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  • WHy Can’t I go Super SAyianjin?

    Ive ben tryng 2 go super sayianjin but i can’t seem to do it. I collected 7 emeralds and got 50 ring but it does seam 2 b working. i tied 2 fly but my mom told me to get off the roof…but my hair isnt shanniny or n e thang so i don’t think i am n e way, who dew u make it wark?
    please respound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very important!

    P.S.: how dew u use your physic powers? i waz playign a sonic game called sonic shuffle and it told me to dew it, but my physic powers wouldnt woork but the chao always won, even on the allygator game sew how dew u make it work?

    P.S.S. Dunlet fexus fan answer this he’s 2 inconrehensable nad i cent understand him, take him, off u website n outta teh comic

    School to Jane went chimpanzee EXPLOSION! it is overkill and confusing to cut paper with a chainsaw but I also have Photoshop used for gENG engine experiments. my hunger knows an old man not too far away from the proto-Agnst-ridden jellyfish in the northeast quadrant of the galaxy.

    ~ Dr FexusFan