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  • Poll Position #4

    Well its time for our latest poll reviews! First of all let me take the time to thank everyone that responded to our email survey asking what the wanted to see in Sonic HQ. The number one response – LOADING TIMES. Its a hassle, an annoyance, and overall its not very nice. ^_^ Vector and I had a talk about things and over the next two months we’ll be going page by page correcting erros, fixing links, and working on lagging load times to make HQ more effecient for you – the viewer. Also duly noted – updates are now most definetly every weekend (as you’ve been seeing by my front page input) and I’ll be working more at having more of my notes on the front page during the week to keep the message from getting stale. 🙂 Thanks for your input – and now down to the polling:

    So – do you think Sonic Underground sucks as much as I do?

    25 Votes (14%): Sucks??? You must be out your pea-picking mind! It’s great stuff!
    73 Votes (39%): Brother – this cartoon is the pits and everything more. And those songs! YICK!
    43 Votes (23%): (The boring answer) Its OK. Not good not bad…just OK
    44 Votes (24%): I like cheese weiner doodles!

    Total Votes – 185 Votes

    Cheese weiner doodles? You guys are crazy. ^_^

    This was totally expected. And yes – I STILL think Sonic Underground sucks. Why Sega Of America chooses to farm thier mascot out to the guys that created the first two is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong – SatAM was OK minus noticeable flaws, but they should have known better the minute they saw AoSTH. Even ABC rejected THAT. And why DiC Animation chose something totally new over what Sonic fans were already familiar with (The SatAM continuity) is beyond me. Perhaps in the future, if there is ever to be another Sonic cartoon – lets hope an animation company with direction common sense gets the liscense. Better yet – I’d rather see a new anime series.

    With over half a year on thier slate to do it, do you think Archie can pull off a good Sonic Adventure adaption without screwing it up?

    62 Votes (53%): Optimist Answer – I have good faith that they could actually pull it off this time…
    20 Votes (17%): Pessimist Answer – C’mon…This is Archie! You know – The Endgame People!
    36 Votes (31%): Realist Answer – NO ONE can do a sonic Team game justice! NO ONE! (36)
    Total Votes – 118 Votes

    Perhaps the phrase “realist answer” should have been replaced with “purists answer” but at the same time I was surprised to see so much faith put in Archie on the adaption. Perhaps this shows that they really are getting better in thier storytelling, now that Robotnik is back in continuity and Sonci is back among the Freedom Fighters. Of course, no one can expect a PERFECT adaption, but its good to know that Archie is trying and willing to put in the effort for us Sonic fans.

    Today we have 3 polls for you: focusing on none other than SegaSonic, Archie Sonic, and the Cartoon Sonic: The two part question “What Sonic continuity would you most like to see in a cartoon?” with its follow up on the next poll update, then we have “Will you be buying a Neo Geo Pocket Color for the release of Sonic Pocket Adventure?”, and lastly “Excluding Doctor Robotnik (obvious choice) – Who is the absolute best villian in Sonic comic continuity?” Let’s get to voting! ^_^