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  • Sonic Generations Demo: My Thoughts

    The Sonic Generations Demo has been out since June 23rd (Sonic’s 20th Anniversary! Happy Birthday, Sonic!) This really does looks to be what the community has been waiting for and we’ll break it down.


    Classic Sonic feels right. The mechanics feel right on. Jumping is the right height. Running speed feels right. Spin dashing works just like from the Genesis days. So yes, that means you will be able to spin dash + jump off a ramp to get that desired height.


    The controls are exactly what you’d think they should be. All buttons will jump. There is however one button spindashing so if you don’t like holding down + jump to spin dash you can just spin dash with the tap of a button. Holding down + jump button will of course also allow you to spin dash. It’s very intuitive. We did notice a slight delay in responsiveness in the controls and we hope this will be fixed but nothing too major.


    Green Hill is amazing. We noticed a little framerate issues here and there on the PS3 version but we’re sure they’ll be ironed out later on.

    Again, this is just a demo, however, we do feel confident in this becoming a solid title this come holiday season. We eagerly await for more!