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    SHQ has received a lot of various “rumors” over the years. Mostly in the past. Considering it’s now been over 10 years since these “reports” were submitted, I figured to shed some light on a few. I won’t be showing the names. Just the title and content. These were all submitted to SHQ’s older news feed.

    Legacy of Knuckles

    Oct 25, 2003

    There is this game coming out for the X-box called Legacy of Knuckles that talks about Knuckles’s past (the Sega Knuckles).It seems like Sonic had a baby brother(no,it is not Manic),and Knuckles KILLED him by dropping him off a cliff. He said it was an accident ,but….,you get the idea.It could come out next October.This should be the reason why you should get a X-Box! THANKS TO Jesse Bisshop WHO HAS G4!!!!!!!1


    Jun 28, 2006

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    sparkz is back! spoilers from PG 1

    Aug 14, 2006

    sparkz the hedgehog is back with way more powers such as proton blast and many elctro-powers. his powers was found on a tiny planet where sonic saw a sudden thunder cloud from nowhere but then eggman was launching the death moon. then he had made it to orbit with mobius. dr.eggman was for real when he said “blast you sonic!” so hes had an idea to plant bombs all though the planet taking all the animals to hes fleet to send them to the death moon. sonic has fail his mission!. thus while robo sonic pet-napped (kiddnapped) amy then he forget that sonic is still near by then sonic -as always- hears then kicking and the screaming that why sonic died and amy aslo died and tails got taken. knux could not run forever.the end.and sonic died! the end! and then sparkz was on eggman’s side to kill to world.