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  • Karl? What are you doing?!

    A bunch of complaints about the current state of the Sonic comic.

    What the heck is Karl Bollers doing to the Sonic comic?

    That's something we all want to know. But from what I can tell, story qualities for Sonic have went down hill ever since End Game.

    I'm not trying to say Karl is a bad writer or anything, but does he know what he is doing? Evre since he took over after End Game, I only see two issues of standard Sonic quality that we saw back in the late 30s/40s: #54 and #70. Every other issue in between are neither lame or full of plot holes.

    And unlike Ken Penders, Karl uses slang in the comic book.

    Not that it's a bad thing, but after a while it gets annoying.

    Before Karl came, you never see Sonic say the word “like” to begin a sentence. Now you see it in every issue! That's just completely OUT OF CHARACTER!

    The the worst part, he added Nate Morgan. Nate completely destroys the known history. He invented the power rings?! Give me a break! Not only that, but the addition of Nate silenced the other supporting characters. Mainly Tails and Sally. Now we see them in the background, waiting to chip in one line or two in between Sonic's conversation with Nate. This has got to stop.

    Let Nate Morgan live with King Max, and let Sonic and friends of HIS age go on adventures like we used to see.

    I have to say, Sonic #70 was drasticlly better than the other issues. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and not just a fluke like Sonic #54. To this day, though, I still think that Karl isn't “the” man for Sonic. He might be a good writer and all, but if he can't write the Sonic style, then he's no good for this comic. Why doesn't Archie take a look at Ben Hurst or someone like that? Well, this is all my opinion, you may not agree, but all my statements are pretty solid facts. And I know that many many fans agree with me about this subject.