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  • ODCM Go Bye Bye……..

    Well I can’t very well say I’m surprised at the matter after the brouhaha of the last two weeks BUT…but it seems ODCM is officially dead. 😛

    According to IGN, with SEGA’s changes to its business strategy, it’s been a tough time for the Official Dreamcast Magazine. First comes the loss of the demo disc, then SEGA goes third party only, and when SEGA decides to cut off from the hardware race, that means less third party titles, and that means less coverage for ODCM. It was inevitable, but after more than a year of delivering some of the most interesting Dreamcast coverage, the Official Dreamcast Magazine is officially gone.

    According to, the Future/Imagine company that publishes various magazines announced that it will lay off 350 employees or slightly more than 17 percent of the company workforce. Publications that are effected include the digital music magazine Revolution, the gadget magazine T3, and a few others totaling 20 different publications in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. However, the one that hits us home ODCM. Sad to see em go. 🙁

    The final issue is the one out now, with Spider Man gracing the front cover.