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    Hello, friends. Since I was the one that conducted the “Sweeps” data, I have more information inside. Plus, a new low in journalism for Daily Radar, and Sega of Europe confirms SA3 development.

    Sweeps Data: Officially, Sonic HQ did come in first for the November 6-December 3 period. In second right now is Team Artail, 5,000 visitors behind. The Sonic Foundation was in third, nearly 10,000 hits from number one. In fourth was the SSRG, then the late Shadow of Light. In sixth, surprisingly, was the Sonic Fan Games HQ, followed by TSSZ, SegaSonic.Net, and the Moogle Cavern.

    Daily Radar Reports False Story: DR reported on Sega.Com reps sending E-Mail to SegaNet beta testers, telling them to go spam message boards about how good SegaNet is. Now, after being reported on SegaWeb, the story can not be found on Daily Radar’s site, and all that can be assumed is that the piece of information that was reported was a complete hoax, only meant to be a piece of anti-Sega, pro-Sony propaganda.

    SOE Confirms SA3 Development!: Following a SwirlVision.Com interview with a Sonic Team rep who claimed that there will be a third Sonic Adventure, Sega of Europe went on record last week saying that development on that title will begin immediately following the completion of SA2, tentatively scheduled for a 2001 release.

    And that’s it for now, please join me again next week.