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  • Interview With Mettle Sonic

    This interview is done by Vector, the new member of the Sonic HQ News Crew. He’ll be doing the interviews from now on. We thank Vector for this GREAT interview with Mettle Sonic, the developer of the Sonic RPG. We suggest that everyone tryout this game. It’s shaping up to be a good if not great fun game. Mettle does need some help in making the game, so if you’re interested, email him. Also, please visit the Sonic RPG page. And here’s the Sonic HQ EXCLUSIVE interview:

    Sonic HQ: Thanks for allowing us from Sonic HQ to do this interview with you, Mettle Sonic.

    Mettle Sonic: No problem.

    Sonic HQ: How far are you in the development of Sonic RPG?

    Mettle Sonic: So far I’ve only got 3 1/2 levels done. The first being Knothole; the second being the Wolfpack camp; the third being an ice cap level; and the last some sorta tunnel. I will get more though, lots more…

    Sonic HQ: Are you looking for anyone to help with the full version?

    Mettle Sonic: yeah, if you’ve seen the demo you’ve seen how pathetic the backgrounds look so I’m looking for someone to do that for me, I also need someone to make music for the game since all of the music is just a bunch of midis I got from variouse sites, but what I really need is someone to make a better webpage for me. Mine really sux.

    Sonic HQ: What do you have planned for those new levels?

    Mettle Sonic: I don’t know yet, I’m sorta working as I go along, trying to build up a storyline. But I basicly want to go through most of Mobius. And I could too, since there’s enough room to make 99 maps.

    Sonic HQ: Do you have any parts of the storyline planned yet?

    Mettle Sonic: Some, but not a lot, since I want to incorporate things from all of the diffarent Sonic universes.

    Sonic HQ: Which universe do you expect to be dominant in the story?

    Mettle Sonic: Probably the comic one (Archie), but I intend to mix a lot of the Sega stuff with it too. Like the Little Planet and Metal Sonic. I won’t use much of the Fleetway though, since I dont know much about it.

    Sonic HQ: Any AoSTH?

    Mettle Sonic: Most likely not since I absolutly hated it!!! But I will use the SatAM.

    Sonic HQ: Which characters will be playable?

    Mettle Sonic: So far I’ve got Mighty, Sonic, Tails and Ray but I will have much more. I’m working on Espio and Knuckles right now. I basicly intend to have most of the characters but unfortunatly I won’t be able to do Bunnie or Vector.

    Sonic HQ: Why not?

    Mettle Sonic: Its basicly a size problem, both of Bunnie’s ears would have to be down and look really messed up in order to fit on the screen and Vector is too tall also.

    Sonic HQ: Are you drawing the characters?

    Mettle Sonic: Yeah, most of them anyway.

    Sonic HQ: Do you have any ideas on how you might differentiate the characters? (different moves/attacks, etc.)

    Mettle Sonic: Yeah, all of the characters already have different moves and attacks.

    Sonic HQ: How did you create Sonic RPG?

    Mettle Sonic: What do you mean.

    Sonic HQ: Well, how did you find the game engine that plays it, how did you make the .rpg file, and how did you make the graphics?

    MettleSonic: Oh, I used a little program called O.H.R.RPG.C.E. to make the game and most of the graphics I made myself or imported from the actual Sega games.

    Sonic HQ: Where can it be found? How did you hear of it?

    Mettle Sonic: I found it by chance. I got it bookmarked but I don’t know the site by heart. I’m gonna put it on my webpage when I get the chance.

    Sonic HQ: I thought your music choices were great. How did you decide on them? Will O.H.R.RPG.C.E. let you use different music for different levels?

    Mettle Sonic: I just downloaded lots of diffarent midis and decided which fit the levels best. And yes, I can change the music whenever I want.

    Sonic HQ: There were a lot of midis used for battle sequences. Are those randomized or is the song chosen according to which enemies you are fighting?

    Mettle Sonic: All of them are set up specifically for different battle formations.

    Sonic HQ: Any estimate for a final release date?

    MettleSonic: Not yet since I only started the game about a month ago. Of course it will go faster if I get some help.

    Sonic HQ: Last question, how did you first become a Sonic fan?

    MettleSonic: When I was over at my uncle’s place and we rented a Genesis with Sonic 1. I loved it!!!

    Sonic HQ: I guess this concludes our interview. Thanks again!