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  • Wai Did You Ever Leave Me????

    **laughs at title**

    Any longtime Sonic fan in the game scene will remember the name – Simon Wai, the guy who helped Sonic fans everywhere discover the longlost Sonic 2 Beta. Well guess what?

    He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacck…. ^__^ So just where did he vanish to? This was the post made yesterday to the Sonic 2 Beta Messsage Board…

    Hey guys (anyone here?), It’s Simon Wai here. It has been a loooong time… Looks like lots of things have changed. How are you guys?

    You probably have many questions to ask, but let me clear up something first. I seemed to vanish because of the heavy workload (okay that does sound way too familiar LOL). I promised to myself to explain to you guys my departure of the Sonic scene, but being such a lazy guy, I kind of postponed the announcement day by day. And I ended up never made the annoucement at all. So if I made a mess (and it seems so), I’m willing to apologize. Sorry guys.

    So what makes me suddenly come back…. I was downloading some MP3s on Napster and someone popped up and asked me if I’m “THE Simon Wai” (my username is simonwai). That reminded me to explain what has been going on to you S2Beta fans.

    Thanks to Pelord for maintaining the site. I’m sure lots of Sonic fans have been helped. I’m afraid I can’t contribute anymore to the Sonic scene, as any Sonic-related data have been wiped out of my hard drive long ago. I also won’t have enough time (remember?). And no, I didn’t find any Sonic 1 beta etc when I was in Hong Kong 😉

    Thanks for listening, I am sure that clears up lots of “clouds” inside you head. Also thanks to everyone who supported me during the old days.

    Oh one more thing, I dumped @home and am now on Bell ADSL. My e-mail is If you want to ask anything, or simply want to confirm my identity, feel free to send me an e-mail (I WILL reply this time, hehe).

    P.S. Are Sonique, Dezmond, Andre, Kulock, etc still around?

    I never knew Simon at all, but I know Sonique and sometime Kulock visit here at the news page so hopefully they’ll get this message and respond. As for Andre Dirk he vanished a long time ago as well if I remember correctly and I never knew Dezmond. But if you knew him, pop by and say hi – message link below.

    Source Response:Simons Welcome Back Message – Sonic 2 Beta MB