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    Tokyo Game Show VR is back, and guess who’s there?

    That’s right, it’s me! I’m there! Again! And you can be too!!

    Following up on last year’s event, TGS has dived back into the VR space for another online convention. Here you can visit vendor booths, watch trailers, take pictures, and find clothing for your avatar to wear. And it’s all online, with visitors from around the globe.

    The SEGA booth is located in the Forest Area, where Sonic Frontiers is on display. Protip: Take a photo of the Sonic statue to receive that super cool Sonic hat!

    No VR? No problem! A PC version with mouse & keyboard support is also available. (Also, the controls seem to be fixed up from last time, with proper mouselook.)

    TGS VR 2022 can be freely downloaded from the official website. The event only lasts through September 18th, so jump in quick. And maybe I’ll see you there!