Tangle & Whisper #0


Sonic The Hedgehog #44

Wed Sep 15, 2021 Out Now!

MISSING: Belle the Tinkerer-doll-like look, blue eyes, made of wood, usually wears a green hat, and is known for being clumsy.

The search for Belle begins! Sonic and the Chaotix search far and wide for their new friend as she fights to escape. But will that be enough, or have the bad guys already won…? And where have the Zeti gone? Find out the conclusion to “Zeti Hunt”!

Sonic The Hedgehog #45

Wed Oct 13, 2021 19 d

The ROAD TO #50 starts here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

ROAD TRIP!!! The girls; Amy, Jewel, Tangle, and Belle, are heading off on a well-deserved camping trip. Between Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline, and the Deadly Six, life has been a bit stressful, so they hope rest and relaxation will bring them some peace. Unfortunately… tensions are high and Amy’s fortune card readings leave everyone feeling confused. Can the girls extinguish the awkwardness before it burns out of control? Find out in “TRIAL BY FIRE,” part one by Evan Stanley.

Sonic The Hedgehog #46

Wed Oct 27, 2021 33 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

This is not a drill! In “Trial by Fire,” part two by Evan Stanley, forest fire threatens the ecosystem and the campers-luckily, Amy, Tangle, Jewel, and Belle are there to help! The Heroines must overcome their differences and work together to save the day.

Imposter Syndrome #1

Wed Nov 10, 2021 47 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

A surge of imposters spells trouble for Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and even Eggman! Dr. Starline is pulling every tool from his kit as he creates his fastest and smartest inventions. An all new mini-series from Sonic writer Ian Flynn, Imposter Syndrome #1 will have readers seeing double!

Sonic The Hedgehog #47

Wed Dec 22, 2021 89 d

The ROAD TO #50 continues here! Enjoy a TEN-ISSUE-long adventure leading up to the EPIC SHOWDOWN in milestone issue #50.

Amy, Tangle, Jewel, and Belle’s peaceful camping trip is still up in flames… literally. The fire is blazing but all the tension from before has melted away and the heroines are ready to save the day! Plus, being confronted with such danger has some reevaluating their futures… Find out more in the final part of “Trial by Fire”!


StH: Tangle & Whisper #0 Cover

Release Apr 24, 2019
Writer Ian Flynn
Interior Art Various
Cover Art

Official Solicitation

Fan-favorites Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf take the spotlight in this special preview for their upcoming mini-series adventure! Check out a sneak peek of their next adventure as two of the newest and already most beloved Sonic characters team-up! Also includes a recap of Season 1!

* Catch up on Season 1 of Sonic as Season 2 picks up speed in the main series!

* Includes a special sneak peek of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper mini-series, coming this summer!


  • 1 Tangle & Whisper Exclusive Preview!
    • 1.1 Synopsis
    • 1.2 Appearances
    • 1.3 Continuity

Tangle & Whisper Exclusive Preview![]

  • Writer: Ian Flynn
  • Artist: Evan Stanley
  • Colorist: Matt Herms
  • Letterer: Shawn Lee
  • Editors: David Mariotte & Megan Brown


Tangle is swinging through the streets of her town when she meets her best friend, Jewel. She tells her that it was about time she stepped out of the Mineral Museum for a bit, though Jewel lets her know this was only due to Tangle nearly knocking over the sign above her door. Jewel warns Tangle that she will run into someone. Tangle scoffs at this thought, knowing fully well she has been swinging around the town since she and Jewel were little. As Tangle lists off how well she knows the town, she crashes into a chili dog cart. Ron, the owner of the cart, greets Tangle with an unsatisfactory look. The upside-down Tangle greets him back, asking for a couple of chili dogs to go.

Back at the Mineral Museum, Tangle has an ice pack on her head, expressing how embarrassing it was for her to run into the cart. Jewel teases her, saying the cart was out to get her by hiding behind a street lamp. Jewel then asks why Tangle has been more hyper lately as she is usually precocious. Tangle tells her that she is like this because of her adventures with Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. She has realized how boring her life became once again after returning to her home town. Jewel reminds Tangle that she has always been like that and asks what is stopping her from going out and finding her own adventures like Sonic. Tangle states that she has thought about it but did not want to leave in case Dr. Eggman's forces attacked the town again. Jewel adds that it would be the first time she would be going solo, with Tangle expressing how she would not have Jewel to watch her back.

A new adventure crashes into Spiral Hill.

Suddenly, Tangle and Jewel hear a crash from outside. A frightened Jewel crouches down behind her desk, worried that the Babylon Rogues have returned to town. Tangle instructs Jewel to hide while she swiftly goes off to check out the commotion. Tangle exits the museum to see "Sonic" running away from someone shooting at him. Tangle jumps in to protect her friend, only to see that it is Whisper attacking the hedgehog.



  • Babylon Rogues (mentioned)
  • Blaze the Cat (flashback)
  • Dr. Eggman (mentioned)
  • Jewel the Beetle
  • Master Overlord (mentioned)
  • Mimic
  • Ron
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (flashback)
  • Tangle the Lemur
  • Whisper the Wolf


  • Sonic's world
    • Spiral Hill Village
      • Mineral Museum


  • Chili dog (x2)
  • Sol Emerald (flashback)
  • Variable Wispon


  • Egg Fleet (mentioned)


  • Tangle recalls her meeting with Sonic and Blaze in Sonic the Hedgehog #4, "Fallout, Part 4".
  • Tangle recalls fighting Badniks in Sonic the Hedgehog #4, "Fallout, Part 4".
  • Tangle recalls fighting in against the Egg Fleet in Sonic the Hedgehog #10, "The Battle for Angel Island, Part 2".
  • Tangle recalls fighting against Master Overlord in Sonic the Hedgehog #11, "The Battle for Angel Island, Part 3".
  • Jewel and Tangle recall their encounter with the Babylon Rogues in Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019, "Bonds of Friendship".

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