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  • Sonic Adventure 2 and Beyond: New Info!

    Hello, and today we have new information about Sonic Adventure 2, and possibly beyond, from an interview with a Sonic Team recently held an interview with a rep for the Sonic Team. In it, we have learned new things about Sonic Adventure 2.

    -Amy Rose and Big the Cat will be dropped for SA2. The reason for this, according to the rep, is that Yuji Naka felt the original SA did not have the classic Sonic feel that games from the Genesis days had. However, we can now confirm that Eggman will be playable, and there will be a Dark Sonic. Also, it appears that Tails will appear in SA2.

    -Will there be a Sonic Adventure 3? According to the rep, yes! Right now, sources at Sega of Europe can not confirm this, but if it happens, we won’t see it until early 2002 at the earliest.

    -And, the Sonic Team rep confirmed that for 2001, there will be a special Dreamcast compilation of classic Sonic games. We don’t know exactly what will be in it, but expect the Sonic 1-S&K line from the Genesis days (IE the ones included in Sonic Jam) to be included.

    That’s it for now, I’ll be back next week.