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  • Tails HQ?

    You get the gist of the title, doncha.

    Will there ever be a TAILS HQ site? Please? For us Tails fans who think Sonic’s an airhead and everyone lies and tells ‘Tails’ about Tails and treat him like a baby? LET HIM MAKE A COMEBACK! That’s my campaign. It seems to me that SEGA are trying to destroy him; smudge him out! Or it might be Sonic Team. Anyway, they’ve made a character whose supposedly smarter (but I scribbled it out in Wave’s IQ description coz I don’t approve.) and they’re making everyone treat him like he’s a newborn, even Ultimo seems to hold a grudge. NOTE TO HOAXERS: TAILS DOESN’T AND NEVER WILL HAVE A LOVE OR A GIRLFRIEND; HE’S SINGLE AND SMART AND HEALTHY (has a fanchar brother who gave him nightmares until he turned vegan) UNLIKE SONIC WHO IS FAT AND LAZY AND TAKES TAILS CREDIT ETC ETC ETC……………..!!!!!!!!!!

    moo hogindoz whee ~ Dr FexusFan