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  • Annual Reports from Sega reveal Sonic is up 7% since last year

    Sega who published their annual report, says the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise moved 1.6 billion units as of March 2023.

    Sources continue on to say:

    The figure, which includes both its full game sales and downloads of its free-to-play versions, is up 7% compared to last year.

    Sonic Frontiers, launched in November 2022, partly contributed to the series’ unit and download growth, and Sega noted the series has also benefitted from the success of the 2020 Sonic movie and its 2022 sequel.

    Also featured in the report is the news that Sonic Frontiers has now sold over 3.2 million copies worldwide.

    Featured Image courtesy of DanielasDoodles (used WITHOUT permission! Perhaps like Eggman would; or maybe even Amy.)

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