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  • SSNTails.Org Gone for Good; SAGE in Trouble?

    AJ Freda has announced that his site, SSNTails.Org, will cease to exist:

    SSN is not returning in any shape or form. In addition to the $325 a month for 256k, my telephone company wanted $10 per additional IP address.

    Another thing they failed to tell me was that the DSL is running off their central office, which is about 5 telephone-miles away instead of the nearby hut. DSL is supposed to max out around 3 miles, but they said they’ve had it work as far as 6 miles at 512kbps. Well, he came to install it today and ran into problems with it being recognized/finding a suitable frequency. I don’t want to stick a server on a connection that’s probably going to bomb out intermittently.

    And besides, I couldn’t even raise 1/3rd of the money to cover it from the people I was hosting. I’m tired of playing Santa Claus to people who want lots of bandwidth usage but don’t want to pay for it, which results in me having to foot the bill.

    If you wanted some content from any of my sites, please don’t bother me. You had two years to grab what you wanted. Goodbye.

    Right now, some fans fear that this could put SAGE in jeopardy, but we are told that Smidge does have a backup server ready. Still, new information should be known later on today.