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  • Sega Announces Sonic Dream Team!

    Wow! It looks like we’re not done yet this year for new Sonic games! Sega today announced a new 3D action-platformer coming exclusively on December 5th to Apple Arcade.

    In this all-new Sonic adventure, the evil Dr. Eggman has discovered The Reverie – an ancient device with the power to manifest dreams in the real world. Navigate twisted dreamscapes, rescue your friends, and put a stop to Dr. Eggman’s nightmarish dreams of world domination!

    Below are a few of the key features players can look forward to this December:

    Six Playable Characters

    Choose from six different characters – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream and Rouge. Each character brings their own flare and personality, fitting within three movement types that provide unique exploration opportunities while navigating the dream world.

    Spectacular Boss Battles

    Four spectacular boss battles that will test your skills across the different movement types.

    Never-Before-Seen Dream Worlds

    We’re not in Green Hill anymore! Play through 12 intricate levels set within four unique dream worlds with mind-bending environments that include wall-running, gravity changes and more.

    Combining Mobile and Cross-Platform Experiences

    Sonic Dream Team bridges the gap between mobile and console, allowing players a quality experience across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

    Interesting how it’s only Apple Arcade. For those not on Apple one can only hope that sometime in the future it may get ported over to other consoles.

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