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  • SEGA Gains Ground in the Video Game Market

    According to a report in today’s issue of the Wall Street Journal, SEGA has made a strong gain in the video game markets, pulling away some of the market share from Sony and Nintendo. Here are the numbers for market share in 4th Quarter 1999 (4th Quarter 1998 numbers follow in parentheses): HARDWARE: Sony – […]

    Interview With Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert

    Brian Sapinski brings us this interview with Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert. For over 3 years, these two men from the Bronx have the greatest writing duo in all of Sonic fandom. They have continued to amaze us with their incredible stories. Originally, their stories gave their opinion of what may have occurred in the Saturday morning cartoon if the show had continued into a 3rd season. Since the time they began, however, their stories have evolved into a universe of their own, one that continues to grow in adventure, excitement, and emotion.